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Government War

80th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor

FULFORD: Anglo German and Russian forces preparing to move on [sHORT REPORT]

SORCHA FAAL: Russia Issues Emergency Warning: “Huge Global Storm Is Starting”

FULFORD: The war for the planet earth will lead to a new Cambrian explosion [FULL Report]

Excellent Indian Television Segment Explains Why China Doesn't Just Invade Taiwan

SORCHA FAAL: Lunatic Biden Provokes Chinese Dragon While Being Mauled By Russian Bear

SORCHA FAAL: Trump Returns To Washington To Prepare For War At “White House In Waiting”

SORCHA FAAL: Acknowledged World War Collides With “American Century Is Over” Proclamation

SORCHA FAAL: Biden Awaits “Ultimate Demise” After World War II Hero Sobs “Our Boys Died For Nothing”

World War III warning? Hungary declares a wartime state of emergency

SORCHA FAAL: Russia Proclaims: “The Great Game Has Ceased To Be A Game—It Has Become Total War”

SORCHA FAAL: Russia Accepts West’s All-Out Hybrid War Challenge As Black Market Weapons Bonanza Begins


Did China just signal it's going to war?

SORCHA FAAL: Leftist Icon Praises Trump As Russia Demonstrates “200 Second” Nuclear War

SORCHA FAAL: East Declares To Lunatic West: “World Cannot Continue To Live Like This”

Turkey rejects Greece’s charges of illegal military flights: Athens ‘started tension’

SOTN: The Great Game Morphs into the GREAT RESET

SORCHA FAAL: Russia Confirms World War III Has Begun After West Declares “Let’s Get Rid of God”

Poland 'Open' & Ready To Host US Nukes On NATO's Eastern Flank Tyler Durden's Photo by Tyler Durden [with Comment by PHB]