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5 Reasons to Get Out of Cities

Richard Ruhling

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5 Reasons to Get Out of Cities

by Richard Ruhling, MD, MPH

1. When the disciples asked about the destruction of the temple and the end of the world, those events were together in their minds (Matt 24:3). In His reply, Christ did not separate them, so that the signs for Jerusalem may also be signs for the end of the world. The most specific sign was the abomination standing in the holy place. The holy place in the temple was where the 10 Commandments and laws for Israel were kept.

In 2015, the pope (representing the abomination of Rev 17:5) was standing the US where laws are made. It corresponds to the holy place where the law was for Israel. The warning sign has been given. Will we act?

2. If we plan to leave the city sometime, sooner is better than later. If we wait till a crisis which martial law is being set up (military), Christ’s warning said when you see them, don’t even go to your house to get anything, Matt 24:17,18.

3. The benefits of staying in the city shrink with passing time. The benefits of job are less, etc. Soon to leave is better than waiting to be forced by circumstances. Joel Skousen’s “Strategic Relocation” is about getting out of high population density to survive.

4. Cities are hotbeds of evil on every hand. This is no place to rear children and when we think of Christ as our example, His time in nature, meditation and prayer was what gave Him strength for ministry.

5. Our example to others is part of our being “the light of the world.” If we say big trouble is coming and we don’t show by our actions that we believe it, how good is that?

PS: As a bonus, here's a 7-minute video on why I would open the church if I were a pastor--5 Reasons, and please claim Eph 3:20 for my visit to see my conference president this Monday, Thank You!

Richard Ruhling, MD, MPH