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Tucker Carlson Destroyed Nancy Pelosi With One Terrible Secret From Obama’s Past

Kelly Walsh

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Tucker Carlson

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats think they have Donald Trump backed into a corner.

The election results swept the Democrats into power in the House and they believed they could finally force Trump to cave on one big fight.

But then Tucker Carlson destroyed Nancy Pelosi with this terrible secret from Barack Obama’s past.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are due at the White House for a meeting with President Trump.

Funding for the Department of Homeland of Security and other portions of the government is set to expire on December 21.

The flashpoint for a government shutdown is Trump’s demand of five billion dollars for his proposed border wall.

But Nancy Pelosi fears that if she doesn’t engage in scorched earth opposition to Trump’s wall, a challenger on the left could take her on in the January election for Speaker of the House.

So Pelosi began to plant quotes in the press so her caucus would see she was hurling the over-the-top attacks on Trump’s wall.

In one of these press appearances, Pelosi smeared Trump’s wall as “immoral.”

That’s when Tucker Carlson took her to task for this ugly rhetoric.

“Just in case you’re wondering if the new Democratic Congress will fund a wall along our southern border, we have an answer. Incoming Speaker of the House has cleared it up. ‘No chance,’ says Nancy Pelosi. ‘Walls don’t work,’ she explains, and more than that, they’re wrong. Morally wrong. Watch,” Carlson stated on his show.

Carlson questioned how a leader could claim that a policy to secure her country’s borders violated the laws of morality.

“Now, if you’re familiar with how things work in Washington, you may be wondering: When did morality begin to play a central role in the legislative process? The answer is the day that Nancy Pelosi got ordained. Pelosi is now an archbishop in the church of progress sanctimony,” Carlson continued.

The popular Fox News host demanded to know why Nancy Pelosi nominated herself to be the moral arbiter of all that is right and just in America.

And then Carlson delivered the real knockout blow.

“Weak moral authority. That is not a problem for St. Nancy. Her moral thought is absolute. She is a good person. You, unfortunately, are not. So pay attention as she explains once again — a border wall is immoral. Well, fine. Far be it for us to question the command of an archbishop. We’ll take her at her word. God hates walls. But if walls are immoral, what about fences? Obama seemed to like them,” Carlson stated.

But Carlson really drove the dagger in deep when he played a clip of a then-Senator Barack Obama supporting the Secure Fences Act of 2006.

In the clip, Obama declares that the legislation would “authorize some badly-needed funding for better fences and better security along our borders.”

Carlson pointed out how Obama once thought border fencing was “badly needed.”

If that was the case, he wondered, then how could Pelosi claim building a wall was immoral?

Finally, Carlson noted that Pelosi actually does believe barriers can work.

She has gate in front of her weekend home to keep trespassers off her property.

“‘Better fences,’ says Obama. “That sounds immoral. What about Israel’s security wall? It’s big and real and very effective. Pelosi supported it, actually. She voted for a resolution defending that wall from U.N. Condemnation. It’s confusing. Must have been before her conversion. But now [that] the walls are definitely immoral, a few obvious theological questions arise. What about doors? And locks? How about hedges or security systems or airport checkpoints or anything else that specifically designed to keep some people out? What about the gate in front of Pelosi’s weekend house? Is St. Nancy against all of that? Of course not.”

In only a few short moments, Carlson was able to lay out just how extreme the Democrat Party’s position on illegal immigration has become.

Their leaders cannot support any border security measures without a significant portion of their base accusing them of white supremacy.

As a result, it’s caused elected officials like Pelosi to violently oppose common sense measures that even Barack Obama supported a little more than a decade ago.