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Inexpensive Method To Shield a Room Against Microwave Energy

Ken Adachi,

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Jan. 9, 2012


Inexpensive Method To Shield a Room Against Microwave Energy (Jan 9, 2012)

After Smart Meters were installed in my neighborhood in October 2011, I borrowed a good quality German High Frequency (HF) meter to measure the intensity of microwave radiation being pulsed from the Smart meters every two minutes (24 hours a day). I was flabbergasted by the readings. In many cases, they exceeded the upper limit that the HF meter was capable of recording. I reported the details of the readings I got from Smart Meters in three radio interviews conducted with Don Nicoloff and ZS Livingstone. You can listen to those radio shows from these links:

(download the file, unzip it, and listen to the mp3 file in your media player)

Ken Adachi, ZSL & Don Nicoloff in Conversation Nov. 4, 2011 (Nov. 9, 2011) Smart Meters Part 3

Ken Adachi, ZSL & Don Nicoloff in Conversation Nov. 3, 2011 (Nov. 5, 2011) Smart Meters Part 2

Ken Adachi, ZSL & Don Nicoloff in Conversation Nov. 1, 2011 (Nov. 5, 2011)Smart Meters Part 1

I also took HF meter readings outside many homes in my immediate area, as well as readings inside my home and that of a neighbor's home. I was shocked to discover that people who use Wifi wireless routers inside their homes are simply bathing themselves in high intensity microwave energy fields 24 hours a day. I was getting readings of 200-400 microwatts outside of their windows and exterior walls. Inside the home I checked, the readings were as high as 600-1,000 microwatts.

That is an insane amount of microwave energy to subject your body to 24 hours a day. German and Austrian environmental health groups recommend one microwatt (1 uw) as the upper limit of exposure to microwave energy fields.

If you want to preserve your health, get rid of ALL wireless devices in your home. First, stop using wireless routers, wireless printers, wireless keyboards, wireless mouse, etc. Then get rid of cordless phones if you use them. If you must use a cell phone, use it on speaker phone mode or use the ear buds to listen and talk, but don't put the cell phone directly against your ear as most people foolishly do. We are going to have an explosion of brain cancers in 20 or 30 years from now and cell phones are going to be the reason for it. If you are pregnant, you cannot be living in a high intensity RF field, such as that produced by a wireless router. You have no idea how much developmental danger that presents to a growing fetus.

If you have wireless devices in your home and you don't notice any symptoms of RF pollution yet, just wait a few year--you will. And the older you are, the faster it will happen. The tolerance to RF energy fields goes down over time. Your body can absorb and handle so much, but after you pass a certain tolerance point, the body goes into overload and you will get the typical symptoms of dizziness, light headedness, head congestions, nervousness, palpitations, inability to fall asleep, etc. The body is like a rain barrel that will gradually fills up from RF energy pollution and when it hits the top of the barrel and begins to overflow, you'll begin to notice the symptoms.

Once you are sensitized to high intensity RF fields, it's not so easy to become un-sensitized to that energy and you have to work a lot harder to live in a very low intensity RF environment to feel normal again. Save yourself the wear and tear on your body. Get rid of ALL wireless devices in your home--today.

To minimize microwave energy fields entering your home from Smart Meters or your abutting neighbor's wireless computer router transmitter, you can line your interior walls with aluminized Mylar sheeting called "energy blankets" typically found at sporting good stores, or camping equipment stores, or even from drug stores in some areas. The ones I bought are called "Space brand, Emergency Blanket, First-Aid Thermal Blanket" (available from I paid $3.99 each, purchased at a local Big 5 sporting goods store. The "blanket" is made of thin Mylar plastic with an aluminum coating on one side. The one I bought measures 56 inches x 84 inches and weighs 3 oz.

The aluminized coating is conductive to radio frequency (RF) waves and will collect most of that energy and not allow it to radiate to the other side of the Mylar sheet, thus blocking or shielding most of the RF energy. I measured the DC resistance (using my digital multi meter) from one corner of the "blanket" to the opposite diagonal corner and got a resistance reading of only 6.2 ohms, which is quite good considering the thinness of the aluminized coating. Remember that the aluminized coating is only on one side of the Mylar sheet, the opposite side of the sheet is Mylar plastic so we have to carefully identify which side of the sheet has the aluminum coating. The only sure way is to take a resistance reading using a multi-meter.

