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Posted By: billym

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In the ongoing Story/Casper thread which hobie has been keeping neatly tied together some found the latest Story article "disturbing" and somehow "off." I did too, but haven't yet figured out what to make of it. The view about 911 that "the Iraqis did it" is absurd on the face of it to anyone who has studied the mountains of collected evidence about What Really Happened that day and suggests that Story himself has not spent very much time reading the annals of 911 truth. Who is feeding him these non-credible versions of those events, and why?

I guess the main problem I have with the latest report is that it falls into the class of "one size fits all" conspiracies, by which I refer to theories which attempt to trace ALL evil events in the entire world to one single organization or source cause, in this case a somewhat undefined secret Nazi organization called "DVD." Another example would be Greg Szymankski's insistence that all evil in the world is due to the Jesuits and the Vatican. ( Arctic Beacon ). I just don't think the vast world is as simple as all that.

In any case, I keep an open mind and if there actually IS any such thing as DVD then it is worth looking into. Enough said for now, I didn't mean to get into a commentary. I mainly wanted to point out an alternative view of the Challenger disaster which I find a bit more believable than Story's version, namely, Tom Bearden's explanation that the Challenger explosion was caused by the Soviet use of scalar weapons (longitudinal wave interferometers).

First here's what Story says followed by Tom Bearden's version. I think Tom has a bit more evidence to show and better sources than whomever is feeding Story.


"The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster on 28th January 1986: The Shuttle broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, causing the deaths of its seven crew members. The cause was said to be the failure of an O-ring seal in the right solid rocket booster (SRB). The seal failure induced a breach in the SRB joint that it filled, allowing a breach flare to reach the outside and impinge upon the adjacent attachment hardware and external fuel tank. This led to the separation of the right-hand SRB and the structural failure of the external fuel tank, whereupon aerodynamic forces immediately broke up the orbiter. The Rogers Commission found that NASA managers had known that the design by the contractor Morton Thiokol, of the SRBs, contained a potentially catastrophic flaw in the O-rings from 1977 onwards, but that NASA engineers had failed to correct the weakness.

"The launch had been widely watched live on TV due to the presence among the crew of Ms Christa McAuliffe, the first member of the 'Teacher in Space Project'. But according to British intelligence investigations, this catastrophe was caused by a DVD-sponsored sabotage operation exploiting the O-rings weakness and using a DVD penetration inside NASA. The 'Teacher in Space Project' was a ruse to maximise the domestic and global impact by playing on US sentiment. The DVD motive for this operation was not explained to us, but the fact that the Challenger was destroyed by a DVD-sponsored sabotage operation, was."



"Accordingly, after a sufficient wait to test our reactions (if any), the Soviets prepared to actually destroy a shuttle after its launch."

Destruction of the Challenger in January 1986

"As the whole world knows, on January 28, 1986 the shuttle Challenger was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida after exposure to undesirable weather conditions, and disastrously exploded shortly after launch. The evidence seems to indicate that, as the rising vehicle was stressed, one end of its right booster broke loose, twisting away and into the main fuel tank, causing rupture, spillage of the fuel and catastrophic explosion. Several other anomalies still exist, however, and it is clear that a problem existed with at least one of the booster seals. All seven astronauts aboard the flight were killed in the fiery destruction of the vehicle.

"Of course no one had recognized that the Soviets had already tested a launch-phase anti-ballistic missile (LPABM) system against three of our previous shuttle launches. These 'wet-runs' used a deliberate 'time offset' to delay the explosive emergence of electromagnetic energy in a launched shuttle's location along its trajectory. The delayed test shots resulted in very large 'booms' above the launch site after the shuttle was safely out of the area, but did not destroy the shuttle vehicles themselves. For example, the delayed-shot boom occurred 12 minutes after the evening launch of Nov. 26, 1985.

Even a marker beacon (large light in the sky) was utilized on that launch shortly after lift-off. The marker beacon was photographed. In addition, another photograph taken in a time sequence shows another sudden streak of light coming down and ending in a burst of light. This was probably a spatially-offset test of the 'pulse' mode for destroying the shuttle. The 'light burst' would have been detected in the Soviet Union and scored against its intended offset position. However, another mechanism may have been used to cause destruction of the shuttle itself.

"On Jan. 1, 1986 the presence of a metal-softening signal added on to the Soviet LPABM system's scalar EM transmissions was detected by a surprised Frank Golden. The metal-softening ability of the detected signal was experimentally verified by him. Golden also locally nullified the action of the scalar EM signal in a test, rather conclusively establishing (1) that it existed and (2) what it was. The signal was apparently being prepared for use against an upcoming U.S. shuttle launch.

"Just prior to the launch of the shuttle in late January, 1986, the Soviets accomplished significant weather engineering over the U.S. The jet stream was severely bent southward in the middle of the U.S., bending rightward again to move across the Florida panhandle. Icy cold air from Canada was drawn far down, into Florida and onto the Challenger sitting on its launch pad. This exposure to cold outside its tested range was probably an additional factor contributing to the Challenger's failure. Positive signatures of the Soviet weather engineering and jet stream manipulation were observed and photographed by several persons, particularly in Alabama and California.

"On January 28, 1986, the Soviet scalar EM weapon system effects were sharply localized in the launch zone. Localization involved higher frequencies being present; these are quite painful to small brains -- whose hemispheres act as a scalar interferometer and detector -- such as in birds. As commented upon by national news commentators, strangely the birds were not flying that morning. Indeed, they were staying down on the ground or avoiding the area, since the sky over the area was painful to them.

"As the Challenger rose, the metal-softening signal would have been experienced in and around the boosters shortly after ignition, since the booster flame acts as a special 'ion-plasma' turner/detector for the scalar signal. (Certain plasmas have a unique characteristic: they transform an input transverse wave to a longitudinal wave, or an input longitudinal wave to a transverse wave.) The effect of such a local signal is to 'change mass in the immediate vicinity' with the particular scalar resonance signal. (Mass acts as a capacitance or accumulator for scalar resonance).

"The ill-fated Challenger was doomed. After ignition, the booster flame acted as a ionic plasma detector/amplifier for the scalar metal-softening signal on the Soviet Woodpecker grid. The metal in and around the booster flame was slowly and steadily weakening due to charge-up with the metal-softening pattern. This contributed to booster leakage from the already cold-damaged seal. The leaking booster poured out smoke and later flame, contributing to the impending disaster.

"Substantial winds and air turbulence over the site increased the stress on the Challenger as it rose through this region. This also contributed to the impending disaster and may have been deliberately created there by Soviet weather engineering.

"As the Challenger stressed, eventually one or more weakened metal mounts gave way, partially freeing the end of the right booster. The booster oscillated, rotating into the tank and rupturing it. Contact of the escaping liquid fuel and the flame resulted in a fiery explosion, destroying the vehicle.

"Even so another anomalous flame or light was observed on the vehicle, and may have represented a very small additional 'pulse mode energy form' produced by the Soviet weapon that was attacking the Challenger. The shock of the explosion probably killed the astronauts instantly, although the cabin appears to have remained essentially intact while it plunged several miles to the ocean below.

"By creating excess cold exposure to the shuttle, inducing metal-softening in and around the ignited booster, and possible adding a deliberate 'intensely hot spot', the Soviets caused the Challenger to weaken and destroy itself shortly after launch, in so subtle a fashion that NASA scientists would not suspect what had actually caused the mishap. The Soviets also had previously withdrawn all their trawlers and ships which normally shadow a shuttle launch. to prevent any suggestion of Soviet presence near or involvement in the catastrophic accident.

"A few days later, sporadically intense 'high frequency localization signals' were still present on the grid, at least at one hinge-point at Birmingham, Alabama. From 1-4 February 1986, many birds inadvertently flew into the zone when an intense breakout of these components occurred, and dead birds fell from the sky in substantial numbers.

"* According to an Urgentgram sent out by General D. Graham, on the evening of the Challenger's loss, KGB headquarters held a party to celebrate 'success of their active measure against the shuttle.' Note that all Soviet scalar EM weapons -- development, testing, deployment, and usage -- is under command and control of the KGB.

"Among other things, this briefing details the bizarre series of indicators that showed the Soviet intention to destroy the vehicle, and documents the accidental discovery of the signal with which they intended to cause the shuttle to fail and destroy itself."

I don't want to cast TOO much doubt on Story's recent update because every bunch of clues is worth consideration, even if some might not be quite correct. As Raye often points out, even in disinformation streams often 80% might might be true. Unfortunately, as usual, we have know idea where Story gets his info from and his reports are usually devoid of supportive hyperlinks to other published material. If one looks up "DVD Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (German Defense Service)" one finds that most of the search results point back to Story, but I have only examined the first couple pages of results so far. It is certainly worth further research.

To fair to Story, Bearden has also faced criticism for tending to see the Russians (KGB) as the root of all evil (one size fits all) but he may have changed that view as the American/Corporate Secret Government slowly catches up to the Russians in the development of EM superweapons. And to be fair to Bearden too, he has always deplored the existence of American black budget special access ops which frequently get hijacked by corporate entities and run rogue on their own out of scrutiny of any kind whatsoever.

In conclusion it is not so important what "name" we give to the "root of all evil" just as it has never been important what name we give to that spirit being we call "God." One wishes to look at the broadest picture possible and not be too attached to any narrow view of things.

[NOTE:  The Christopher Story scenario is incorrect concerning the Challenger disaster.  The Tom Bearden scenario is basically true.  The Challenger's secret missionwas to ignite the Van Allen Balt, the flash of LIght from which would cause permanent blindness for all humans, who had their eyes open at the time.  It was thought the heat created would caue enough damage to the Earth's surface to allow the One World Order to take control of the planet.

Consequently, Hatonn ordered the Russians to use particle bem technology from their Cosmospheres to stop the Challenger from completing its mission.  The seven U.S. astronauts were picked up by the Phoenix, Command ship of the Pleiadian Starfleet, and are presently aboard, attending Starfleet classes.  ---PHB ]