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PROJECTS: Environmental (Updated Feb. 10, 2010)

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NOTE:  Under this heading "Project", Fourwinds is posting e-mail letters from our readers giving information about either projects they have planned and with which they need help, such as workers or finances, or projects with which some one would like to assist with their time, expertise or money.
All submissions must be reasonable in helping humanity in some positive way or that of improving the environment, such as the plants, animals, pollution, etc.  It is essential that all submissions have an e-mail contact address attached.  This will allow our readers to contact each other without the need to go through Fouriwnds to do so.  PHB
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From: "Geoffrey Svoboda" <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 11:25 AM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services


Hello Mr. Bellringer!!

I would like to post my idea to help my orphan friends in Nicaragua!!!!! Iliana, 18, Martha, 23, and Raquel 24 all need a place to live in 1 year or so. My dream is to buy a house where my friends can live for free and pursue their education. We also will establish a small business such as a coffee shop or sell smoothies! PLEASE let me know how to properly post my idea on your site so that those who will receive monies will have the opportunity to donate if they so incline.

Blessings and adelante caminante!



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From: "Fred Shute" <>
Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2008 12:46 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services
Sender Message:

I am not part of the prosperity programs.

I am trying to establish a 300,000 acre Cultural heritage Preserve in central Arizona in the spiritual epicenter of the former Sinagua Indian culture.We are trying to buy a historic ranch that is central to the area  and work with the various government agencies to make this happen. If anyone has any time and energy to help us while waiting for the prosperity programs we would appreciate assistance ,especially from anyone in Arizona.

And when the prosperity programs come through we could really use some financial assistance.

This land is in dire need of protection and should be a natural and cultural resource for generations to come. This is essentially the holy land of an ancient culture and there is spiritual sustenance here to regenerate tired souls.

Please help us protect this sacred area. For more information please contact me. Thank you.

Frederick Shute



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Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 12:08 PM
Subject: Energy efficiency in gasoline engines.

Hello, Patrick:

I am at work on the induction system on the internal combustion gasoline engine. My goal is to make the hydrocarbon molecule more flameworthy before it enters the combustion chamber. My approach is from a number of different angles, all culminating in a system designed to sip fuel, instead of gulping it.

To this end, my needs are financial, and technological. Any and all assistance is very much  appreciated.

The best,

Joe Headrick

355 N Lantana St

Camarillo, CA 93010

805 602 0294



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Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 2:59 PM
Subject: projects: environment
I am Devi DeLavie.

I have over forty years experience in alolo aspects of building design and construction.

Below is a vision for a new way of living on this planet.


I need to sell our house in AZ so we can use that money to build a prototype community in KS.

Here is the proposed project:

Synergy-Prime TM
A Philosophy and Implementation Strategy
For Eco-Neutraltm Community Development
Imagine a Community composed of households that are nearly perfectly self-sustaining and resource friendly (Eco-neutral) in design and energy consumption.  Imagine a community that produces an absolute minimum of CO2 emissions. A community that is enjoyable with quality of life amenities like gorgeous landscaping that blends with the native ecology, a central park with a lake and peddle boats, a central grocery and deli and even Barbeque areas that do not pollute the air. And you can walk, ride your bike or drive there with the zero emissions vehicle that came with your home purchase. This is such a fun and functional car, you may only use your gas powered car for long distance travel.
Your monthly utility bills are virtually non-existent. The Synergy-Prime home has radiant heat floors, warmed by energy produced from the home itself. The energy is electricity but the heating of the radiant filled-tubing is done with light, not a heating element. In fact the solar shingles and dolphin-shaped wind turbine on the roof produce enough energy, that there is usually a surplus that is fed back onto the grid for others to use… the Electric Meter actually RUNS BACKWARDS. The walls of the home have an R-value of 45 (nearly four times that of conventional construction) assuring that the ambient temperature of the home remains nearly constant. This is THE FIRST COMMUNITY OF ITS KIND BUILT ENTIRELY WITH THIS READILY AVAILABLE RESOURCE.
Cooling is done with new LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES and through a passive geo-thermal circulating system. Cooking and water heating are accomplished using the same LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES the radiant heated floors use.
The water supplied to the home is of two types. Potable, purified water, the only water actually purchased from the utility company, and the water used for bathing, clothes washing, waste removal and irrigation.  This second supply comes from reclaimed and treated grey water from the house itself.  Rain water and grey water, captured from bathtubs and showers and bathroom sinks, are plumbed directly to the reclamation plant where it is purified to beyond government guidelines. This plant is no bigger than a garage. The water is held in the picturesque community lake until it returns to the home for re-use and recycling.  Surplus water from the lake keeps the community landscapes green and flourishing, inviting beneficial and enjoyable wildlife to share the community with you.
Life in a Synergy-Prime home is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.  Once you move in, there are virtually no utility bills for your home or your vehicle. You are living in an environment that is “eco-neutral”, you quite

Any question or for more about me go to




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From: Terry Tisdell
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 6:49 PM
Subject: Homeopathic medicine
Hello Mr. Bellringer
I would like to thank you and yours for all of the hard work and dedication to the truth. I will not bore you with many details but would like to give a little background. I was employed as a real estate appraiser, certified as such since 1995. Out of 13 years with a certification i was gainfully employed for about 5 years. Around 2004 i began researching and found out all about the fed res, corp gov't etc. Well due to many factors the least of which was the greed and corruption in the business i decided to discontinue my certification in real estate appraisal. I could not continue knowing full well that i was really a part of a scam on the people. Since then things have been difficult for my family and i but God has sustained us and we have not gone without essential life needs, food, clothing, shelter. I have been able to do a few things her and there to make a few FRNs, and when i am unable, God supplies Now to get to the point. In 2003 i had a heart attack and in 2004 i was stricken with a infection in my colon that required surgery and now have a colostomy bag, this condition is reversable but without health insurance i am unable to have the reverse procedure done. My physical condition is not bad, i have changed my eating habits and take better care of myself these days. Because of my unwillingness to take pharma drugs i have been researching alternative remedies and have found that there are many healing methods other than what the medical crooks say. I would like to be trained in homeopathic treatments and learn how to treat people with these alternative methods of healing as well as learn about wild plants that can be used for such. If you can help put me in touch with someone who is willing to fund my training or help me to get trained in this area i would sincerly appreciate it. I would like to do this to be of help to others in a meaningfull way and be of service to others that have medical conditions. I believe that if what you are doing is not of service to humanity in some way then it is useless. After reading about corp gov't i found out about NESARA and have been following the developments as reported by Casper and others since Nov. I also have been following STORY postings since the beginning back in June '06. My heart is full of anticipation of the end of the corrupt US and illuminati which will bring peace and prosperity to all as well as the increase of spiritual awareness by all. Thank You for your help and dedication to all of humanity. TWT
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Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 5:59 PM
Subject:  Humanitarian Project Post!

My dream is to build an environmentally friendly yet profitable business whereby I employ my orphan friends in Nicaragua. My idea is to purchase land and property in Nicaragua to grow coconut trees for the production and sale of coconut oil. Coconut oil has many uses and is extremely healthy for the body. I would hire my orphan friends as employees and provide them with a healthy wage and profit sharing. They will have the opportunity to live on the property we purchase if they so desire. In addition, we will lead tours in and around Nicaragua and provide Spanish lessons, dance lessons and cooking lessons to tourists whereby my friends act as guides and instructors. These businesses will be beneficial to the Earth, to the Nicaraguan economy, and will directly impact the lives of people who have always been without family and parental support!! :-)

Feel free to contact me for further information or to share ideas!

Geoffrey Svoboda

541 342 8447



My dream is to build an environmentally friendly yet profitable business whereby I employ my orphan friends in Nicaragua.  My idea is to purchase land and property in Nicaragua to grow coconut trees for the production and sale of coconut oil. Coconut oil has many uses and is extremely healthy for the body. I would hire my orphan friends as employees and provide them with a healthy wage and profit sharing. They will have the opportunity to live on the property we purchase if they so desire. In addition, we will lead tours in and around Nicaragua and provide Spanish lessons, dance lessons and cooking lessons to tourists whereby my friends act as guides and instructors. These businesses will be beneficial to the Earth, to the Nicaraguan economy, and will directly impact the lives of people who have always been without family and parental support!! :-)

Feel free to contact me for further information or to share ideas!

