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Feb. 4, 2017

Cold winter snow blankets the roof of our house, spanning the yard  and flowing across the pasture. Remissness's of summer grass exposed by snow, once green are now brown and dry.

Icicles cling to the edge of the weathered boards outside the window of my warm room, their long fingers reaching down toward the frozen garden.

 The old brown rock of the porch columns offer their grey color against the white snow.

Green frozen hills of moss covered in a blanket of pine needles line the roof edge. They wait in anticipation for the first hint of spring.

I heard a crow this morning, Caw! Caw! Caw!, as it passed above me.  Its cry echoed against the crisp morning air.

 Winter birds chirp and sing, dancing to and fro from feeder to ground leaving minuscule slashes on the surface of the hard snow.

The horses stare patiently waiting for their morning hay, their breath frozen by the cold air.

Evergreens stand silent and magnificent. They are so beautiful. Listen, you can hear them speaking. Their branches whisper in the icy wind, standing so still like statues against the pale sky.

Rusted fence posts line the snow filled ditch across the road. They keep each other company, endlessly waiting for new life. 

Morning sky turns clear blue. The wispy clouds clear, as early day fades into late afternoon. The landscape becomes dim. Sky and land combine to a hue of pale white.