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Dirk R. Funk

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Gone is the bondage of Winter's grip,

Ice and snow transform into rain and dew,

Flora and fauna arise to regenerate,

The cycle of life begins anew.


After the sun's waning light and nature's respite,

Though Autumn and Winter bring their own delight,

The Vernal Equinox I have waited for,

It is Spring that makes my heart soar.


The snows and rains have all but ceased,

Leaving flowering plants and trees in their wake,

Blossoms of white, yellow, pink, magenta, violet, and blue appear,

Giving rise to fragrances, transcending anything man can make.


Honey bees buzz around blossoms of peach and pear,

Signs of new life burst forth everywhere,

Birds fly and sing from dawn to starlight,

Warm breezes return at the edge of night.


A creative spark wells-up within,

As it has so many times before,

The grandeur of all that I see and hear,

Reflects joy and love to my very core.


Creatures rise up to meet the sun's warming rays,

The dew shines bright in the sun's first light,

Forests, hillsides and wooded glens adorned in hues of green,

Crickets serenade the stars by night.


The wheel of life begins again,

Joyful appreciation resides within,

Spring, the renewed dawn of nature's prod,

Whispers softly in my ear, all life is but the thought of God.