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McConnell Addresses Huge Rumor, Fmr Presidential Candidate Hospitalized, Fox News Host Nails Big Extension, Congressional Aide Resigns Amidst Scandal

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Bret Baier Signs 5-year Contract with Fox News

Popular Fox News host Bret Baier is staying with Fox News. Baier just signed a contract with the network for another five years.


‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’ McConnell Puts Retirement Rumors to Bed

Could Mitch McConnell be eyeing his exit from politics? Not so fast…


Kentucky just passed a vacancy law that requires the governor of Kentucky to temporarily fill a vacant Senate seat with a successor of the same political party as the departing lawmaker. McConnell’s public support for the bill has raised a lot of eyebrows causing people to question if he’s considering retirement soon. However, the top Republican isn’t ready to lose his title as Senate Leader just yet saying “I’m not going anywhere” after the legislation successfully passed.


Iowa Democrat Gives Up on Trying to Steal State-Certified Election

After weeks of attempting to steal a state-certified election, the Democrats are finally throwing in the towel. Iowa Democrat Rita Hart has officially withdrawn her challenge to unseat Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi even back the effort to overturn the state-certified election in a pathetic and obvious attempt to increase Democrat’s historically slim majority in the lower chamber.

Iowa Republican Miller-Meeks narrowly won the state’s 2nd Congressional district by a handful of votes- six to be exact. However, after multiple recounts, the results remained the same and Miller-Meeks was sworn into Congress. However, that didn’t stop Hart from attempting to challenge the results.


Dominion Voting Systems Sues FOX News

Dominion Voting System filed a lawsuit against FOX News on Friday over election fraud claims.

Dominion’s $1.6 billion dollar defamation suit claims FOX News used the false election fraud claims to boost its ratings.


Former Democrat Presidential Candidate Hospitalized

Former Democrats presidential candidate Andrew Yang has been hospitalized and all of his campaign events have been canceled.

Yang, who is running for Mayor of New York City, has been hospitalized with what appears to be complications from a kidney stone according to his staff.


Gaetz Communications Aide Resigns

A high-ranking aide for Congressman Matt Gaetz resigned Friday amid allegations Gaetz has engaged in inappropriate relations with a minor and is allegedly under a federal investigation for sex trafficking violations.

A statement from Gaetz’s office said Gaetz’ Communications Director Luke Ball and the Office of Congressman Gaetz “agreed it would be best to part ways.”