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Charlie Daniels Soapbox Rewind

Charlie Daniels

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Charlie Daniels Soapbox Rewind

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Posted on 01.26.2018

One More Time - Soapbox Rewind

*NOTE* Charlie is still in Colorado and working on his next book, and currently cutting back to one soapbox a week, at least for the time being. Here's a Soapbox Rewind from 2011 on one of the subjects that he's the most passionate about, term limits for Congress. - TeamCDB

When I revisit a subject time after time it's because I feel especially passionate about it and want badly to get a point across and it's in this spirit and for this reason I revisit a real sore point to me, term limits.

I've heard all the arguments against having term limits and the most frequently mentioned one is that regular elections are within themselves term limits. I respect this view and can see the rationale behind the thinking, but I don't think it goes far enough.

So many young politicians go to Washington with stars in their eyes and it is in their hearts to make a difference, to be unique, to break out of the mold of party politics, to go against the grain and be his own man and truly represent the folks who did him the honor of electing him.

Then the great seduction begins.

The lobbyists start showing up passing out the favors. Oh, nothing illegal mind you, maybe tickets to an event at the Kennedy Center or an invitation to an A list party where you can rub shoulders with the major league power players or maybe a box seat for a Redskins game.

Then the party leaders start putting pressure on you to vote for some bill they want to get passed. Maybe you're against the bill but they promise you they'll support that new federal project your state would like to have, and besides, if you expect any help from the party war chest at election time you'd better get your ducks in a row and toe the line.

And there's always a powerful committee chairmanship up for grabs for those who know which side their bread is buttered on.

Then, one day, somebody comes to you and just outright asks you what it would take to get your vote for something you know the folks back home don't want, but to accept could feather your retirement nest, maybe an important political appointment or even an ambassadorship.

Your conscience hurts you for a while but you're looking out for number one and all is fair in love, war and politics, ain't it?

No, it's not all right and you know it but you give in anyway and, just like that, the seduction is complete. You've made a deal with the devil and you've become just like the rest of the empty suits you once despised.

From then on out you're owned by the party and your life becomes a quest for one thing, getting reelected. By hook or by crook, by dirty tricks, by destroying the reputations of better men than you. You cling to your office like a life raft. Say anything, do anything, sink to any level, just to make it back to Capitol Hill and a chair closer to the fire at the old boy's club.

Just bring home the bacon, and be seen bringing projects to your state. To hell with how it affects the rest of the states or the nation as a whole, besides, there's nothing they can do about it if you can just buy enough votes in your state to be elected.

You've become a living lie who sells the vote, you should hold sacred, to the highest bidder. You're a crook, a charlatan and a back stabbing sell out who no longer cares about the United States of America but only for your own selfish ambitions.

You are no longer a public servant but a public liability.

And you call yourself a congressman or a senator, no you're just somebody who has already sold out your country, your integrity and your honesty, all you've got left to sell is your vote.

Actually, what you are is a whore.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, and for our country.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels