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SOTN: The Great Game Morphs into the GREAT RESET


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Great Game 2022 and Beyond:


Britain’s Multi-Century Scheme to Conquer Russia in Collusion with American Neocons & Neoliberals,

Israeli Zionists and Vatican Jesuits

British Press and Politicos Spew More Warmongering


Propaganda and Prevarication Against Russia than any

other nation on Earth … … … all paid for by the London


Submitted by The Armchair Geopolitical Analyst

State of the Nation

There’s a very good reason why no one does warmongering propaganda and naked prevarication like the Brits, especially when it’s aimed at Russia.

Having mastered the English language several centuries ago, the Brits have had a lot of time, and have spent a considerable amount of money and effort, becoming the world’s premier word merchants.

It was on London’s Fleet Street where the British Press really perfected the art of writing whatever outright lies were necessary to start a war, bring down a government, trigger a revolution, demonize a head of state, bankrupt a corporation, etc., etc., etc.  After all, the world’s wealthiest banksters and predatory capitalists were situated right down the street in the City of London’s all-powerful Financial District ready to pay whatever price was needed to “stop the presses” so a new distracting disaster (à la disaster capitalism) could be instantly manufactured.

See how the Bank of England (“Bank” location in RED) is literally right down the road from Fleet Street (to the left) in the City of London’s Financial District.

This terribly incestuous relationship, between the press and the banksters in Merry Old England, goes back way before the Rothschild banking family took over the UK government.  But, regardless of when those serpentine institutional arrangements were solidified between London’s mainstream media and the predatory banksters and capitalists, the founding of the East India Company in 1600 was really the start of it all.

As the first commercial corporation on the planet, the entire leadership of the East India Company was populated by hardcore predatory capitalists whose motto was essentially “we’re gonna take what you’ve got”.

KEY POINTS: The true power and wealth behind the original London banksters and British capitalists is none other than the Black Nobility of Northern Italy, which completely controlled the Venetian Empire and Roman Catholic Church at the time. When the maritime supremacy enjoyed by the Republic of Venice was finally vanquished, those intermarried Italian Catholic merchants and Jewish money lenders from Venice, Genoa, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Turin, Verona, etc. quite surreptitiously changed their commercial capital to London in order to profit from the rapidly growing Atlantic trade routes.  These same powerful banking families went on to set up the major Swiss banking institutions headquartered in Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Bern.  Of course, prior to those momentous developments, as soon as Marco Polo had opened up the Silk Road trade routes from Europe to Kubla Khan’s China, that’s when the Khazarian mafia moved in having been migrating westward to the commercial centers and capitals of Europe over the previous centuries.  It was during the 13th and 14th centuries that saw the establishment of the world’s first corporations and banking powerhouses in Northern Italy such as the Medici Bank in Florence. (“The Medici Bank was the chief bank for the Roman Catholic curia, and it had branches in the major cities of Italy, as well as in London, Lyon, Geneva, Bruges, and Avignon.”[1]). The essential point here is that the entire European banking system was covertly created and overseen by Ashkenazi banksters in league with their Khazarian mafia enforcement arm.

Remember, these London banksters and financiers, British capitalists and plutocrats, English merchants and industrialists, etc. lived on a dreary little island that was not very rich in natural resources.  Besides, the landed gentry did not want to tear up the turf England-wide lest they have too small plots on which to built all their magnificent castles and sprawling manors.

“England is said to be home to over 4,000 castles, built many hundreds of years ago and scattered throughout the UK countryside and coastline.” [2]

What’s the crucial point?

Not only did those highfalutin British pirates and warlords have very little to rape, pillage and plunder in their own back yard, being natural-born reptilian predators they were always on the prowl for the biggest catch of all.   Of course, that “biggest catch” is nothing short of the conquest of the largest nation on Earth—RUSSIA.

Welcome to the Great Game!

What the entire planetary civilization is now witnessing is the final stages of the Great Game where the Western powers are determined to conquer the Russian Federation in order to steal everything in sight from Saint Petersburg in the west to Uelen in the Far East.

There is simply nothing that the Zio-Anglo-American Axis will not do at this point to steal Russia’s vast lands and resource-rich territories—NOTHING!  Once the Brits were kicked out of India in 1947 and the Hong Kong handover took place in 1997, they have set their sights squarely on Russia with great focus and resolve.

This is exactly why Russia is forever bashed by the mainstream media, especially in Great Britain and America.  It’s why the UK and US have relentlessly vilified all things Russian for many decades.  It’s why President Putin has been demonized as no other head of state since Adolf Hitler.

The bottom line here is that with the final end of the Great Game just


around the corner, there comes the ending of everything …


Both sides of this British purposefully misnamed Great Game,

which is really an epoch-ending world war,

are playing for keeps.

