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Endless Renewal

Don Hynes

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FW:  Jan. 5, 2016

Sky brightens as the morning warms,

smoke from a chimney lifts in the air.

Ground’s unthawed, the ice is gone

yet the planet’s fate demands our care.


Serious times, we preach to the crow

perched on a power line over the street.

Scarred by abuse the land still breathes,

rivers run course through rock cut deep.


Plowed over grasslands, the heartbreak of concrete,

bird-sounds forgotten and thoughts of our birth

each bear forgiveness and something like joy

in the endless renewal from the heart of the earth.



Gen. Wesley Clark Jr., middle, and other veterans kneel in front of Leonard Crow Dog during a forgiveness ceremony at the Four Prairie Knights Casino & Resort on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation on Monday, Dec. 5, 2016.