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CREATION: I AM CREATION, WHO IS ABOVE ALL THERE IS. Even though I am above all there is, I love every thing that I have created by thought.  My greatest creation of all is the human person with my Great God Spirit within for each to grow by freewill to become ONE WITH ME.

I speak of many types of humans, with different height, color and form, for in my mighty being there is variety.   Each one has a soul, a connection with a Great God Spirit within.

It is as a tiny flame within each that must be taken care of with great love and fed until that flame roars to a mighty fire within.  It takes hundreds and thousands of lifestreams to learn lessons for the soul to grow into a mighty flame.

I, also, want to empathize that everything I have created has a soul within that is connected to All There Is, which is me, CREATION.  Since these lovely ones are of a lower intelligence, I have given the care and love of all that I have created to be cared for by the most intelligent ones, the human being.  Everything is connected to Creation/Source.

Did you know that you can speak to each thing I have created?  By that even the ants have a voice, the trees, flowers, grasses, and all that I have made in your environment for you souled beings to live in love and harmony, caring for what I have created.

In all the humans that I have created upon Earth, I can say that it has been the Native tribes that have populated Earth for eons.  They worship the sun the moon, and all there is upon the earth with reverence and love, and living so, have taken care of what I have created.

What happened with this modern society?  There are great buildings and structures with houses, and everything possible for a materialistic life style.  My soil has been dug up to harvest the life under the soil without any regard to the life that has been annihilated.  

In the process, these thoughtless and greedy humans have taken the oil in the earth for greed and power.  Did you realize that when Mother Earth was created, she had great lands that were formed of plates, if I may use that analogy.   The lubrication between the plates I placed oil to buffer the grinding of the plates much like the grease and oil you use in your antiquated vehicles to keep the engine in proper order.

What happens to the engine of your car when the oil is gone?  The engine is destroyed.   In like manner, what happens when you remove the “lubrication” from between the plates of the earth?  You get Earthquakes and, I might say, it is continuous.

I shall speak further of such.  With all the wars and bombings of my creation, and the evil acts done by those humans and the clones they control, has caused a great amount of negativity that has penetrated not just Earth but has disturbed the entire Cosmos.

Yes! the entire Cosmos, for all is connected to Source and ONE with CREATION.  Earth has now become the darkest most evil planet in the ENTIRE Universe.  She is reeling back and forth with agony, but she is determined to wait a bit longer in order for more souled ones to awaken to Truth.

Why?  It is because Earth is a 3D dense dimension and the souled Masters, who returned to help her graduate and learn soul growth have had to endure with no memory of who they are.  They must awaken to the Truth, their mission and to help Mother Earth.

I am sad to say that so many of these Masters are caught in the way of life portrayed by Lucifer/Satan and his minions, that so few have opened their spiritual eye to realize their mission.

These few ones have held the Light high, and have, with the help of their brothers and sisters of the Lighted Realms helped Mother Earth to her graduation into a higher dimension where no evil can exist.

Even though I speak of the great love I have for the awakened ones, my great love encompasses ALL THERE IS!  I love ALL that I have created, even the tiniest bug in the soil.  When any human I have created feels the same I am so delighted! 

I say to all of you humans still asleep to wake up!  I cannot do it for you as I have given you freewill to do so.

Awaken to your mission, and above all care for Mother Earth for she has given everything she could for you to live a healthy happy life.  Mother Earth has endured the damage to her very life in the soil, air and water which was perfectly clean and lovely for you to enjoy.  Now I see the lovely waters polluted, tons of garbage on the shores, horrible chemicals sprayed into her atmosphere, and the damaging chemicals ground into her soil that have destroyed abundant plant and animal life.

All is not lost.  Mother Earth has earned the right to graduate into a higher dimension and erase all 3D life from her surface.  Need I say anymore, as that sequence has been pounded into you with many messages.

For all of you awakened ones live each day to the best you can the Laws of God and Creation and keep to your mission.   For those still slumbering, do awaken to know how great you are and to fulfill that for which you came.  Mother Earth is waiting for YOU.