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Charles Miller

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by Charles Miller

March 23rd 2020

The current circumstances nationwide in our country called America, are a whole new paradigm for all of us Americans. All the rules of yesterday flew out the window this last few weeks!

Our country has been under direct and indirect attack for quite some time.

With very few exceptions our leadership is more confused at the moment than ever before.

"One major tell-tale of how government confusion affects each American has been exposed this last week."

I have personally reviewed the so-called executive orders from the state of Washington and Arizona governors offices concerning closing down our whole societal structure. What I found was shocking. I called the secretary of states offices. They did not have the orders on file even though they admitted that they had placed the Seal of the State on the paper as required and then they sent it back to the governors office rather than follow the law.

The highest officers of both Arizona and Washington executive branches have simply failed to follow their own rules and put all of us at risk, particularly business owners!

The state statutes require the governors statement of emergency powers being applied to the public to be backed up with an official writing, with an official identifier and date, and then present it to the Secretary of State for the placing of the state seal and archiving as the public record held by the Secretary of State. This is the official mandatory function for a legal, lawful and legitimate executive order affecting the people.

When these elements are not met as required by law, the statements by the governor closing down any business or the peoples access to those businesses particularly while using the public highways and roads, are void on their face.

The simple way to understand this is that if you have a weakness or a fraud, or a lie, or a failure to comply with the law at the base of a public act, then that act cannot be considered valid.

What this means in the context of compensation to the businesses and people damaged, is that all of our claims for compensation or damages could be considered invalid. The point is, how many times have we all seen the Government refuse or fail to follow their own rules, regulations, laws and keep their promises?

Why take a chance now in these very confusing times?

The simple fact is the law allows you to establish a pre-existing claim based on the statements issued by the government in any context whatsoever.

If you voluntarily close your business, who is the responsible party, you or someone else?

How do you hold the government accountable for compensation or damages for an act that you take on your own?

Closing your business with out a valid lawful act by government is a personal choice, thus the only one responsible for losses are the owners.

I agree to close my business and stay off the public highway under valid duly filed Emergency Orders. This is what honest real Americans do during a real emergency. We Americans pull together when the chips are down.

"Please tell me that when Emergency Executive Orders are defective, how does the government become responsible for business losses?"

The solution is very simple: File a pre-claim to the Governor and notice the Attorney General and the Secretary of State that there are fatal defects in their procedures. The letter needs to demand proof positive that the current China virus is more dangerous to the public than all of the other flu viruses in the flu season over the last 20 years. Included in the letter should be the reference to the online reports provided by the CDC that show the real numbers.

When the real facts of what really caused the whole country to move into panic, and the facts show the panic was based on misleading information, then the pre-claim will have real power.

What better insurance against damage(s) could be had?

"Holding individual public employees that are limiting business or access to life’s necessities personally liable, is the American way." This is also what real standup Americans do.

Every American -- in particular business owners -- have the absolute right to protect their property and property interest by filing a claim for damages and compensation that is absolutely in order.

Our businesses, our cash flow from those businesses, are our private properties!

Our customers having the right to access our business via the public highways and roads is a right due every American. That right is a property right in liberty and the right to travel and do business with whom you choose.

Property and property rights are protected by the state constitution and statutes.

When the government takes property it is absolutely required to compensate those they take from. That’s the law!

Our property rights are supposed to be protected by the law, and those public servants operating the peoples governments.

Filing a pre-claim establishing our position in relation to the so-called executive orders closing our country down is the only way for the people to protect ourselves.

A simple Google search to CDC for the virus and flu season reports beginning in 2010 are available online. Reading the numbers and comparing them to the reports concerning the China Virus exposes something is wrong and smells really bad.


LINK: World wide stats3/21/2020.

NOTE: 277,000 China Virus world wide now.

"Last year in the US 490,561 influenza hospitalizations and 34,157 deaths."

If 'We the People' do not protect ourselves, are we responsible for what happens to us?

Under what set of current circumstances is there a good reason to believe the government will provide compensation or damages; given the current failures to simply file the Executive orders properly.

We the people have a right to know what the law is and what valid executive orders are and have them available to us as required by law.

Anyone failing to act to protect their business -- private property -- allows government to steal their property and future.

Are we facing a new form of socialism, whereby the playing field is being brought down to the lowest common denominator in which most have nothing left to support Themselves and Their families?

Charles Miller