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WATCH: Armed intruders scatter when homeowner opens fire

Joe Kovacs

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It’s another case of a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun — this time, it’s actually four bad guys with guns — and it’s all caught on camera.

Security video has been released showing four armed intruders breaking into a residence at the Country-Living Estates Mobile Home Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky, last Wednesday night just before midnight.

The victim of the home invasion, 24-year-old Austin Orwig, told authorities he was sleeping when his front door was suddenly kicked in, and four men packing heat entered his residence.

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Once inside, the 25-second video shows them creeping through the home, and when one of the intruders enters a hallway, gunfire erupts as the homeowner opened fire with a hail of bullets.

As shots were exchanged, the invaders are seen on camera instantly doing an about face and scurrying out in a terrified panic.

The homeowner suffered a gunshot wound to his right hand during the assault, and was eventually airlifted to Jewish Hospital in Louisville before being released.

Police say the assailants, once they’re caught, will face attempted murder and burglary charges, and anyone with information is asked to call the Warren County Sheriff’s Office at 270-842-1633.

“It kind of plays into with what the mindset of those individuals were when they forcibly made entry into somebody’s home, came in there armed, and attempting to locate somebody and exchanging gunfire with them and shooting somebody. It’s invaluable to have that type of video footage,” Sheriff Brett Hightower told WBKO-TV.

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