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It's getting real.  At a press conference today, Senate GOP leadership joined Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy to tout their eleventh-hour Obamacare replacement plan, which would send block-granted money and a great deal of healthcare authority back to the states.  In a significant statement, Graham told reporters that House Speaker Paul Ryan pledged to himthat if the Senate passes the legislation, the House will follow suit -- but that the House will not take up a bill that merely props up Obamacare with more bailout-style money, which is the "compromise" sought by Democrats.  Graham said that a preliminary CBO score is expected next week, and a hearing is slated for Monday.  Republicans have until Friday to approve an Obamacare alternative with a simple majority under "reconciliation."  In a sign of how serious this final push has become, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delivered a floor speech slamming the reckless pipe dream of BernieCare and praising Graham-Cassidy...

That's not exactly a full-throated endorsement, but it aligns with previous reportsthat McConnell has committed to calling a vote if the bill's sponsors can wrangle 50 ayes.  The Trump administration, well aware that the legislative clock is running out, is throwing its full weight behind the proposal. In an email blast, the White House quoted the Vice President describing himself and the president as "all in" for Graham-Cassidy, and noted that Trump spoke with Graham last night to encourage him in this pursuit: