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URGENT!! - S. 510 Alert - Reid Drops Resolution, S. 510 On Life-Support!

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By now you know that the House lame-duck leadership amended the “Continuing Resolution” Funding Bill - intended to keep the federal government running for another year - to include the language from S. 510, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. More than a week ago the House rushed to action and passed it, sending it along to the Senate. On Monday we told you that further action could happen anytime - that time has come. 

Thanks to the unrelenting pressure brought to bear on lawmakers by the hundreds of thousands of Citizens for Health and their health freedom compatriots, Senator Harry Reid [D-NV] has pulled the Continuing Resolution/Omnibus Bill from consideration entirely, and Sen. Mitch McConnell [R-KY] has offered a simple one-page Continuing Resolution that only continues government spending as is, without new programs like S.510. This is a tremendous grassroots victory over big Agribusiness and the well-heeled interests that tried every trick in the book to pass S. 510. 

Send a message now urging your Senators to stand firm against any efforts to resurrect S. 510!

However, there may be a trick or two left up their sleeves...

Proponents of S. 510 may still try to attach the bill's language to Sen. McConnell's Continuing Resolution, although the Senator would almost certainly block such an effort. Or, as our information suggests, Senator Reid may try to attach S. 510 language to another "must-pass" bill, hoping to force his colleagues to "hold their noses" and pass S. 510 along with it.

We have to keep holding lawmakers' feet to the fire! We need everyone, regardless of whether or not you've already sent a message to your Senators, to send one now urging them to:

--Support Sen. McConnell in resisting any effort to attach S. 510 language to his Continuing Resolution

--Further acknowledge the groundswell of opposition to S. 510 by resisting any effort to attach S. 510 to any bill or resolution

Health freedom advocates across the country have made their voices heard loud and clear and placed S. 510 on life-support - tell your Senators it's time to "pull the plug"!

Victory is imminent, and it would not have been possible without all of you who have been participating and helping to hold Congress accountable!

The Citizens for Health Team

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