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You Want Proof of the Zionist Control of Congress — Here it is!

David Duke

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(Jan. 15, 2009)












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Pictured, the Israeli President Moshe Katzav two years ago presenting medals to the Jewish government terrorists who were caught and imprisoned after blowing up American installations in Egypt. The controlled American media never showed this picture or even mentions Jewish terrorist attacks against America.

In the second picture is the hulking remains of the U.S.S. Liberty after a surprise Israeli terrorist attack that took 34 American lives and burned and maimed 173 Americans. The U.S. Secretary of State at the time, the respected Dean Rusk, has always maintained that it was a purposeful false flag terrorist attack on America in an attempt to blame Egypt so as to engage America into the 1967 war.

The Drawing Below: the latest victims of Israeli terrorism, thousands of Palestinian men, women and children.

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You Want Proof of the Zionist Control of Congress — Here it is!

On January 9th the U.S. Congress passed House Resolution 34 in support of the Zionist Terrorist Massacre in Gaza, a loss of life for Palestine proportionate to one thousand 9-11 attacks on America!

By David Duke

All you have to do is look at the resolution recently passed by the House of Representatives (HRES 34 EH) with only 5 dissenting votes, to know who rules America. It condemns Hamas and the people of Gaza as terrorists but has no mention of the decades long Israeli occupation and strangulation of the West Bank and Gaza, or the bloody terrorism of tens of thousands of Palestinian men, women and children who have been killed, maimed, tortured or made homeless by years of Israel’s terrorism.

The very recent human casualties of over 850 dead and over 4500 maimed from Israel’s recent terror bombings of the 1.5 million people of Gaza would by their population percentage be equivalent to 175,000 murdered and 900,000 maimed Americans, more than one million American casualties. The percentage of Palestinian victims of Zionist terrorism over the past two weeks is proportionately one thousand times greater than the loss that Americans suffered in the 9-11 attacks!

The Jewish control of the United States Government and the mass media can be clearly seen in the exact wording of the resolution: In three places this short resolution endorses the survival of the State of Israel as a Jewish State with secure borders. That’s a “JEWISH STATE,” not a multicultural or multireligious state, but a state exclusively dedicated to Jews. The controlled media had not a word in criticism of the resolution supporting Israel as an ethnic and religious state exclusively dedicated to Jews!

The resolution is the clear proof of Jewish supremacy over the U.S. government. One could not even imagine the U.S. Congress or the mass media tolerating a resolution which called for the control of immigration and secure American borders, so as to preserve an overwhelmingly White and Christian America. No high official or media pundit would tolerate a resolution aimed at the UK, stating that Britain must remain a British State exclusively dedicated to the survival of the original British People, or for that matter would resolve that France must be a state exclusively dedicated to the people of French descent and to the traditional Christianity of France, or imagine for a moment a resolution that would proclaim dedication to the “survival of Germany as a German State devoted to the preservation of the historical German people, religious traditions and culture. The media would be screaming “Nazi” at that suggestion.

Only naked Jewish supremacist power in politics and media could enable this hypocrisy to go on without any major dissenting voices.

The resolution also repeatedly talks about the preservation of Israel as a Democratic State. Israel is constantly referred to in the media as a “Democratic State.” That is another obvious bald-faced lie. For over 40 years Israel has occupied the West Bank and Gaza, imprisoned and walled off its people, jailed and tortured them at will. These oppressed people have had not a single vote in the Israeli government that has oppressed them. When 4.5 million have no vote in the government ruling over them, that is the opposite of democracy. It is tyranny.

The reason that this lying resolution can pass and that Americans don’t even realize these undeniable facts is simply the result of the incredible Jewish extremist power over the media and the American political process.

Israel is not Democratic. In fact, Israel is the opposite of what the Jewish controlled press expects America and Europe to be. It is a Jewish Supremacist State that has segregated schools, apartment buildings and even whole towns where Palestinians are not permitted to live. Israel has laws that make it illegal for a Jew and a non-Jew to marry, and that even forbid marriage between a Kohanim (The most honored heritage among Jews) and a person of the Jewish religion who is alleged to have even a drop of non-Jewish blood. (See the article on ‘Not Jewish enough to marry a Kohanim’) Although most people have no idea of it, Israel has a more stringent proscription against intermarriage than even Hitler’s SS.

If the Palestinians would have gone after Israel’s leadership and bombed and maimed 3,000 Israelis, the media and government of the U.S. would be screaming about Palestinian terrorism and undoubtedly America itself would have bombed and attacked Palestinian targets. But, when Israel does exactly the same thing, we say we must support Israel.

We dissident Americans don’t ask America to attack Israel, we don’t want any more wars, but we demand that America condemns Jewish terrorism. Interestingly, to illustrate how the Jewish-dominated media have affected American views: If I or anyone else dares to use the term “Jewish terrorism”, people cringe and invariably there are screams of anti-Semitism. Yet, “Muslim terrorism” is a term used constantly by the controlled media with not a whiff of criticism. It is used so much people think nothing about it.

Instead of condemning the Palestinians who are being murdered and maimed by the thousands by Israeli terrorism, a truly free American Congress would be issuing resolutions condemning Israel and its terrorism.

It would condemn Israel not only for terrorism it has committed for half of a century against the Palestinians and other Mideast people, but also condemn Israel for its history of terrorism and treachery against the United States of America.

Israel should be condemned for the Israeli government’s admitted purposeful terrorist attacks against America in the Lavon Affair and the shameful and murderous, bloody attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. Israel should be condemned for Israel’s Jonathan Pollard spying case and the devastation of American interests with the stolen classified information. (Even the Jewish-descended American Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger, said it was the most terrible loss of American life resulting from spying in the history of the United States)

If you want to know who runs America, just look at the Jewish power exercised in the hastily-passed 700 billion theft to the mostly-Jewish, criminal international banks. In contrast it took a huge effort to get a small fraction of that amount, only 14 billion, for a loan to the American auto industry, a critical part of the American economy.

Notice also how the biggest criminal theft of all time, the 50 billion dollar fraud by Jewish criminal Madoff (also a big donor to Israel and Jewish supremacist causes) faced the biggest media criticism for ripping off some of his fellow Jews. You would think from the news reports that all his victims were Jews while in actual fact Gentile firms and individual investors constituted most of the victims. The media were full of stories about his terrible ethnic betrayal of his own people. Could you imagine the media criticizing a Gentile criminal for betraying fellow Gentiles? Unthinkable.

If you want to know how Jewish extremists manipulate us, then you should notice how there are dozens of major movies, all slavishly promoted by the Jewish media, about Jewish victimization in the Holocaust, but not a single movie about what every major historian admits was a far larger loss of human lives and the greatest human rights crimes of all time, the crimes of Bolshevism and International Communism. Most Americans aren’t even aware of the fact that even Jewish historians admit that Jews dominated the ranks of the Bolshevik mass murderers.

There are books and movies pungent with the pathos of Jewish victims of the Second World War. It has gotten to the point that no one in the media will even expose obvious fraudulent Holocaust stories. An example is the supposedly true story, Surviving with Wolves, a book and movie about a seven year old Jewish girl who survived the Nazis by being raised and protected by a pack of wolves in a 3,000 mile journey across Nazi-occupied Europe! The book made 23 million dollars and was only exposed because of lawsuit between different Jewish parties over the proceeds. What kind of Jewish power exists that not a single reviewer dared to expose this obviously ridiculous story as a fraud? Journalists today don’t dare disturb Jewish myths.

There is the very recent The girl with the apple story told repeatedly on Oprah about a Jewish victim of Auschwitz who survived because of a Jewish girl who threw him apples over the fence every day, yet they were reunited years later on the blind date and married. Oprah and the Jewish media cooperated in calling it the most moving love story of our time, but the author later admitted that the story was a lie. The producers have stated that they are still proceeding with the movie. Why should the truth prevent another Jewish Holocaust movie meant to blind our eyes to the plight of the Palestinians.

What about the millions of true stories of the Palestinians and Lebanese and others who have suffered terribly from the terrorism, jailing, torture and murder by Israel. Are real Palestinians or Lebanese or even American victims of Israeli terrorism (such as the victims who suffered and died on the USS Liberty) not worthy of any films or plays or books or commemorations?

The problem is, that those movies won’t earn any sympathy and support for the Zionist terrorists in Israel, and they certainly don’t want any sympathy for Palestinians, why, some might begin to think that Palestinians are people too! And they sure don’t want Americans to even know that we have also been victims of bloody Israeli terrorism.

Ask yourself, have you seen any recent movies or read any popular media promoted books about the massive ethnic cleansing, murder and terrorism that created and maintains the Israeli State? In fact, have any of you, in your entire life seen even one movie that shows the Jewish terrorism in its stark reality and horror? Ever heard about the massacre, one of the most beastly and barbaric massacres of all time, where European International Red Cross representatives found that Jewish terrorists had even cut living babies from the wombs of Palestinian women?

You won’t see the other side in popular media because the ones writing the books and making the movies, promoting them; the ones constructing our psychology about Jews and the Palestinians, Arabs the Mideast and even ourselves, are mostly either Jewish supporters of Jewish terrorism or they are Gentile media hacks who have sold their souls to the Jewish supremacist for their careers and honors.

I have been falsely portrayed by the Jewish media as the worst of people, a racist, supremacist, hater, and every other expletive that the pundits can think of. The truth is that I respect all races and certainly my own people. I do want to preserve my people’s heritage and freedom just like anyone else who is decent and healthy. Palestinians want to preserve their heritage and freedom, so do the people of Tibet, so do the Indian cultures of the Amazon, many of those of African descent celebrate their heritage, whether they live in Africa or the Caribbean or America. And of course, the people on earth most concerned about preserving their heritage and advancing their interests and agenda are the Jewish people.

No people, pound for pound, person for person, has more influence in the media and in Government than the Jewish people. No people have more advocacy groups or work harder to produce media and educational programs to increase their solidarity and also stoke their loathing of Gentiles who they collectively blame for the Holocaust and every Jewish misfortune. Is not their whole culture imbued with the image of the evil Gentile, whether it be Pharaoh or Haman or Hitler?

They literally control who gets elected President of the United States. Jewish extremists boast of the fact that they literally created the career and political success of Barack Obama, and his two most important advisers are the Jewish supremacists David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel.

They make an extraordinary effort to bend to their will every person who goes to Congress. If any politician strays just a hair off their Jewish extremist agenda, they pounce on him like piranhas in a feeding frenzy. A tremendous array of media personal attacks and political sabotage, both in influence and monetary, will descend on the hapless soul. The same thing is true in media. God help even the most popular TV anchorman if he simply dared to say the truth that thousands of maimed or murdered Palestinian women and children are the victims of Jewish terrorism.

Ironically, these Jewish supremacists, who are the world’s most virulent racists and most religiously intolerant people, (they see to it in court that Christmas crosses are legally banned from the White House lawn, but erect their own giant menorahs) maintain their power by destroying everyone else’s sense of solidarity while constantly jacking up their own.

The average Jew (and Gentile today) grows up with a daily recital of the Holocaust and how Jews have to stick together to avoid another Holocaust which is always lurking in the dark hearts of Gentiles. At the same time, Gentiles are taught that any sense of love and loyalty to one’s own people is treason against all of humanity, unless of course if you are Jewish, then it is a saintly trait.

And that, my friends, is how they dominate all of us. In their media they push every kind of multiculturalism, multiracialism, deracination, every kind of subtle and not so subtle attack on our traditions, our history, our sense of pride and self worth. Multiculturalism is their way to weaken us and to enable them to dominate the host people.

Jews are super-conscious of their 4,000 year history, of their persecutions and their achievements, their heroes and their enemies as Jews, while we are taught that our heroes have clay feet and that in reality we don’t even exist (”there is no such thing as race”).

If it is true that we don’t even exist as a group, then why should we even be concerned about our people’s welfare in the face of Jewish power, after all, our people don’t even exist anyway, so why should we get excited?

The Palestinians haven’t fallen for that idea yet, but many of our people have. By the blockades of food and medicine, by the checkpoints and by the mass bombing and resulting slaughter, Israel is endeavoring to make life so horrible for the Palestinians, that they simply leave Palestine and emigrate to other countries such as the United States or Europe. With the Palestinians immersed in the psychology engendered by the Jewish controlled western media, Zionists are counting on the Palestinians to assimilate, intermarry and slowly forget their ties of heritage to their suffering brothers and sisters who still remain.

The Jewish leadership, on the opposite hand, works very hard at maintaining their identity, and they believe that with time, other peoples will come and go but their own people will remain and get stronger. After all, over the course of 4,000 years as a small minority in a 99 percent Gentile world, they have preserved their heritage and their identity. They have done that through teaching intensive love of their own people coupled with intensive fear and loathing of non-Jews. This construct has not changed. The Holocaust is now a full-color, multimedia induced lesson for them of Gentile perfidy. A modern movie is far superior to any motivation from musty old Talmudic texts of Haman and Pharaoh. The greatest difference between today and just a few centuries ago, is that today they dominate the mass media. Jewish extremists can now not only motivate their own people, but at the same time weaken the motivations of their enemies.

Europeans, Third Worlders, even Palestinians, are awash in the flood of Jewish propaganda in an electronic media sea that spans the globe. However, the underlying hypocrisies and lies can still be easily exposed. As in the children’s tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes, when reality is staring you in the face, it only the takes a flicker of recognition to see the whole picture. It only takes exposing the hypocrisy such as the recent resolution of Congress in supporting the Gaza Massacre, and the blatantly hypocritical media response to it, to open millions of eyes around the globe. But, that can only happen if you, like the young boy in the story of the Emperor’s new clothes, spread this message much like the boy who pointed out that the Emperor was actually naked.

I hope and pray that this article of mine helps open your eyes to the worldwide threat of Jewish Supremacism. And my fervent desire is that those who are already awakened will find, in these words, the fuel of motivation. We must strip off the media lies and expose the naked truth of the Zionist terrorism against Gaza.

I ask everyone reading these words to share them with your family and friends, and indeed the whole world.

Together we can expose the hypocrisy.

Together we can expose the evils of Jewish extremism and supremacism.

Together we can save the Palestinian people, the European peoples and all the heritages of the world.

Together we can move toward peace and decency and justice and not a world of war, conflict and hatred.

Together we can change to the world.

David Duke

PS If you want documentation on any subject mentioned in this article don’t hesitate to use our excellent search engine at the upper right of which will give you supporting articles and sources for the facts we cite here! If you doubt anything I write or say here, I urge you to check further into the subject and use our copious footnotes and citations from mainstream sources that document what must seem very shocking to the average American. Just fully learning that Israel has committed terrorism and treachery against America should be enough to get any thinking person to question not only our policy but the Jewish-inluenced media that so manipulates us. And be sure to read My Awakening and Jewish Supremacism, two exceedingly well-documented books that go in depth on these issues. You can read the introduction to Jewish Supremacism and some sample chapters by going to the access buttons on the right hand side of — DD