Geoffrey Svoboda

541 342 84

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Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 9:12 PM
Subject: Humanitarian Project (revised)
Dear Fourwinds and Casper,
Casper, I have already written to you through Fourwinds and expressed my extreme appreciation for all that you have done for the world.   Now, another round of applause, for suggesting this avenue of contact for those interested in Humanitarian and Environmental projects, and for Patrick and Anne, who deserve enormous praise for hosting this valuable website, and all of the work that they do.
Like most of regular Fourwinds readers, I am not a Program Recipient, but have been following the NESARA progress and praying for Freedom and Sovereignty to be quickly restored in our Country.  I have dreamed of helping the animals in my Southwest Texas county for many years, and I am elated to have a chance at making it come true.  I have done personal research, but have not asked for local collaboration yet, as it will take something as dramatic as the Announcements for local residents to understand and believe in NESARA.  
Below are my two email addresses, and I will, of course, provide more information privately.  Prospective donors are invited here to Uvalde to meet me, and visit the Uvalde Animal Shelter.  This "No-Kill" Shelter was created by wonderful people, who have not received the support from this community that they deserve, and the immediate need for help here is very obvious.    I would like the opportunity to help create places where animals can live in  loving, comfortable, and safe environments.
Edie Lucas                                        
Uvalde, Texas


o Humanitarian Project:

Phase One: Emergency Funds for Immediate Expansion of Uvalde Animal Shelter, a "No Kill" Shelter -- approximately $11 million

Phase Two: Establishment of Shiloh Animal Sanctuary and Education Center

-- approximately $25 million



Immediate improvement of housing conditions with additional cages while Shelter facility is expanded

Immediate addition of Animal Care Assistants and Office Staff

Office expansion using mobile homes while additional office space is under construction

Alternative Medicine supplies - Herbal medicines, Colloidal Silver, Stabilized Oxygen, etc.

Construction of large dog runs

Water drainage/sewer system improvements

Free Spay/Neuter Voucher programs for public - to alleviate animal over-population problem

Feral Cat Rescue --"Spay/Neuter & Release" Program


Location and purchase of ranch land for Shiloh Sanctuary

Consultants needed for building an Eco-Friendly Sanctuary Center and "Animal-Friendly" landscaping

"SCIO Energetic Medical Devices" for diagnostic procedures using Quantum Technology (approximately $21,000 each + attachments) and Training for SCIO Technicians

Library - Educational resources on Animal Care with Internet access

Media Center - Video Center for the public, featuring Cesar Millan's dog behavior modification techniques and other educational videos

Training for Assistants in Cesar Millan's Techniques

Outreach programs - Educational programs for Elementary School children concerning animal ownership and care

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Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 1:43 PM
Subject: Fourwinds10 Projects
Nano Towers Nevada

I have lived in the State of Nevada for most of my life. I love this state for it's majestic beauty and all that it has to offer. Nevada is best known for Las Vegas, Reno, gambling and of course AREA 51 and the connection to UFOs. I AM grateful of the fact that the Phoenix Journals were written and distributed from here. One thing most people are not aware of though is how much the dark ones have destroyed and abused these lands. Eighty five percent of the State of Nevada is owned and controlled by the US Government. Many of the most horrible weapons of destruction have been developed and tested here. Much of the state will be uninhabitable for THOUSANDS of years due to nuclear testing. This is why I wish to support he funding of Nano Tower or other advanced technology to repair the damage inflicted upon these lands. Mother Earth has been abused terribly and a great deal of that abuse has occurred here in the secret 'zones' of Nevada. Our government has spewed unknown amounts of toxic waste and other hazards to humanity all over this state. It is my wish, will and intention to try to repair and clean up the mess of my home State. I welcome any assistance available to that goal.

I do not have the need to be the originator of any of these projects. If there are other projects already in the works then I wish to offer my support to them in any way possible. I bring these projects to light because I feel that they are important. There are many projects that need serious attention on this Earth. It is my wish that we all work together in Love and Light to accomplish the goals of all of the projects presented here on Fourwinds10.

Children are our future. We need to invest our time and resources to them.

I wish to offer my gratitude and Love to Patrick and Anne Bellringer for giving us the platform to make our projects known.

In Love and Light

Thank you,

Mark Clarke


----- Original Message -----
From: "Marjorie Loomis" <>
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 2:36 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

Project Funding: "When Tomorrow Comes".   I have religiously followed your web-site for many years, and want to thank the Bellingers for their hard work and devotion, in bringing many of us into the Light and Love that was intented by our Creator. By following their insights. It has revised my way of thinking towards my kinsman and the world we live in. Please except my heart felt Thanks!!   Mine, is a quest to follow the Love, Light, and Laws of our devine Creator just as soon as \"Tomorrow Comes\" It is my intention to Aid my fellow humans with Focus on the same principals of the Creator. First and fore-most I will provide a gift of Light and Love Funding, to 400 Families. Already established, Enabling them Properity and the ability to engage in the up-coming events of environmenally green economy, and enriched new enegy proposals that are becoming available and within reach. Secondly, I will be looking to fund projects that will engage in low-cost new and advanced energ!

 y, that will enrich our Mother Earth. Such as using garbage, waste and natural by-products, that are NOT coming from our food chain to develope energy products. My Third Quest is to fund projects that will promote the education and development of farmers who provide oganic food and animals for comsumption of our people. Bringing back healthty and affordable non-engineered products. Furthermore I will fund projects that allow people low-cost , energy efficient homes, transportation, solar, wind, termal heat energy,and clean air and water. These are my interests to fulfill the dreams of many, and to help our Mother Earth in her fight to renew herself. 'Our very existence requires it.' I would like to hear from others who are like minded, people that have ideas along these quide lines, and also from those that already have projects started who need funding. I pray that our Creator feels that these goals are worth-wild and helps me bring forward those who have been given the !

 gift of properity and would like to join me in this quest. Ple!

 ase cont

act me, so we can work together towards the fulfilment of these dreams of a new reality.  If we join forces it will be so!!!! After e-mailing me I will give you further information on how you can contact me.  "Walk in Light and Love"



From: clarence rettler []

Sent: Friday, August 01, 2008 8:55 AM

To: ''

Subject: if receiving comes through

  A while ago you asked us what some of the good projects we would do with our farm claims if received. I just heard this morning on public radio, of a company who is interested in developing manure digestors from the waste of large animal farms. They could use the methane, and the nutrients of the manure to heat a green house, and liquid to feed vegetables that could be grown using the drip system. What a great way of growing more food, and not importing it. I have three sons who would still like to farm. Maybe we could help develop one of these, and go nation wide showing and backing, these systems to make use of what is now just waste. I just got a little excited. We will keep praying.
                                                                                                                              Thanks for every thing
                                                                                                                              Clarence Rettler
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, August 10, 2008 11:19 AM
Subject: Project to be funded


When I was a young boy growing up between 1941-1960 in the Midwestern United States. We were the bread basket of the world. The farms were much smaller then they are today.  Yet we could produce grain surpluses.  We used organic seeds and natural organic fertilizers to get the yields that made this possible. The soil was alive with microbes that helped the plants. Today they push a lot of chemicals in the soil.

The project I would like funded, would be to purchase a farm, farm equipment, and livestock to demonstrate that sustainable farming can be done on a family farm. That it can be profitable, as well as good for the earth. The creator did not make the fields and our bodies to be pumped full of petro chemical, for if each were pumped full of petro chemical each would soon be dead. The earth like our body is a living thing and needs our care.

The goal of the project is to demonstrate that this type of farming works, that it has worked from the beginning of time and needs to be put in place now. Farmers and governments needs to see the benefits of this type of farming. The class rooms would be both indoors and outdoors. The people can eat food that is good. The earth can be returned to a living being. More people would have work to do and hopefully a more joyful life.


Best regards,

Robert A. Knueppel


USA phone # 1-800-969-8609

Coast Rica # 506- 2589-0082





----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, September 13, 2008 6:24 PM
Subject: Project worthy of consideration
Dear Mr. Bellringer,

I have been reading FOURWINDS for almost two years, and want to thank you for providing such an exceptional resource for alternative news.

I read with much interest your request for suggested usage of the windfall funds about to be released.

I would like to suggest that consideration be given to funding the CRYSTAL ION Aaerodynamic Air turbine Engine using Vortex Implosion Technology as developed by Haskell Karl.

Details can be found at:

I do not know Mr. Haskell, but I am sure he would be appreciative of any funding you may be able to organize.

By all accounts, any power plant that runs on air and provides a non-polluting source for operating motor vehicles, trains, boats, and aeroplanes is worthy of consideration for development.

Sincerely, Richard Bee


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, October 06, 2008 1:49 PM
Subject: "Golden" Environmental Mining Service Venture!
Greetings, Bellringer!  Historic gold/silver mining camps, throughout USA's Rocky Mountains, since the mid- 19th Century, did their work, earned their living wages and more, drilling, blasting and milling precious metals ~ prospering boom-towns like Aspen, Telluride, Cripple Creek, the Klondike, the Cariboo and Carson City... They took the high grade ore, easily converted to wealth, and processed it... leaving behind "second-tier, lower grade ore" as waste, for the day when metals prices increased to that point where processing to bullion made economic sense.  Three fellow beings, a father and son team of miners and metallurgists, and my partner, Sue, and I are blessed to control over 1,200 acres in eastern Oregon of historic mining claims, and have extensively sampled the already mined "dumps" which the US Forest Service appreciates being removed from their natural setting for "remediation."  Remediation and environmental restoration of such properties can be very profitable, especially when we already have the laboratory and milling facilities within the range where dump trucks can make two round trips per day out of the mountains to our plant, on a 23 acre industrially-zoned site.  Each truck carries rock worth about $12,600 at $900 per ounce gold quotes and, we estimate, our contractor can work two weeks on just one pile, before the snow flies, transporting 800 tons to our plant, to be worked upon over winter and spring.  We welcome a venture capitalist loaning or investing $116,300 to initiate Phase 1, proof of concept, and would pay: 10% INTEREST AND PRINCIPAL IN GOLD BULLION OR CASH, perhaps with an option to further create an ongoing equity position to mutually prosper and spread the good cheer... at a time when paper money and traditional safe havens are in real jeopardy!  Our 4-page feasibility Memo under the aegis of GEOLOGIC VENTURES, LLC describes the budget and income projections for a hearty business taking old messes and intelligently, in spirit, converting them into prosperity machines to suggest that there is, indeed, a pot o' gold at the end of thy rainbow!  We welcome your serious inquiries!
George Jay, Manager and Steward >  360-766-6144 or
P.S.  This loving message originates from stimulation generated by always Sunny Ariel, devotee of Casper, who urges your Four Winds Collective Consciousness Network to include our opportunity in your seed-bed, growing new businesses to spin off prosperity to our planet Earth's awaiting innovators, for their own projects!
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 6:53 AM
Subject: Reply for Patrick

We are seeking Angle/Startup Investment to assist in cost for complete Project funding underwriting efforts of the two projects outlined below.


#1: Project Ocean Harvester: The project revolves around the development of open ocean modular, multi-tasking, environmental and ocean research vessel platforms. The concept of interchangeability to function of modules will provide multi market contracting with singular vessel cost; Applications will include Seaweed Harvesting, Oil Spill Cleanup, Seismic and Research Platforms for these underline industrial application. The current market exists for the development and production of 10 such type vessels to fulfill industry needs. Market area: Worldwide Demand. Market yield per annum 13.1 Billion USD. Share target 3%.

 Investment Type: R&D + Production.

 Funding Requirements: $10,000,000.00 USD R&D/ $15,000,000.00 Construction.

 Risk: 27% development 10% construction

Projected Return: 40% per annum -48 months