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Russian Emergencies Ministry Publishes List of FlyDubai Crash Victims

The Unhived Mind

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March 19, 2016theunhivedmind One comment

Russian Emergencies Ministry Publishes List of FlyDubai Crash Victims © Flickr/ Woodys Aeroimages

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The Russian Emergencies Ministry has released the list of passengers and crew members who were on board the crashed Boeing 737-800 plane.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The list included names of 55 passengers, and seven crew members, six of whom were foreign nationals.

FlyDubai Boeing 737-800 plane from Dubai crashed at about 03:50 Moscow time (00:50 GMT) on Saturday while attempting landing amid poor weather conditions at the Rostov-on-Don Airport (ROV). All people on board the aircraft were killed in the crash.

The crew commander of the crashed Boeing 737-800 was a Cyprian national, the Russian transport prosecutor’s office said on Saturday.

“Fifty-five passengers and seven crew members have died. Six out of seven crew members were foreigners. The crew commander was a national of Cyprus,” the spokesman for the prosecutor’s office told RIA Novosti.

A Russian national was among the crew members of the FlyDubai plane that crashed over Russia’s Rostov on Saturday, the vice-consul at the Consulate General of Russia in Dubai told RIA Novosti.

“…A Russian citizen was among the crew members,” Ayna Chernova said.

She said that according to preliminary data, citizens of Spain and the Seychelles could also be among the victims.

The Ukrainian Consulate in Rostov-on-Don said on Saturday that at least eight Ukrainian nationals might have been aboard the crashed FlyDubai Boeing 737-800 plane.

“There is preliminary information. Eight people were killed. They were citizens of Ukraine, who died in the plane crash,” the spokesman at the Consulate told RIA Novosti.

#FZ981 was climbing after a go-around when it suddenly started to fall with vertical speed of up to 21000 feet/min

— Flightradar24 (@flightradar24) March 19, 2016

#FZ981 performed a missed approach at ~22:43UTC then held for ~2hrs before attempting to land again ~00:41UTC

— Flightradar24 (@flightradar24) March 19, 2016


March 19, 2016 at 10:00 am

Russia must replace its commercial aircraft with SuperJets instead of Boeing and Airbus. Both Boeing and Airbus have electronic engine management (FADEC) systems which are backdoored and fully accessed by the Octopus network via the likes of the SERCO fork and similar. On top of the FADEC you have the dreaded droning of aircraft since the 1990s with the Honeywell Uninterruptable Autopilot where by the aircraft can be remote control flown and all flight controls removed from the pilot. An example of this was the technology used by members of the Royal Canadian Air Force (New Doge/Queen Elizabeth II’s former pilot Colonel Russell Williams the stooge of the Harriman family connected with the Scherff’s [Bushfraud]) to drone fly the military planes into the World Trade Center on 9/11 using precision guidance QRS-11 gyrochips from BEI. Non-aligned nations who wish to be separate from the New Venice Empire should all quickly remove all aircraft made by Airbus and Boeing and replace them with their own nations models such as Russia’s Sukhoi or China’s Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China. The BRiCS now gives the non-aligned nations a platform and a chance to stand on their own two feet whilst protecting themselves from outside interference.


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