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Dog protects crash victim from coyotes and shock for 40 hours until help arrives

Walter Einenkel

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King Shepherd Sako

Last summer Joe Phillips-Garcia went to a family picnic in the mountain woods of his small Kanaka Bar town, in British Columbia. That night Joe Phillips-Garcia, his cousins, and his King Shepard Sako, drove in a pick-up truck home. Joe had fallen asleep in the back when the truck left the road and plummeted down a steep drop into the woods of the mountain. Joe and Sako were the only survivors.

"I felt my head and I looked down at my hand and it was just full of blood," Joe explained "Sako laid on top of me, kept me pretty warm."

For 40 hours, while Joe was unable to move, Sako kept him warm. During the night, Joe awoke to the sound of Sako scuffling with hungry coyotes. The loyal dog didn't leave his side until he was finally rescued.

Sako fought with coyotes. He lay closely on his owner—helping to stave off possible shock from Joe's injuries.

You can watch video of the story here: