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Greetings, old friend.  It is I, Lanto, the Sage.  I come within the Light of Creator Source and I serve His Divine Will.  I am most commonly associated with the yellow refraction of light.  I walked your physical planet many thousands of years ago; my most recognized incarnation was as Gautama Siddhartha "Buddha".

There are as many paths "home" (back to Creator Source) as there are ones who are searching.  Enlightenment has many forms and can be found by walking down many a road.

There are, however, common aspects associated with finding a successful path.  Discipline, dedication, desire, and faith in one's personal connection to Source are perhaps the most common traits of ones who are successful in finding their way back home.

Many feel their inner heart connection trying to nudge them in a certain direction along their very personal pathway, yet resist the message and argue with self as to what is best in terms of growth.  This phenomenon is mostly due to an inner conflict based upon a belief one holds that simply is not true.  When one holds as true, for instance, the notion: "One must struggle in order to 'make it' in this world", then there will most certainly be a lot of struggle among the experiences of the one who holds such a belief.

Many of you go through your lives, living out your beliefs, never really taking the time or the effort to truly focus upon what it is that holds you in very limiting habits of thought.  There need not be a "struggle" and life need not be "hard".

Life is natural and flowing.  It is the one who has the ability to create (YOU!) who places limitations and qualifications upon oneself.  YOU summon forth the energies of creation and create (manifest) your desires--be they of a limited or expanded nature.

Many of you believe that you must work hard for anything you want, and if you want more, you must work even harder.  This belief limits not only yourselves, but the God-force within.

God is Infinite Abundance and you are a part of His Infinite Being!  Many of you also believe that you are not worthy of such gifts of abundance (because of past misdeeds), and there again, you block the flow of your creative potential.

Look deep within and ask yourself questions about what it is that you would most dread.  What is it that you worry about the most (in a chronic manner)?

Are you afraid of being "alone" (or lonely)?

Do you worry about having to do the "right" thing all of the time?

Do you worry about what family and friends might think of you if they knew how you truly feel, think, or believe?

Do you worry that you are not "hearing" our nudges correctly?

Are you worried that you are not doing enough to "win" your "salvation"?

Do you worry that you are not prepared for what "might" be coming?

Ask a close friend, relative, or spouse what they think you worry about the most.  Be prepared because the feedback may be quite startling to you.

Caution: Do not argue with these ones: YOU asked for their opinion!  Accept the input and, for your own sake, be gracious and thankful.  You all worry to some extent.

These things that cause you worry are indicators and clues about which you should take note.  If you take time to TRULY examine why you hold onto these things, you will ALWAYS be able to trace the answer back to something false that you hold as truth. These may be a result of childhood experience or decisions you made while in a state of emotional overwhelm.

Other statements to be aware of are the ones that begin like: "All men are _______." Or similarly: "All women are_______."

These sorts of generalities are ALWAYS based upon false perceptions and these are what limit you and your ability to flow Creative Energy in a conscious and deliberate fashion.  In these cases your energy is being directed by the primal ego-self, which is always efforting at avoidance of pain.

All of you have experienced both emotional and physical pain.  Usually, as a result of such pain, you will make decisions about the way you will live your lives so as to avoid ever having to face such experiences ever again.

Let us say that you were involved in an intimate relationship with another and, as a result of the interaction, you are left emotionally hurt.  (Many of you can relate to this example.)  Do you then decide: "Men (or Women) cannot be trusted."  Or: "I am unlucky in love."  Or: "I will never love another the way I loved that one."

This is but one small example of the general phenomenon that can cause you ones to disconnect, shut down, or restrict yourselves so as to "feel" safe from the "outer" pains of the world.  However, the experienced pain NEVER actually comes from the outer world; it ALWAYS comes from within!  The net effect is thus a "wall" that you put up to protect yourself from YOURSELF!

Question: What is behind your so carefully constructed "walls" of "security"?

Answer: YOU!

That is, a part of you that you are not wanting to face is walled-off because it causes you to somehow feel great emotional overwhelm.  When you put up such walls you are, in essence, disconnecting yourself from Source!

This is the closest thing there is to "death".  The more walls you put up, the less alive you will feel!

When ones have near-death experiences, they will often state that their lives "flashed before their eyes" or some such statement. This is mostly due to the fact that the walls come down as you re-emerge into the Infinite Love of Creator.

You will also note that many times these ones will come back a "changed" person.  They will have a renewed zest for life and will begin to truly LIVE for perhaps the first time.  Why?  Again, because their "walls of disconnect" have been lowered and they found the "something" that was missing in life--THEMSELVES!

Does this mean that you must have a "near death" experience in order to achieve this connected state of operation?  No! Absolutely not!

All that is needed is a strong desire to free yourself from these self-imposed limitations, a dedication to identifying the lies (and thus seeing truth), and the discipline and faith to persist day by day.

This is also the key to self-healing of any disease.  In wholeness and truth, one could easily heal oneself from any illness.  It is the fear of death and dying, or of pain and suffering, which creates and perpetrates a continued, limiting state of dis-ease.

When you remove the fears and limiting beliefs, you will naturally overcome any and all unbalanced situations.

Is this easy?  It is neither easy, nor is it difficult.  It is a challenge that will garner you great rewards and great insights into yourself, others, and the magnificent perfection of God's thinking.

Again: The paths back to wholeness (oneness with Creator) are infinite and you each will walk same in your own way and in your own time.

I cannot stress enough that the most common traits of those who have successfully traversed this necessary path of "en-Light-enment" are: A strong desire for wholeness; a dedication to persist in carrying out that desire; a discipline of self to focus upon the desire despite any and all distractions (they will be many!), and faith that there is indeed "LIGHT" at the end of the "tunnel".

Another clue is that the answers come FROM WITHIN, for you are each unique, and in your uniqueness come very diverse perceptions and realizations.  What works for one person as a pathway may not work at all for YOU.

Find your own way.  You will never actually be alone, and your Guides will always present you with acceptable clues and confirmations along the way.  Just be alert and open enough to recognize them--and don't deny those indicators which suggest a path you may find distasteful or bumpy with "potholes" in some spots.  After all, anything truly worth doing should present as a challenge to your growth!

Shed your perceived limitations and take a major step forward in Understanding and Growth.  Fear NOT, for God knows your needs and He does not harshly judge you.  Rather, He HONORS you with all of the Love of His Being; that Love is what keeps you alive!  Likewise, be gentle and forgiving with self and each other, for mistakes are an important part of the learning process which are often under-valued (and harshly over-judged by self) for their contributions to your growth.

I am Lanto, the Sage.  I have walked the physical path and have found my way back into oneness and wholeness.  The rewards go beyond the limitations of words and reach to depth of the soul.  I am honored to serve the Divine Will of Creator, for it is in perfect harmony with that which I find most fulfilling and rewarding.

In Light and Love for you ALL.  Thank you for your participation in this interchange of growth and challenge.




Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, July 21, 1998, Volume 21, Number 9, Pages 25-26.