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SORCHA FAAL: Biden Deploys “Doomsday” Plane After Russia Links His Son Hunter To Ukraine Biolabs

Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

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An intriguing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev revealing that Western colonial anti-Russian sentiments, which have boomed since the 24 February launch of the "Special De-Nazification Operation” in Ukraine, have apparently been hidden for the last 30-years behind “the hypocritical white-toothed smiles of politicians and diplomats who said one thing and did something completely different”, says he then said “the unipolar world has come to an end” and declared that “the Americans are no longer the masters of planet Earth”—a declaration quickly joined Chinese Ministry of Defense spokesperson Wu Qian calling the United Statesa liar and troublemaker”, and saw him saying that “everyone knows” which country was “the biggest initiator” of the Ukraine crisis”.

During an interview with CNN foreign correspondent Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday, this report notes, top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov refused to rule out that Russia would consider using nuclear weapons, and when asked under what conditions President Putin would use Russia’s largest in the world nuclear capability, Peskov replied: “If it is an existential threat for our country, then it can”.

With an “existential threat” defined as a threat to something’s very existence, when the continued being of something is at stake or in danger, this report continues, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov grimly informed the world this morning that this situation now exists when he declared: “Today a real hybrid war, a total war has been declared against us...This term, which was used by Nazi Germany, is now used by many European politicians when they explain what they want to do to the Russian Federation...And their goals are not hidden: to destroy, to break, to strangle the Russian economy, and Russia as a whole...When we see this sanctions free-for-all, it is of course clear that all of these values that our Western colleagues had constantly preached to us about the freedom of expression, a market economy, the inviolability of private property and the presumption of innocence, all of these values are worthless”.

While warning that the United States economic war against Russia can completely collapse bilateral relations, this report notes, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova explained that Washington’s unacceptable behavior is caused by “impotent rage because the plan to turn Ukraine into anti-Russia and use it as a bridgehead for delivering all types of strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation failed”, with her further stating: “Apparently, it was not expected that Russia would withstand this blow, and problems, according to the law of communicating vessels, would begin to multiply in the United States of America itself, not to mention its satellites from the European Union singing along with them ... This is the root of aggressive rhetoric and personal insults that go beyond all limits of decency, performed by the American President as well…They reflect internal turmoil, uncertainty, irritation with the fact that it did not work out, as it always worked before, and as it was planned this time”.

Most certainly not “singing along” with the United States, this report details, is French President Emmanuel Macron, who ordered all French companies doing business in Russia to stay where they are and keep working, then declared to his nation’s citizens: “We are not involved in the war, don’t panic…I want to stress we will never be a side of this conflict and Europeans will do everything to stop the hostilities without getting involved”—a declaration quickly joined by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who stated: “NATO is not part of the conflict...It provides support to Ukraine but isn't part of the conflict...NATO will not send the troops into Ukraine...And we have stated that we are not going to impose a no-fly zone because we believe that that will most likely trigger a full-fledged war between NATO and Russia”.

Being kept from the American people as the world edges ever closer to World War III, this report continues, is Russia demanding an explanation of the involvement of Hunter Biden in funding biolabs in Ukraine, with top Kremlin spokesman Peskov stating: “This is a very sensitive information - both for us and for the whole world…Of course, we will demand explanations…And we are not alone in it: you know that China has already demanded clarifications from the United States, urging them to make this situation transparent to the world”, then he added: “The US warning of Russia allegedly planning to use chemical weapons during its special operation in Ukraine is a tactic to divert attention from American biolabs in the country”.

Immediately upon Russia issuing its demand for the United States to fully explain Hunter Biden’s funding of these biolabs in Ukraine, this report details, Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden deployed his nuclear war “Doomsday” plane to the British air base RAF Midenhall in Suffolk-England—a deployment swiftly joined by the Wall Street Journal revealing that Socialist Leader Biden stepped back from his campaign vow about nuclear weapons use, with them stating: “Biden’s new decision, made earlier this week under pressure from allies, holds that the “fundamental role” of the U.S. nuclear arsenal will be to deter nuclear attacks...That carefully worded formulation, however, leaves open the possibility that nuclear weapons could also be used in “extreme circumstances” to deter enemy conventional, biological, chemical and possibly cyberattacks”—is an actual “Pre-EmptiveFirst Strike” policy allowing Socialist Leader Biden to unleash nuclear weapons against Russia for whatever his demented mind perceives as a threat—sees this occurring at the same time articles have begun appearing in America like “Joe Biden Can Barely Walk – Waddles Through the Halls Smiling Like an Idiot at NATO Meetings”, “Biden Announces Sanctions on Russian Officials – Then Tells Europeans “Sanctions Never Deter” in NATO Speech on Russia” and “Biden Says the Quiet Part Out Loud: “I Came to Congratulate a Man Who Just Got Re-Elected without Opposition! I Dream About That Some Day!”—all of which has now been joined by the Washington Post article “Top Russian Military Leaders Repeatedly Decline Calls From U.S., Prompting Fears Of ‘Sleepwalking Into War’”, wherein it reveals: “Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have tried to set up phone calls with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Gen. Valery Gerasimov but the Russians “have so far declined to engage””.

In what passes for “news” in the United States today, this report notes, the American people are being fed war propaganda articles like “Russia Has Already Lost”, wherein it comically states: “There is no conceivable path to a positive outcome to this conflict for Russia…It can win any battle and seize any city, but the reality is that the country has already lost”—and is comical because the main intended goal of the “Special De-Nazification Operation” isn’t just to liberate Ukraine, but to strike a blow against Western colonial fiat currencies that allowed them to rampage across the world causing wholesale destruction and misery—and is why President Putin just proclaimed: “The West has de facto destroyed the credibility of its currencies...The United States and the European have practically defaulted on their obligations before Russia...Some have suspected this, but now everyone in the world knows that obligations in the US Dollars and Euros can be left unfulfilled”.

As a direct consequence of the Western colonial war declared against the Russian economy, this report explains, Russia declared that its vital to the world natural resources, including oil and natural gas, would no longer be able to be bought with US Dollars or Euros, and must be purchased using only Russian Rubles, and about which Security Council Deputy Chairman Medvedev stated: “They shut down the correspondent accounts for our commercial banks, made settlements in dollars and euros impossible and disconnected the banks on the sanctions list from SWIFT, at least some of them…What did they think we were going to do?”—a declaration swiftly followed by the Russian Ruble soaring in valueand Russian stocks rebounding when the markets reopened this week—and today it sees senior analyst ViniciusRomano at the Italian consulting firm RystadEnergy most accurately noting: “Putin has raised issues that go beyond the energy sector…With this he attempts to challenge the dominance of the Euro and US Dollar currencies”.

With Western colonial leaders in Europe now screaming about having to pay for Russian natural resources in Russian Rubles, this report notes, top Kremlin spokesman Peskov quickly replied to their screams with the statement: “The issue is closed…They will have to pay in Rubles weather they like not”—in further explanation it saw Chairman Pavel Zavalny of the State Duma Committee on Energy stating: “When it comes to our ‘friendly’ countries, like China or Turkey, which don’t pressure us, then we have been offering them for a while to switch payments to national currencies, like Rubles and Yuan...With Turkey, it can be Lira and Rubles...So there can be a variety of currencies, and that’s a standard practice...If they want bitcoin, we will trade in bitcoin...When we exchange with “unfriendly” Western countries they should pay in hard money...And hard money is gold, or they must pay in currencies which are convenient for us, and that is the Russian national currency Ruble”—quickly after which the Western colonial media began making frantic callsto seize Russian gold reserves held abroad, to which the Russian Central Bank replied: “All the gold from our gold and foreign exchange reserves is in the vaults of the Bank of Russia on the territory of our country”.

In another direct consequence of the “Special De-Nazification Operation” to liberate Ukraine, this report concludes, today the Ministry of Defense (MoD) revealed that the Western colonial nation of France has now fully retreated from Mali, that signals a major defeat in the West’s war on Islamic peoples in Africa, and saw one top American defense expert stating: “It’s now clear that Western forces have failed to defeat terrorism in the strategic Sahel region”—in factual reality sees these Western colonial powers branding as terrorists all peoples of colour that want the United States to stop raping their lands and killing everyone opposing them, and even sees the socialist Biden Regime branding as terrorists mothers who object to their children being socialist indoctrinated—and in whose other just issued urgent war bulletins sees the most notable of them being:  

Ukraine's air and air defence forces have been almost completely destroyed, and the country's navy has effectively ceased to exist”.

The Investigative Committee of Russia has opened a case relating to the secret biological laboratories in Ukraine with the US support under the article on development of mass casualty biological weapons”.

Russia’s air defense systems have destroyed four Ukrainian drones in the air above the settlements of Boromlya, Borshchevaya, Oleshnya and Usok during the past 24 hours... Since the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. 261 unmanned aerial vehicles, 204 air defense missile systems, 1,587 tanks and other combat armored vehicles, 163 multiple rocket launchers, 636 field artillery pieces and mortars, and 1,397 military motor vehicles have been destroyed”.

Russian forces have advanced four more kilometres into Ukrainian territory and took control of the following settlements: Batmanka, Mikhailovka, Krasny Partizan, Stavki, and Troitskoye”.

By the morning of 24 March, units of the Russian army have completely taken control of the city of Izyum in the Kharkov region”.

Russia’s Armed Forces carried out attacks involving long-range high-precision weapons on the evening of 23 March and in the early hours of 24 March…The attacks destroyed 13 missile launchers, including nine S-300 systems and four Buk-M1 systems in the Danilovka settlement south of Kiev, a formation headquarters and a missile and artillery weapons depot in the Bakhmut settlement in the Donetsk region and a temporary base of a nationalist battalion in the city of Lisichansk”.

Russian troops hit yet another training centre for foreign mercenaries and Ukrainian nationalists in the Rovno region with precision-guided cruise missiles…Over 80 mercenaries and Ukrainian nationalists were eliminated”.

An Iskander tactical ballistic missile systems destroyed a training base for foreign mercenaries...The ballistic missile hit the building that housed the foreign legion and the training base...Because a high-explosive penetrating warhead was used, the building, 60 meters long, was almost completely destroyed and the enemy was hit”.

The crews of the Su-34 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces have disabled military facilities and military equipment of the Ukrainian army…Military parking areas, armored vehicles, weapons depots have been hit with the use of high-precision weapons”.

Ukraine's major fuel depot Kalinovka outside Kiev was destroyed by Russian 'Kalibr' missiles on Thursday evening”.

Ukrainian forces have been attempting to disguise themselves as civilians in order to escape the Russian and Donbass militia encirclement in Mariupol, with some even resorting to dressing up in women’s clothing”. 

If Russian army had not launched the special operation, the Ukrainian nationalists would have had much more power and scope to concentrate their strikes on the DPR and LPR…In that case, the number of civilian casualties would have been much higher”.

 [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]





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