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Government War

'I couldn't comprehend why we were there': Many Americans hated the Vietnam War but then forgot about it

8 In 10 Americans Worried Biden's Bumbling Will Lead To Nuclear War; New Poll Finds

A Manufactured World Crisis

SORCHA FAAL: Biden Deploys “Doomsday” Plane After Russia Links His Son Hunter To Ukraine Biolabs

SORCHA FAAL: Russia Warns American Ties “On Brink Of Collapse” As Biden Proclaims “New World Order”


SORCHA FAAL: Russia Begins Rapid Dispersal Of Cultural Treasures Into Nuclear War Storage

SORCHA FAAL: World War III Called “A Small Price To Pay For Democrat Party Dominance”

SORCHA FAAL: The Dark Valley Has Been Entered—Now It Starts Spinning Out of Control

Russian TV Sets Stage for FURTHER INVASIONS!!! Poland, Baltics!!!

SORCHA FAAL: Russia Obliterates NATO Doorstep As Iran Joins World War III With Ballistic Missile Strikes

US Group Claiming to be 'Military Lifestyle Brand' Allegedly Training Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Mercenaries

SOTN: Is Putin poised to expose the globalist’s Covid genocide scheme?!

SOTN: Grandmaster Vladimir Putin’s Plan to Rearrange the European Geopolitical Chessboard—FOREVER!

Real war vs. phony war; turn on the news bubble machine

Report: Putin Has Moved His Family Into Siberian ‘Underground City’ Designed To Survive Nuclear War

Trump blasts Joe Biden over handling of Russia-Ukraine crisis, warns that “world war” is now very possible

Washington Takes Us a Step Closer to War

SORCHA FAAL: Historic Attack On Christianity Propels Russia To War—Not Ukraine

From Russell Bentley Near The Front Line Where Fighting IS Going On 'Use headphones if needed…This is in the backyard of our home in Petrovsky, Sunday at dinner time. Today.' - Russell Bentley