The aluminized side will register a relatively low reading in ohms while the opposite side will register an infinity reading. The aluminized side is slightly shinier than the plastic side and you might "feel" the aluminized side is different than the plastic side (but use a meter to be sure). The significance of knowing which side has the aluminum coating will become apparent when we install the sheets on the wall and overlap their edges to insure a single conductive surface.

If you know from which direction that microwave energy is being radiated into your home, you can put up a wall of these aluminized energy blankets, ground them to the grounding socket of your grounded electric wall outlet, and effectively install a grounded metal shield barrier to the RF energy. This will essentially cut down the RF energy entering that protected space by 90% or more. I've taken RF energy readings both in front of the grounded Mylar energy blankets and behind them and found the shielding to be quite good.

You can block most RF energy from entering a designated space by erecting a six sided metal box (four walls, ceiling and floor) or cage all around that space and grounding out the metal. A "Faraday cage" is simply the radio engineer's name for such a metal enclosure. If the frequency is not too high, you can get away with all-metal screening such as fine mesh copper screening or aluminum screening. Solid and continuous metal foil will block very high frequency RF waves better than screening, but I would still use screening if I had no other choice. In our case, we are using the aluminized Mylar energy blanket as a substitute for solid aluminum foil. If we actually tried to do the job with aluminum foil, you know how easily it would tear and how unwieldy it is to maneuver, but the aluminized Mylar sheeting works like a dream. It doesn't tear easily, yet it's lightweight and very flexible. A perfect choice for our homemade microwave shielding.

The German HF meter I used, Model HF35C,was purchased from . Here's a descripton of the meter from their web site. It costs $430


Calibrated, Directional, Accurate, Sensitive

This is the Recommend Meter for Checking "Smart Meter" Emissions

High Frequency Meter

We like this calibrated wideband (800 MHz – 2.5 GHz) RF meter because it has a switch which allows a choice of peak or average indication mode. This permits accurate measurement of both digital and analog signals. Two ranges: 1 - 1999 µW/m² (same as 0.1 – 199.9 nW/cm²) and 0.1 - 199.9 µW/m² (same as 0.01 – 19.99 nW/cm²).

In addition, you get a choice of audio tone – none, or intensity proportional to field strength, or proportional to frequency (for analyzing pulsed signals)

- accuracy ±6 dB

- true logarithmic - periodic antenna, 800 MHz – 2.5 GHz, single polarized, included

- standard 9V battery included


Easily detects cell phone towers, cordless phones even microwave oven leaks. Instructions in German and English. The 3 minute YouTube video at right demonstrates how the sounds from this meter help distinguish different sources of RF (video sound starts after 19 seconds). 2 year Warranty. Model HF35C.

The Sounds of Different RF Radiation Sources with a HF Analyzer


You need to rent, buy, or borrow a meter like this in order to determine where you need shielding in your home.

Buy enough Mylar energy blankets to cover the area you want to shield. Two energy blankets laid out with the long axis horizontal, will cover a wall from floor to ceiling if your ceiling is not more than 8 feet high. Most ceilings are 7 feet, 6 inches or so. We need to use wide strips of aluminum foil to join the edges of the Mylar energy blankets together so we get a solid metal connection and good conductance between each adjacent energy blanket attached to the wall. I'll explain with diagrams further below how to do it.

Remove the Mylar energy blanket from the box, unroll it, and spread it out flat on the floor. You need to determine which side has the aluminum coating by testing with a Digital multi meter set to the resistance scale. After setting the scale to read resistance, place the two test probes on one side of the Mylar sheet and see which sides shows a relatively low reading in ohms. That's the side with the aluminized coating. I placed a short piece of blue masking tape in each corner of the aluminized side so I would know which side had the aluminum coating when I begin to install it.


( to be continued )

Ken Adachi