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Look into the Aloneness

Don Hynes

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Oct. 18, 2015

We punish each other

and punish the earth,

separate from the land

that’s our story,

volumes of cruelty

with a few gems of grace

buried in coarse gravel.

I write to the sleeping

though they don’t often stir.

I write to the awake

to give them solace.

Today I write to you

remembering the rejected,

afraid to touch the scars.

There are years on this earth,

then days, then hours

and finally this moment

with rain in the sky,

wind lifting a solitary gull.

Look into the aloneness

of the sea and let

the sound of your heart

echo once more

on the rising wave.

We’ve drifted too far

yet amidst it all

we do sing.



Look into the Aloneness