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I greet all the Lightworkers and souled beings on Planet Earth.  Never before as any one human being been asked to pen a message from me.  My scribe, Anne, was totally surprised when I spoke to her to pen this message.

Let me tell you again who I am.  I am the CREATOR of all there is.  I am infinite as there is no beginning nor ending.  I am forever, and the great Cosmos that I have thought-created is unending and been expanding with my thoughts.

I am going to tell you another great thing.  As Creation, my thoughts have expanded all for an infinite time unending.  Let me explain it this way.  My great Cosmos is like your breathing.  Your breath goes in and out endlessly, for that is how you can live on a 3D planet.   I have breathed out endless and the Cosmos has expanded to infinity.  I tell you now that my breathing is coming back, and I am drawing my great Cosmos back to me for a great rest.  That is happening now.  It may take untold millennia, but I am drawing back my great Cosmos back to me.

You can imagine it is like a pendulum of a clock. It swing forth and comes back to rest to swing forth again.  So I tell you in your limited understanding that I am drawing back my great creations to me for a great rest time.  This is the time when all beings upon all the endless life-supporting planets must make their decision to come to the Light.  Those, who refuse will be endlessly in a place where there is no Light for eons and eons and eons of endless time.

Now, you wonder about Planet Earth, and why I would even care about this speck of a being.  You say to yourself that Earth is like a speck of sand in a great ending desert.  Why would Creation care about a one tiny little speck in the unending Cosmos?

It is because I love all that there is, every tiny speck of life that I have created.  Now I tell you another thing.  As CREATION I have by my thought, Created Ones, who have become great Lighted Beings.  Some of these ones have earned the soul growth to create universe after universe.  Creator God Aton of Light is one of them.  He is the one aboard the starship called The Phoenix.  In order to speak to ones upon your Earth he "squeezed" himself into 4th Dimension in order to communicate with those 3D humans on Planet Earth.

Why do I care about Planet Earth?  She is just a speck of a planet out of the 179,000,000 life-supporting planets in your Milky Way Galaxy, which has been misnamed.  That name should be Orvanton.  There are untold numbers of universes in your Milky Way/Orvanton.  Everything is connected.  EVERYTHING.  My Cosmos is all connected to each other.  Earth Shan, as you call her by her real name means planet of tears.  She has housed the evil Angel that chose a dark pathway.  You must remember that the sounds and energy is part of every planet.  These wave sounds are unending.  All of Cosmos is one of Love and beauty that interconnects with all there is.  Earth Shan is like a sore pimple on a giant that is irritating and causes pain to the giant's entire body.

That is Mother Earth.  She has been the jail planet for the band of fallen Angels for thousands of millennia.  The frequencies of endless wars and evil flying off of her go on forever.  I said FOREVER!   Do you realize that these horrible energies have affected the entire Cosmos?  It affects the rotation of every planet and star in the entire universe for the frequencies are unending.  

Yes!  That is what I have said.  That is why with great love I have given ones to come to deal with this evil upon your planet that has been such a negative disturbance.  In my great love there were great Masters, who reincarnated to help Mother Earth graduate, and to stop the evil from destroying the Cosmos.  With great love and hope, some of the sleeping giant is awakening to the horrible life under which they have lived, and the lie has permeated all living upon this orb.  Evil has taken over to the fact that Mother Earth has with a passionate plea to be allowed to graduate to a higher dimension where no evil exists, and to send those, who have nearly destroyed her, to be taken to the place where they have earned.... the place without light(goodness).

Is there any hope for Mother Earth?  I am overjoyed, as there are Lightworkers, who have gained great soul growth to ask us to help clean up Mother Earth.  She has come to the point of death.  I am so thrilled that work has been done to clean up Earth with the help of Sananda and other ones of the Lighted Realms.  The one thing that needs great attention are those sleeping souled ones, who have been lured into Satan’s Camp, and even though he has been uncreated along with his evil demons are still dong his dirty deeds.   They have learned well from their evil master, and are still doing his work.  However, they thrive on negativity, but since their source of that has been uncreated, they are doomed to failure and shall not win.

All Lightworkers must continue on with lessons and prayers for the millions of souled ones that are still unaware of their mission that have been kept spiritually asleep. Pray. also. for my great Cosmos to be healed of any evil created by Satan and his minions.  Remember too, that lessons continue and get harder until Earth graduates.

My Lightworkers, who are awakened to the evil, are very few in comparison to the entire populace, but they have held the Light of goodness beyond belief.  I love my tiny little dirty little planet with an unending love, and I see that the circumstances of her throwing off the evil are in progress.  All of creation rejoices that this tiny little speck shall shine like a diamond in the sky.  She has already been moved to a new place in the Cosmos with a new sun and moon. 

If you compare the Cosmos I have Created like an unending desert of sand, I love every speck of sand upon that desert.  With this great Light kept shining for her, she shall graduate into 5D.   She is allowing some time for this process of awakening to come forth.  It is happening now, as the dark ones are being rounded up.  Since she has a freewill, as do all souled ones, when she decides to turn over is up to her.  She is delighted for the taking down of evil.  How much time she gives it is up to her.  She is holding and watching.  She is giving a day at a time.  How long, even I do not know except that her birthing could be any time.

I need not say any more about those, who wish to come to safety when she flips on her axis to graduate to 5D, for that scenario has been told endless times on this website, in which I give my message.

I care about all life upon Shan.   Remember WE ARE ALL ONE.  THE COSMOS IS ONE TOGETHER!

Take heed of what I have said.  To those who still slumber I say wake up to the Light. 

I hold the great COSMOS in my great hands of LOVE.