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Child Hospitalized, Struck In Street By Miami Police Car

CBS Miami

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Feb. 3, 2016

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The mother of a 6-year-old boy is fuming after her child was hit by a City of Miami Police patrol vehicle Wednesday.

“The kids came running to my house and told me my son just got run over by a police officer,” explained Janet Martinez.

Miami Fire Rescue told CBS4 news that 6-year-old Antoine Lawson was hit at N.W. 58th Street and N.W. 5th Avenue.

His family said he was riding his scooter when the officer hit him.

“He was literally under the car stuck,” explained Urusla Arocha.

Antoine, whose nickname is Dirt, was taken to the hospital Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Antoine Lawson’s family rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital to be with the 6 year old who was struck by a Miami police cruiser. (Source: Hank Tester)

His family said he suffered a broken hip, broken leg, internal injuries.

Police investigators on the scene were told by witnesses the officer was speeding.

“He was speeding you know, in a neighborhood where the kids were riding bikes,” said Antoine’s grandmother.

The crowd apparently got riled up and threw punches at the cop.

“A parent who sees their child in distress, they are going to move into attack mode. So they did throw a few punches at the police officer,” said City of Miami Police Major Delrish Moss.

But Lexie Montanier told reporters that was not the case.

Right now Miami police traffic homicide is handling the investigation.

They were told the little boy darted into the street from between two trucks. The officer did not see little Antoine until it was too late.

“At this point it does not appear speed was a factor, but this is just preliminary,” Moss said.