Because no one really knows what the highly consequential outcomes will be, what can be stated with certainty is that a series of unparalleled worldwide cataclysms will soon transpire is quick succession.  This unprecedented leveling of the international order will shake things up so that everything we see today will likely be gone tomorrow.  However, as this devastating Great Game morphs into the even more destructive GREAT RESET, there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty about the actual outcomes and especially the aftermath insanely anticipated by The Powers That Be.

East vs. West

No matter what the end result, there will be astonishing and unexpected eventualities experienced by the two main players of this Great Game—the East and the West, respectively.

The Zio-Anglo-American Axis of the West has always treated the BRICS-aligned nations of the East with tremendous disrespect and disdain.  Russia, China and India, in particular, have born the brunt of British-American imperialism.  Of course, several Asian Rim nations such as North and South Korea, Japan, Philippines and South Vietnam have also suffered greatly.

At this crucial point of the Third Millennium, the UK-US Empire incorrectly believes it holds all the cards to finally win this Great Game that’s really an out-out war on national sovereignty and individual freedom.  On the macro level, this is a real “War of the Titans”, that is, one where the victor takes all and the loser is left with nothing.

However, because the Global South has become such a strong independent force within the world community of nations, the tables have been turned on the power elite who rule from Rome and the Vatican, London and Brussels, Berlin and Paris, New York City and Washington, DC.

For The Powers That Be to be successful in establishing their New World Order via the GREAT RESET, a critical mass of collective consent throughout all of humanity is absolutely necessary.  In order to successfully carry out their nefarious plans toward the formation of a One World Government and imposition of a One World Currency (digital, of course), universal consent is definitely required; otherwise, the whole place will devolve into total anarchy and pandemonium.

In the absence of that essential worldwide consent, the implementation of the New World Order agenda becomes more difficult by the day.  Thanks to the Internet, folks on all seven continents are quickly waking up to the slow-motion tyranny overtaking the whole world today.

Although this epochal war between East and West may not appear to be such a “black and white” conflict, this clash of civilizations does pit the now atheistic, highly self-destructive and ultra-liberal Western powers against the much more spiritual, traditional and conservative as well as family-centered nations of the East.

KEY POINT: All the great religious faiths and spiritual traditions on the planet, from time immemorial, have their genesis in the profound and ancient spirituality of the East.  And that includes Christianity. See: CAESARION: The Greatest Story Never Told

Spirituality vs. Godlessness

The only way that the imperialistic West, commandeered by the Zio-Anglo-American power centers, can impose its will on the East is by stamping out all religious traditions and spiritual pursuit.  In the absence of achieving that malevolent goal, implementing the totalitarian New World Order agenda is virtually impossible.  Which is why the array of COVID-19 vaccines formulated by Big Pharma were really designed to expunge the God gene.

FUNVAX: Globalist Plot to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine


Exposes Shocking Satanic Conspiracy

Given this stark reality, the NWO globalist cabal knows it must destroy all the major religions throughout the world community of nations.  Which is why the US-UK-UA-NATO warmongers have deliberately started the Ukraine War—a war which they refuse to put an end to.

As always, Russia is their main target because of the extraordinary nationwide revival of the Orthodox Christian Church that was vigorously encouraged by President Putin.  Putin himself has shown himself to be an enthusiastic practitioner of Orthodox mysticism as evidenced by his annual retreat at Valaam Monastery, “a stauropegic Orthodox monastery in Russian Karelia located on Valaam, the largest island in Lake Ladoga”.[3]

Russian President Vladimir Putin parked near the Valaam Orthodox Monastery on Lake Ladoga

President Putin has even closely collaborated with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow to frame the current “special military operation” in Ukraine as nothing short of an all-out religious war.  Of course, Putin, among all world leaders has been — BY FAR — the most courageous and outspoken is his condemnation of the exceedingly catastrophic LGBTQ agenda.  Many of his most aggressive presidential initiatives have shown that he is an arch enemy of Cultural Marxism, which has so devastated the West.

China, too, is being targeted with juvenile provocations centered around the sovereignty of Taiwan.  With the presidency of Xi Jinping, China has also seen a resurgence of its venerable spiritual traditions such as Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.  With the advent of corrupt crony capitalism Chinese-style, Jinping earnestly cultivated this religious development across the People’s Republic of China as a countervailing force.  He wisely perceived that China’s profound religious and philosophical systems would serve as a compensatory influence to the rampant crime and corruption associated with the nation’s mushrooming capitalistic society.

KEY POINT: The initial outbreak of COVID-19 — a highly sophisticated bioweapon created in the secret global network of Israeli, British and American biological and chemical weapon laboratories — was actually the commencement of a full-blown biowar waged against China. See: WUHAN CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC BIOENGINEERED: Who’s behind it, why now and why China?

Then there is India, the real spiritual center of planet Earth.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first official act after his election was to make a high-profile religious pilgrimage to the Ganges River, also known as Mother Ganga.  The wildly popular Indian leader also quite intentionally became a Member of Parliament representing Varanasi—the unrivaled spiritual center of the Hindu nation.  Modi has personally overseen the massive reconstruction project surrounding the most sacred temple in Hinduism—the Kashi Vishwanath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Varanasi also known as Kashi.  The unusually austere Prime Minister actually lives his life as a sadhu (or ascetic politician).

Back to the British plot: The reason why the far western fringes of the Russian Motherland were chosen as the initial theater of armed combat of World War III (and this rapidly unfolding Great Game evolving into the GREAT RESET) is because of Russia.  That’s because Russia represents both the land bridge and global platform for cultural, scientific and philosophical exchange between the East and the West.  Western Russia is not only considered part of Europe, Moscow’s proximity to all of the other capitals of Continental Europe makes it the perfect and primary go-between between East and West.  Which is exactly why the British establishment is so determined to blow up the bridge.

Russia: Bridge to the Future of Humanity

Russia knows that it occupies a very unique position in the world today.  Not only does it pose a formidable countervailing nuclear deterrent to the Western powers, Russian borders also carve out an extraordinary land mass linking East to West.  In this way it serves as a bridge — a bridge for trade via the new Silk Road; a bridge for science and technology transfers as well as philosophy and spirituality interchanges;  and, most importantly, a bridge for the exportation/importation of peace and brotherhood.

Like no other country on Earth, Russia’s geographical location has conferred upon it great gifts, both mundane and metaphysical.  Extremely rich in natural resources it is why the Bolshevik Revolution was used by Western bankers to steal her wealth via the imposed Soviet communism.  Stretching from Alaska in the East to the Ukraine in the West, Russia’s land mass is unequalled in both its great distance across the planet as well as its enormous size.

The vast, unbroken Russian steppes have long been known to convert any man into a philosopher, so stirring to the soul is the expansiveness of the sky.  The Russian national temperament has always bent toward brotherhood and generosity of spirit, as Vladimir Putin, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov et al. have repeatedly demonstrated in world affairs. These and other noble characteristics have shown the Russian people to be the natural vessels of peace and reconciliation.  As Edgar Cayce once uttered, “the hope of the world” lies with Russia.

It is highly significant that the land mass of Russia is contiguous to an extraordinary number of other countries, from the USA in the east to those of the European continent in the west.  In fact, the Russian Motherland shares more boundaries with more nations than any other on Earth.  In each case, Russia has been infused with the cultures and traditions, religions and philosophies, languages and customs that have travelled across her borders. Known as the Motherland, she has been responsible for the an unparalleled transfer of culture and wealth, from both East to West and North to South, throughout all of history.



Whereas the most intense Russophobia issues forth from London, its original source is found in the Ukraine, the modern location of the ancient Kingdom of Khazaria.  For it is the Jewish Khazars who took their deep and irrational hatred of Russia to the far reaches of Western civilization, via multiple diasporas, in order to compel every country allied with the Zio-Anglo-American Axis to join their world war against the Russian Federation.

KEY POINT: There are very specific, although totally invalid, reasons why the Khazars and their progeny are hellbent on destroying Russia and her people.

READ: The Ultimate “Revenge War” in Ukraine Explained

But it ought be clear that this clash of civilizations — East vs. West — goes way beyond just conquering Russia (again), subjugating China (again) and enslaving India (again).  Truly, we are witnessing a singularly historic war for the very soul of humanity.

While Ukraine appears to be the main battlefield of this monumental war against the human spirit, every nation on Earth has been drawn into this global conflict, one which has been divided into two camps—the Zio-Anglo-American Axis led by Western powers vs. the BRICS-aligned nations led by Russia and China, which includes the entire Global South.

WORLD WAR III: Anglo-American Axis vs. BRICS Alliance

Lastly, it’s of paramount importance to correctly understand the central and critical role that Russia (spearheaded by President Putin) has in this unparalleled international drama occurring right on time during the “Shift of the Ages”.  Putin’s role in upholding the cosmic dharma — the righteous order — cannot be overstated.  Therefore, if anyone hopes and/or prays for only one outcome, may it be that righteousness prevails over evil.  For only in this way is there any hope for the present race of humanity.

Not only does the fate of humankind lie in the balance, the future of the planet is at stake.  Hence, we are all advised to take the right side in this last battle of this final war of the era between the forces of light and forces of darkness.  The more folks worldwide who hold space for the best and highest possible outcome for humankind, the more likely it is to manifest.

SOTN Editor’s Note: Posting, texting, tweeting, telegramming, instagramming, emailing, blogging illuminating posts like this one — far and wide — is certainly vital

to the GOOD cause.  Therefore:

If you find this resonatin’, perhaps you’ll start disseminatin’.

The Armchair Geopolitical Analyst

State of the Nation

April 23, 2022