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Rocky Montana

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Dec. 22, 2016


Truth is where you find it;

Truth may invade your privacy;

Truth may infuriate you and your enemies;

Truth may threaten ego, pride, self-centeredness;

Truth may bring feelings of fear, guilt, remorse, insight;

Truth may destroy your present human relationships;

Truth may cause you agony and sleepless nights;

Truth may sweep away cob-webs from your mind;

Truth may invade your current ego intent;

Truth may turn your world upside-down;

Truth may cause violent reactions in others;

Truth may upset and prove false your current ideas, traditions, customs; religious information, opinions, ideologies, rites and dogmas;

Truth may challenge your religious understanding and uncover misinformation and disinformation found in your "holy" books;

Truth facilitates forgiveness, healing, hope, Love, inspiration, clear-thinking, understanding, and vision;

Truth brings peace in knowing that ultimately, the Lie is swept away and only Truth remains;

Truth rings silently or not at all in the consciousness of ones who do not seek the Truth;

Truth provides divine information and knowledge, and wisdom through knowledge;

Truth rings loud in the consciousness of ones who sincerely seek the Truth;

Truth uncovers all hidden history and corrects rewritten history;

Truth provides knowledge of the creative power of the soul;

Truth reveals and uncovers evil lies, secrets and intent;

Truth may strengthen present human relationships;

Truth is necessary to all human evolution;

Truth liberates the body and the soul;

Truth is your ticket to the stars;

 Truth remains when all else fades away;

 Truth will reveal your own God-Spirit within you.