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What May Fill the Human Heart

Don Hynes

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Vantage Point, Father’s Day, June 15, 2008

by Don Hynes


The rituals of war are the altar sacrifice

of our collective confusion.

We think to put a bloody ram

upon the broken table

thinking the blade and the blood

will give us merit with the God

we have forgotten.

No remembrance comes

from this pointless sacrifice,

no feeling from the recurring violence,

only the increased numbing

of our once rich and fertile hearts.

The argument, the altar, the sacrifice,

these are the instruments

of the delusional priesthood,

the deceptive magicians

who steer our misbegotten course.


Deep in the mountain

there is a creek winding back

to a green and fertile canyon

abandoned by the merchants and slavers,

producing nothing worthy of sale

except ancient trees set in glacial silt,

rooted down to middle earth.

In that forgotten place

where the creek runs cold and brilliant

She awaits the lover She lost

when the Earth shifted

and he became dupe to the engines of war.

She knew his once bright fire

and is not fooled by what he has become.

She rests in Her obscurity,

the cedars and firs Her guardians,

the rocks and flowing water

Her touch stone and glimmer

of continuing presence.


She waits the time foretold of his awakening

amidst the bloody remains

of his brutal and ignorant practice.

She knows the greater Light is needed

and She feels that stirring in Her soul,

sending a message to all Her frightened children:

“The Light is returning, the Light!

Now may he awaken and allow his love for Me

to once again fill his heart.”


The human world knows little of this prayer

and less of the sacred place where it is spoken,

yet the magic of incantation has its way;

as the wages of war diminish,

the bankruptcy and dawning light

combine to bring new awareness.

In the quietness of this sacred moment

between what was, what is and what is yet to be

the wholeness of creation takes a first new breath.



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Vantage Point