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From: Ken-Welch.Com
Sent: 3/29/2009 7:37:51 PM
Subject: KW Newsletter 24: Seatbelts Fastened?
Newsletter #24 -- March 28, 2009

    Current Timetable

    Middle East False-Flag Missile

    Markets and Wealth


    Vaccines, Autism, and Medical Records

It's been a long time since I sent out an "official" newsletter, and this one is intended to make sure we don't lose sight of the larger picture as Big Brother whips us back and forth between meaningless news stories about executive bonus packages and hourly doses of Obama our Savior.  Newsletters went out the window when we experienced a disastrous hard drive failure in late November that just about ended our project for good.  Luckily, I was able to continue with "current" RS work and web site posting from a different machine, but even now there are large tasks still pending.  The restoration of priceless historical sound files (with RS) is the biggest example.

I have enough material right now for four or five newsletters, so you can expect another one fairly soon.  In this newsletter I'll focus on the economic circus, and some health stories that shouldn't be ignored.


For the big picture we are in the same spot as a year ago, except that the timetable has been compressed and things are happening much faster - as you are surely aware.  Apparently, Big Oil and Big Money still agree that the invasion of Iran should come before the really big shocks disrupt virtually everything.  Reversed speech indicates that the Nimmers will get another shot at a false-flag nuke, perhaps in the next four weeks.  If I can get some RS with details I'll post it.

This may be their last chance at Iran for a while.  Although I believe there have been efforts to slow it down, the engineered economic collapse cannot be put off indefinitely.

The bailout programs appear to have two basic functions.  First, they are undoubtedly the fulfillment of a ten year old promise that those who participated in breaking the existing financial system would be made whole again before the bottom drops out entirely.  Second, they are just as oviously the final looting stage, perhaps "feeding frenzy" would be a more descriptive term, before the U.S.A. officially dies and is replaced with something else more controllable.

There was a story circulating last year that the Bank of International Settlements (at the top of the Rothschilde central banking pyramid) had "demanded" an audit of the Federal Reserve.  This is supposed to take place in May of this year, and the results of the audit would then be announced at some later date.  (This may be a hoax.  Here's the only reference to it that remains.)  If true, the results would undoubtedly say that the Fed is bankrupt and must close it's doors.  Of course, the big question at that point would be: what is the value of a Federal Reserve Note if there is no Federal Reserve?  Thus we end up with the new currency that appeared more than year ago in RS rom George Bush.

However, the trillions of dollars blowing out of Washington have to show up somewhere, sooner or later, and when they do the resulting hyperinflation would destroy the currency whether the Fed is ever audited or not.  (Be sure to read the alternative Stagflation section below.)

Give us a couple months with troops on the ground in Iran, and a collapse of U.S. currency can initiate the chaos from which our "new government" will emerge.  Let's take a guess at this point and say that from August onward we are looking at the possibility of total chaos. 

Western governments have known for decades that they cannot financially survive the Baby Boomer retirement, and that includes whatever new government (or pretend government) we get after the currency collapse.  Boomer demands on social welfare programs have already started.  Since the socialist model won't allow them to kill the programs, they must kill the Boomers instead.  That means the so-caled Bird Flu Pandemic is mandatory.  If I read the tea leaves correctly then next year's flu season is the target, and we have about 9 months to go.

So after all this Obama-inspired change we are still looking at the same three objectives from the powers-that-be: 1) siezure of Iranian oil reserves, 2) collapse of the U.S. and establishment of the new Reich, and 3) an extraordinarily lethal global pandemic.

Middle East False-Flag Missile

We are still getting signals that the invasion of Iran, kicked off by a false flag nuke controlled by the Navy, has been recycled and is not far off.  Details are scarce, though, as the Nimmers continue to keep the White House in the dark.  RS indicates that Obama is not at all happy with the idea that another war is near.  It would not be his personal choice.  Nonetheless, like Bush and Clinton, Obama is strictly a token President and completely powerless.

I need some feedback.  I have a final set of reversals that illustrate the end of the false-flag operation that fizzled just after the January 20th inauguration.  Two weeks later, Joe Biden was kind enough to let us know that the missile had failed some kind of test.  I'll be posting the RS at the bottom of the existing report, "Mystery Delay For Armageddon".

First, though, I've been experimenting wit some different sound players and would like you to take a look at one of them.  If you'll go to you'll see a "jukebox" style player that allows you to replay individual reversals without having to listen to the whole presentation a second or third time.  (If I can ever figure out the Flash action script that controls it I'll be able to stop the automatic advance to the next selection.) The material is shortened, so I plan to include a download in the traditional format for those who want to open the file in a sound editor for study.  If you think our reports would benefit from this approach - or if you don't like it - let me know.  I look forward to hearing your opinion.

One note on these reversals: after Biden tells us about the Nimmers running a test, he mentions hearing a noise.  This is one of those reversals that you don't really have enogh data to interpret.  It could mean that a noise caused the missile to be flunked, or there may have been some kind of noise in or around the building in which Biden was speaking, and his unconscious is simply acknowledging it.  Personally, I like the idea of the missile making a nasty noise when the Nimmers powered it up, but your guess is as good as mine.

Markets and Wealth

The stock market has been staging a very pretty rally in the midst of a ton of bad news.  Don't be fooled.  I'm not any sort of financial expert, but even I know that bear markets go on for a long, long time.

One thing to remember about the stock market is that is controlled entirely by so-called "institutional investors." These are the banks, funds, cartels and others who move money around in multi-million dollar chunks.  When you see a stock rising or falling it is institutional purchases or sales that are moving it – not the public.  The public is normally incited to join in and purchase stocks near their peak, when the big boys are ready to unload or, at the other end, to sell stocks near the bottom when the market movers are ready to restart the cycle and once again accumulate large quantities at low prices.

Private investors who are active traders generally make their profits by riding on the coattails of the "big money," using a large variety of tools to puzle out where the big money is actually going.  Investors who are not traders, and believe Wall Street's endless song about the virtues of "buy and hold" and "hold for the long term" sooner or later discover that there is a pretty solid connection between those phrases and the one about being "Left holding the bag."

That's the way the market normally functions.  But today's market is even more a fool's game because of the added factors of collusion and corruption.  By collusion I mean that larger groups of market movers are acting in tandem, apparently following signals or commands from the same central source that has engineered the current breakdown.  You saw the same sort of coordinated action from the banks as they all restricted lending in concert.

Corruption can be illustrated by the SEC's secret abandonment of the "uptick rule" and other measures which had provided some protection against downward stampedes generated by short selling.  And, of course, the adaman refusal of the Fed and other agencies to investigate dangerous lending practices and derivatives schemes over the last nine years.

The point is that today's financial markets are so heavily manipulated that they are simply not safe in any context.

Many people are looking at gold.  I think this is a treacherous market.  Central banks are the major players and can manipulate the price of gold rather easily.  Also, as we've seen over the last year, you can have very large institutions that hold a lot of gold get into trouble and be forced to sell it.  Just when you think fear would be pushing the price up, forced sales can push it down.

Worse, at the current price most of us could not buy enough gold to fill our pocket.  There are a number of ways to create a stake in gold using leverage, but there are issues of counter-party risk that could be very unfortunate in a true economic collapse.  While there is always commodity wealth, something you can buy cheapl now that will be rare and in demand later (Coffee?  Tobacco?  Propane?  Food!), my own preference is one-ounce silver coins.

You buy these at your local coin dealer.  They always trade at a premium above the market price of silver itself, but the price is a fair one and reflects demand.  The dealer will always buy back your silver, but for a little less than his current selling price since he has to make living, too.  In the meantime, you have something that can easily be traded for almost anything you like if conditions get really chaotic.

Of course, if you're thinking about buying more silver than you could carry, then you should also be getting your suggestions from someone with credentials in that field, rather than this writer.


My interpretation of how economic matters will unfold is locked to the Bush reversal that indicated a new currency was part of the overall plan.  My assumption has always been that the new currency would come about because of hyperinflation - the traditional cause.  However, some observers who shared this view are now beginning to wonder if it will hold true.

Here are some things to look at.  A lot of bail-out money is simply replacing paper wealth that went up in smoke; not necessarily an inflationary factor.  Other big chunks of newly-minted "money" are being squirreled away or even sent out of the country, rather than being spent or loaned into the national economy.  And of course we know that no one at the top actually wants the economy to improve any time soon.  The suggestion is that we may be moving toward the Japanese model, rather than the textbook disaster of Zimbabwe.

You've probably heard loud warnings that bailouts and stimulus packages are the metods used by Japan when their economy crashed, and that it simply didn't work.  That's all true.  Japan did not recover and has been in serious recession for years.  But the part you don't hear much about is that they also have not experienced much inflation either.  I'm no economist so I don't really understand how that happened.  But if it is possible, then perhaps we are looking at a different scenario than the one we most fear now.  And make no mistake, fear is the motivator that has been pouring from virtually every available propaganda outlet for a very long time.

With enough fear it may be possible to convert to a new currency without completely crashing the old one.  Sure, you know there will be some kind of massive theft involved, but it may not be easy to figure out.  Although Bush saw the new Reich as a phoenix rising from the ashes, enough fear might make it possible to transition to a North American Union without total destruction first.  Then e'd all be grateful Germans instead of incensed revolutionaries.

Thinking about these possibilities I note that key Cartel puppets, like the UK's shameless Gordon Brown, are already saying that the world must replace the Dollar with a new "reserve currency" in order to "save" the global economy.  Well, is this a hint?  Looks like one to me.

The point is that instead of looking at total disaster we may instead be facing a truly dismal situation that seems much worse than it is because of pervasive fear-mongering from the captive networks.  Economically we would be experiencing "stagflation" instead of hyperinflation.

Stagflation is a situation that leaves almost everyone baffled.  How would you prepare for it?  How could you take advantage of it?

I don't feel that I have the answers (yet), but then a few weeks ago I wasn't even sure what stagflation would look like.  Then an interestng description surfaced that I think everyone should consider.

During stagflation the prices of goods that you want crawl relentlessly upward, while goods that you don't want become cheaper and cheaper.  At the same time the personal assets you think of as your wealth (house, investments, savings, etc.) steadily decline in value.  The only bright spot here is if you have some extra money and your interests don't conform to the norm (such as an unusual hobby) then you may be able to find some great bargains.

If you have plenty of extra money you could shop for failing businesses that could be turned around because of something that you personally can bring into their management.

For most people though, the real danger is losing your job and not being able to obtain another one quickly enough to keep your home.  For people who have not prepared for an interruption in income, job loss during hard times can be truly catastrophic.  Most people are actually encouraged by or society to live paycheck-to-paycheck, in defiance of all common sense.  Considering the days ahead, I think many people would benefit right now by pretending that things are much worse than they seem.

Don't spend a penny that you don't have to.  Get liquid.  Make a big effort to pay off those credit card balances (enroll in their job loss protection schemes if they apply to your situation).  Even research bankruptcy rules ahead of time - just in case.  Reinforce family connections and make contingency plans for housing.

Planning of this type is like buying insurance, and I've found that when I've bought insurance on something then that's the time I never had to use it!

One word of caution, though:

If you are going to implement an extreme austerity program, which essentially means that your are pretending in every way that you are poor, it's extremely important to continuously remind your subconscious that you are actually building wealth, ather than experiencing poverty.  In every instance where you decline to spend money, sell something you don't really need, take a sack lunch to work, etc. , make a conscious effort to congratulate yourself for becoming richer by playing this clever game.

Vaccines, Autism, and Medical Records

Virtually everyone interested in real health (as an alternative to today's disease culture) is aware of the connection between childhood vaccination programs and the huge number of brain-damaged children in our society.  Around the world, corporate-controlled governments deny the obvious and refuse to fix the problem.  As with similar situations in the past, it's just too easy to say there is no ironclad proof that A causes B.  Court cases involving vaccines and autism are virtually a mirror image of cases against the tobacco industry in years past.

This could go on indefinitely but something new is being added to the equation.  Medical professionals who've been promoting healthy families have recently realized that their own records may supply the proof that is needed.  There are well defined populations that refuse to allow their children to be injected, and most have standard medical records that can be used in statistical studies.

According to CDC, one child in 75 is mysteriously brain-damaged as they make their way through the first two or three years of standard pediatric care, so you can assume that the real number is worse.  Would you care to guess how many cases of Autism showed up in a known group of 30,000 unvaccinated children?  Not even one.

Hopefully, information from that group will be combined with that of other unvaccinated groups to provide a truly undeniable proof.  Dan Olmsted of Age Of Autism is crusading for the study.  A fascinating quote in the vaccines section of led in turn to a follow-on report posted on and public interest seems to be building.

In Washington these days it's the Fall Of Rome.  Grab what you can, while you can.  In these final days the wor has apparently gone out that anyone with any political clout at all can get anything they want.

The White House is working hard on the Disease Care industry's wish list and promoting what is ironically called "health care reform." Did you realize that you have a terrible problem with your own medical records that only a vast expenditure of taxpayer funds can solve?  Of course you didn't.  As usual it's all smoke and mirrors and the real truth is pretty much the opposite of what's being stated.  The goal is to plug every doctor's office into a national computer network that would then receive your personal tests, test results, therapies, and prescriptions in real time.

At a time when many physicians are tiring of the never-cure cookbook medicine dictated by Big Pharma and the insurance carriers, the new system may take the physician out of the equation entirely.  Sure, he still get's his part of the monopoly pie by virtue of his license, but any test or treatment not on theofficial accepted list will be reported to the Feds immediately.  Won't that be fun!

For the U.S. population as a whole, the drive toward more disease for increased profit is alive and well.  In response to a demand from their masters in Big Pharma, the FDA has banned the natural form of B6 from vitamin supplements.  Needless to say, you might want to stock up.

This is a move that will have long term effects on the nation's health.  B-vitamins work together, and when you take a formula that doesn't contain the correct ratio for your body's needs, you can actually create deficiencies in a relatively short time.  Of course, those who depend on our industrialized food supply for their nutrition are already multiple-deficient anyway and are simply fodder for the Disease Care mill.

The A.M.A. did this long ago with devastating effect.  Folic Acid is an essential B-vitamin that people need, and whn taken in reasonably large doses it has major benefits for overall health.  In fact, people who were supplementing with it were becoming too healthy.  It was banned as a supplement except in amounts so small they were measured in micrograms.  The result?  A rising tide of birth defects until, not that long ago, the limits were lifted slightly after outside scientists finally proved the connection.  I sometimes wonder how much money was thrown away in donations to the March Of Dimes.

FYI, the most efficient way I've found of obtaining folic acid in decent quantity is to liquify fresh spinach leaves in a high-speed blender with just enough water to make it work.  The resulting very green liquid can be frozen as ice cubes, and then one or two can be added to any juicing formula you like.  You might be amazed at how much better you feel after including healthy amounts of Folic Acid in your diet.

Incidentally, Naural News, the site that has the B6 report and is the home of the Health Ranger, does an outstanding job and is definitely worth visiting.

In the next newsletter we'll take a look at the changing face of the propaganda stream, which is becoming extremely interesting.

Best wishes to all,

Ken Welch in Houston