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HENEGHAN: British Queen Faces Arrest on American Soil - 9/11 Whistleblower Assassinated

Tom Heneghan

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by Tom Heneghan

International Intelligence Expert

Sunday  February 15, 2009

British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II

United States of America – It can now be reported that the British Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, along with former Prime Minister, Dunblaine pedophile and war criminal, Tony Blair, are now facing arrest should they ever again appear on American soil for money laundry, criminal conspiracy and Misprision of Felonies.

British Monarch Elizabeth with her hand-picked Prime Minister, 

Dunblaine pedophile and war criminal, Tony Blair

Both the British Sovereign and her hand-picked Prime Minister Anthony Blair are in violation of the U.S. Code, Title 18 Section 4:

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.


Item: The British Sovereign faces arrest for enabling former White House occupunk George W. Bushfraud by arranging a loan of $6.2 TRILLION as to replace the $6.2 TRILLION of Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds, which were lost in illegal trading of oil futures on the noted illegal London trading platform by George Herbert Walker Bush, his son White House occupant George W. Bushfraud, their little bitch, former President Bill Clinton, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and the Bushfraud U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. Note: The $6.2 TRILLION were under the administrative control of Ambassador Leo Wanta and the funds were due the U.S., French and Chinese Treasuries.


Once again, let us make it clear.  It is NOT the Queen's money!


If the British Sovereign needs money maybe she should call Lord Alexander.

Reference: Lord Alexander set up a secret British proprietary called "Dove Trading", which stole millions of dollars of French commissions due the Republic of France from the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols.

Item: Lord Alexander was once arrested at a Russian airport with counterfeit U.S. dollars in his briefcase.

Bushfraud, daddy Bush, Queen Elizabeth,  Getty Images

When the Queen replaced the stolen $6.2 TRILLION, actually loaned to her by the Emir of Kuwait and the Sultan of Dubai, the British Sovereign was engaging in a Misprision of Felony and enabling White House occupunk George W. Bushfraud in continuation of the cover up of the THEFT of the noted Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds.

Bank of England  Reuters, Queen Elizabeth AP by Sang Tan,

the Royal Bank of Scotland


The British Sovereign's involvement in this money laundry operation actually broke both the Bank of England and the Royal Bank of Scotland, which has sent the United Kingdom into a depression.

And, of course, it gets worse!


We can also divulge that the new Eric Holder U.S. Justice Department is now in possession of the classified British Intelligence document "WD199", which details massive PRE-9/11 illegal financial trading done through the London trading platform that was administered by the former British Prime Minister Anthony Blair.

John Major, Tony Blair, George Herbert Walker Bush

Blair was working directly with former British Prime Minister John Major and George Herbert Walker Bush and the infamous Carlyle Group.

9/11 "Black Op" attacks on New York City photo by Jay Boucher


The PRE-9/11 trading, which included massive amounts of put options on U.S. airlines and insurance companies, has a paper trail tying in the noted American-Turkish Council, Kissinger and Associates, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Securities Exchange in Dubai.

Note: The British Sovereign recently canceled a trip to Dubai when she discovered the $218 TRILLION of "Giga account" funds and Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds were not there.


Clearly the Queens attempt to re-steal the funds or get her alleged loan back failed.

Jean-David Levitte and Nicolas Sarkozy Getty Images

As we reported in our previous briefing, the "Giga" funds remain frozen at Santander Bank of Spain pending a full European INTERPOL investigation, which is now underway and being directed by former French Ambassador to the United States and current major adviser to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Monsieur Jean-David Levitte.

And now it really gets worse!

We can also divulge that the U.S. Justice Department is sitting on year 2000 presidential election fraud evidence tying the noted Boca Raton, Florida Bay Point School operation to the U.S. space department, NASA, to its British counterpart of Bay Point located 30 miles south of London, England.


We can now reveal that both NASA and the British satellite Galileo were used to electronically steal and manipulate MILLIONS of votes in the year 2000 presidential election effectively enabling the THEFT of the states of Florida, Tennessee, Missouri, West Virginia and New Hampshire from then Vice President, now duly elected, non-inaugurated year 2000 President Albert Gore Jr.


You see, folks, the British Queen still thinks she is in charge of this country 200 years later.


Here is a direct message to the British Queen:


You are not in charge of anything in the United States and from this point on you are a suspect, subject to arrest.  I guess it is like old times.  Call it 1776 all over again!


I have news for her majesty.  Should you and your hand-picked former Prime Minister, Dunblaine pedophile Anthony Blair ever again appear on American soil, the guillotine that was used to administer justice to Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI will immediately be sent to the United States, aka Federal Express, so that We, the American People, can administer justice with due prejudice.


How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants

and kings and notable queens!


If that is not enough, folks, listen to this.


Eric Holder’s U.S. Department of Justice has re-opened the President Bill Clinton 1993 loan that was made to Mexican President Carlos Salinas.

Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Carlos Salinas


Not one dime ever reached the Mexican People and the funds were illegally laundered through Dubai, United Arab Emirates, utilizing the illegal London trading platform administered by Dunblaine pedophile, war criminal and former British Prime Minister Anthony Blair.

Reference: Blair, Clinton and Salinas received endowments from the bogus illegal U.S. Taxpayers’ Mexican loan aka the cost of the commissions.


P.S. I want to re-emphasize that Warrants for the arrest of both Michael Cottrell and Colonel Dana Wilcox have been issued in cabinet by the National Security Court of the Eastern District of Virginia.

Both Nazi DVD agent Wilcox and Cottrell face indictments in regards to a massive money laundry involving a CIA proprietary account called “Delmar V. A. Timber Trust”.


Reference: The Wilcox-Cottrell administrated Pennsylvania Investments was an offshoot of Delmar V. A. Timber Trust.

Wilcox and Cottrell have been linked to the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme and massive off books Deutsche Bank derivatives, which have been used to finance political assassinations and rogue Israeli Mossad-East German Stasi DVD black ops.


Note: Wilcox, an ex-Nazi, once bragged to me on the phone about his personal relationship with both George Herbert Walker Bush and former First Lady, now U.S. Secretary of State, loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.


We can now report that Wilcox was present in a Florida hotel room in November of 2000 with then CIA Counsel and former Leo Wanta attorney, Jan Morton Heger. 

Both Wilcox and Heger were directly involved in sending Gestapo type thugs to shut down the Dade County, Florida (Miami) year 2000 vote re-count that enabled the theft of the year 2000 presidential election by nation-wrecker, homosexual in-the-closet, AWOL, cocaine addict, war criminal George W. Bushfraud from then Vice President, now duly elected, on-inaugurated year 2000 President Albert Gore Jr.  Wilcox, along with loser Hillary, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and current White House Legal Counsel and attorney for young Cuban Elian Gonzalez, and campaign chief for fellow "Skull and Bonesmen" year 2004 John Kerry Cohen presidential candidacy, Greg Craig, all helped orchestrate the year 2000 Elian Gonzalez anti-Al Gore political psyop, which was an attempt to hurt then Vice President Albert Gore Jr.'s electoral chances in the state of Florida in the year 2000 presidential election.

Wilcox, an ex-Nazi and known racist, is operating with Cottrell, the British Sovereign and the East German DVD Deutsche Bank to blackmail the U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and U.S. President Barack Obama concerning appraising bogus Deutsche Bank derivatives at the purchase price of 75¢ on a dollar rather than the current value of 20¢.

Item: The bogus Deutsche Bank derivatives were used as collateral by the Sultan of Dubai to write the $6.2 TRILLION check to the British Sovereign that she then used to enable the Misprision of Felonies by former illegal White House occupant George W. Bushfraud.

How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants

and kings and notable queens!


P.P.S. At this hour, British Intelligence asset Christopher Story has gone off the deep end in waging personal attacks against myself, Ambassador Leo Wanta and America’s oldest and greatest ally of 200 years, the Republic of France.

Story is now in direct conspiracy to commit crimes with Wilcox and Cottrell.

So, Chris, get this straight once and for all.  You have no authority on American soil and it is in your best interest to cease and desist your treasonous attacks against American citizens like myself and Ambassador Wanta. 

The last I looked your British Red Coat Army capitulated to American and French forces at Yorktown in 1781 when America freed itself from British monarchial rule.

In regards to our great American Patriot, Ambassador Leo Wanta, your reference to the tax case against Wanta in the state of Wisconsin, violates the Wisconsin Court seal that you agreed to when you decided to become a then alleged friend of Ambassador Leo Wanta.

Wanta never was a resident of Wisconsin.  He never owed any taxes to Wisconsin.


Vince Foster, FBI Director William Sessions, Ambassador Leo Wanta

General Vernon Walters and Vice President Albert Gore Jr.

Since Falls Vending was an FBI sting operation run by Wanta there never was a tax case until Wanta was illegally arrested in Switzerland with the help of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, Israeli Mossad agent Lorraine Fine, then Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson at the time,

Ambassador Leo Wanta, French President Francois Mitterrand, FBI Director William Sessions, General Vernon Walters, Clinton White Chief Counsel Vince Foster and then Vice President Albert Gore Jr. were attempting to arrest Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate bagman, Israeli Mossad and East German Stasi DVD agent, fugitive Marc Rich.

Rich escaped arrest and Vince Foster was later assassinated by an Israeli Mossad-East German Stasi DVD team disguised as medical doctors with the operational lynchpin of the team being none other than ex-Nazi and racist and loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton confidant, Colonel Dana Wilcox.


Reference: It should be noted that the ludicrous tax assessment of 15¢ by the state of Wisconsin made against Ambassador Leo Wanta has been paid on numerous occasions.

Question: Since unelectable loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton is visiting China and North Korea, will Hillary bring her Delmar V. A. Timber Trust ATM card to one of her proprietary banks in China?

Madeleine Albright toasts North Korean President Kim Jung Il

Question: Will Colonel Wilcox and former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright aka Halfbright secure Swedish hookers for North Korean President Kim Jong-il as a way of keeping North Korea from pursuing their nuclear program?

This is what was done in the past during the Clinton Administration as a way of placating North Korea.


Here is a direct message to Chris Story:


You should be aware that the intelligence you are receiving is coming from noted FBI Division 5 COINTELPRO dis-information informant, cross-dressing transvestite Timothy White.


White, who is a noted anti-Catholic bigot, has threatened my life and the life of former Vice President, now duly elected year 2000 President Albert Gore Jr.


The Tim White (phantom email address) email threatening former Vice President Al Gore and his daughters is now in possession of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

We can now divulge that Tim White, along with TIME magazine's Joe Klein, and British Intelligence asset and former Vanity Fair editor, Tina Brown, have been linked to death threats made against the daughter of assassinated President John F. Kennedy, Caroline.


STORY DEVELOPING: We are now working on a story, which deals with the sabotage of Continental Express Flight 3407 from Newark, New Jersey to Buffalo, New York.

50 murdered on Continental Express Flight 3407  AP


Continental Express Flight 3407 was brought down by electromagnetic pulse.

In this Friday, May 24, 2002 file photo, Beverly Eckert, 50, of Stamford, Conn., holds a picture of her late husband Sean Rooney, 50, in Stamford, Ct. Eckert, one of the victims of Continental Flight 3407, was a Sept. 11 widow who lost her her husband Sean Rooney, her high school sweetheart, in the World Trade Center.   AP Photo/Douglas Healey


The target of this sabotage, which is now an assassination, was the late 9/11 Whistleblower Beverly Eckert.

9/11 Whistleblower ASSASSINATED

on Continental Express Flight 3407

Beverly Eckert, who lost her husband in the 9/11 attack,

as a member of the Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Commission


Eckert was to arrive in Buffalo, New York and then fly to Chicago, Illinois with major NEW 9/11 evidence, which was financial in nature, showing PRE 9/11 knowledge of the attacks and the involvement of the "black ops" unit of the U.S. Pentagon, along with the Israeli Mossad and the East German Stasi DVD.


Eckert was on the way to Chicago to meet with Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald with evidence showing that her phone was illegally wiretapped for five (5) years by the illegal Bushfraud NSA spy operation, “Stellar Wind”.


Eckert was also in possession of DNA samples and recent photographs showing the alleged 9/11 hijackers were still alive!


We can also reveal that Eckert had been in direct communication with then presidential candidate Barack Obama and Caroline Kennedy, daughter of assassinated President Kennedy, for the past two (2) years concerning this evidence.


The EMF electronic attack on Continental Express Flight 3407 was triggered from a site in Canada near the U.S. border at the time the aircraft turned on their de-icing machine and lowered their landing gear.


The plane was also on auto pilot at the time just as John F. Kennedy Jr.'s aircraft was when his private aircraft was brought down enroute to Hyannis Port, Massachusetts in 1999.

Final note: The corporate U.S. media filth continues to encourage this out-of-control crime spree against the American People.


Example: Both Joe Klein of TIME magazine and the aforementioned British Intelligence asset Tina Brown tipped off the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate on the activities of 9/11 Whistleblower Beverly Eckert and Ms. Eckert’s conversations with Caroline Kennedy.


We see now, folks, why both Joe Klein and Tina Brown orchestrated a massive anti-Catholic smear against then New York Senatorial candidate Caroline Bouvier Kennedy.

  How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants

and kings and notable queens!

Isn’t it interesting, folks, that daddy Bush’s little bitch Bill Clinton, who has now been fingered in stealing $500 BILLION from the U.S. Treasury in regard to this illegal U.S. Taxpayers’ bogus Mexican loan, is now suddenly appearing on major media talk shows, including a scheduled appearance this Tuesday, February 17th, on CNN’s Larry King Live, (202) 898-7900.


Larry King is an Israeli Mossad asset and Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate enabler of the highest order.


King is a vicious political enemy of former Vice President, now duly elected year 2000 President Albert Gore Jr.

King had none other than former President Clinton on his Larry King Live show the night Clinton Administration White House Chief Counsel Vince Foster was assassinated and dumped in Fort Marcy Park.


So you see, folks, how the criminal media filth continues to enable criminal activity.


We live free or die as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the 2nd American Revolution in the 21st Century and eradicate them.

Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious.

Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. remains the  REAL  year 2000 President of the United States.

Year 2000 non-inaugurated, duly elected

President Albert Gore Jr.


International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL-- reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the controlled mainstream media cover uppropaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.






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