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Ron Rosenstein Breaks Silence, Admits One Thing That Proves Trump’s Innocent Of Everything

Taylor Gibson

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The truth shall set Trump free,  or in the case of the Democrats, the truth shall make them cry. The left has gone all in one Bob Mueller’s Russia investigation.

They hold out hope, despite all evidence to the contrary, that the Trump Russia collusion story will pan out and bring down the President.

They haven’t really thought it through because the Republiscans would still be in control of everything.

But they are out their still waiting with bated breath for Bob Mueller to get off his broom and deliver them from supposed evil.

Or they were. That is all over now.

Because Bob Mueller’s boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, just officially turned the liberal Russia dream into their worst nightmare.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Rosenstein put an end to the nonsense saying simply that it takes a lot more to influence American’s than a few ads on facebook.

“You know, American citizens are pretty savvy, and they decide who to vote for. I don’t think they’d be influenced by ads posted by foreign governments,” Rosenstein said. “I think people are more thoughtful about that in the way that they make their decisions.”

Then he said the words that liberals across America are depserate to avoid but must confront if they want to move on and enjoy the next eight years.

“I think what people need to keep in mind is that there’s a distinction between people trying to sway American elections and succeeding in swaying American elections.”


If this guy says it didn’t happen, one must wonder why we are still investigating at all?