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Disturbing nationwide terror drills began today, and will continue until May 8.  They involve simulated terrorism and catastrophe, then end in a rehearsal of martial law. Last weekend, we co-authored "MAYDAY ALERT! -- Terror Drills Could Go Live!" so that the American people would be aware of the danger inherent in such terror drills.  Bush administration officials could use them to set up actual terror events and bring about actual martial law.
Bush administration war preparations have increased since the weekend.  It has sharply escalated its war rhetoric against Iran, and has maneuvered another aircraft carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln, into the Persian Gulf.  Pentagon sources report that they are preparing to attack Iran, if ordered.  Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said that a Navy/Air Force attack on Iran is quite possible.
We believe that any attack against Iran will be preceded by a "false flag" attack against a US military or civilian target.  Afterwards, Iran or an Iran-linked group will be blamed in order to enrage the American people.  We do not assert that it is certain to occur in the next week, but neither can we deny that it is possible, especially in light of the situation we have described.
Thanks to your efforts, the Mayday Alert has now been posted at around 4,500 sites according to Google, and 22,000 sites according to Yahoo.  We hope that a couple of new resources will be helpful for further distribution and discussion:
The Lone Star Iconoclast published the Mayday Alert Monday to a national and international readership that includes a considerable number of Washington, DC insiders:
YouTube has a posted couple of versions of the Mayday Alert.  One of them has music and a scrolling text:  In the other, the alert is read aloud with background music:
Again, thank you for your patriotic an creative efforts to distribute the Mayday Alert to the American people.  We believe, as did our nation's founders, that an informed nation is free, and an ignorant nation is enslaved.
Yours in duty,
Dr. James H. Fetzer -- Founder, Scholars for 9/11 Truth
Major William B. Fox -- Publisher, America First Books
Captain Eric H. May -- Correspondent, The Lone Star Iconoclast
Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell (USA, Ret.) -- "The 9/11 NCO"