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Bill and Hillary Clinton: Drug-addicted, Cokehead, Pervert, Governor and Wife of Arkansas in 1980's

Robert Norrow

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Dear American Friend,     


            I have attached my "Hillary file" which is culled from the 205+ books and other media that I have on Hillary and Bill. The Clintons are thugs. On the campaign trail in 2007 Hillary and Bill are play acting as the loving, respectful couple – singing each other's praises on stage and engaging in public affection as they troll for votes.

            In order to understand Hillary and Bill, one must first understand the wildly dysfunctional Jerry Springer lifestyle they have lived for 36 years. Hillary has covered for Bill who not only has had HUNDREDS of women, but also perpetrated several rapes and vicious sexual assaults, often involving biting the lips of the women victims. In order to cover up this Jerry Springer chaos, Hillary has often used Sopranos tactics: a secret police and criminal intimidation tactics to harass, intimidate and terrify Bill's sex victims and girlfriends.





            These tactics include the savage beating/almost murder of Gennifer Flower's neighbor (Gary Johnson – 6/26/92), criminal harassment campaigns on Kathleen Willey (1997-98 car vandalism, stole or killed her cat Bullseye, witness tampering), Liz Ward Gracen (who Bill probably raped [1983] while she was Miss America – harassed/threats, 1997), Gennifer Flowers (break-ins, threats, 1992), Sally Perdue (car vandalism, threats, 1992), Bobbie Ann Williams (break-in), Christy Zercher (a flight attendant, groped 1992, break-in, 1994), Patrick Knowlton (extreme harassment campaign Oct. 1995; witness tampering),   Suzi Parker (a journalist harassed off Arkansas tainted prison blood scandal 1999, fearing for her life), Connie Hamzy (lying campaign, 1991) and Juanita Broaddrick (raped by Bill 1978, break-in and IRS audit when she went public in 1998). It is not a stretch to say that Hillary, Bill and Buddy Young may have organized the murder of their former contract employee Jerry Parks on 9/26/93 because he knew too much about the Clintons.

            Hillary and Bill were well on the way to crucifying Monica Lewinsky as an unstable stalker, liar and fantasist - – and would have done so if Bill's semen had not be found on Monica's blue dress. Hillary's private eyes were already digging into Monica's past, when the real story was the Clintons' criminal track record.

            Additionally, biographer Roger Morris describes a vicious sexual assault by Bill on a woman (around 1980) on p.238 in his book Parters in Power. Journalist Michael Isikoff details a extremely crude sexual advance by President Bill in 1996 on a lady married to a Democratic VIP on p.162 of his book Uncovering Clinton. Additionally, pervert Bill exposed himself to Paula Jones in May, 1991 and also to Carolyn Moffet in 1979.

            Other Clinton dysfunctions include Bill's cocaine addiction as governor, Hillary's lesbianism and the fact that Chelsea is probably the seed of Webb Hubbell, NOT Bill Clinton. Bill's only offspring is probably Danny Williams, the product of deadbeat dad Bill's orgies with (no condoms) drug-addicted street hooker Bobbie Ann Williams and her girlfriends back in 1983-84. Bill paid $200 to Gennifer Flowers so she could have an abortion in Jan., 1978, just 3 months before Bill's double rape of Juanita Broaddrick on 4-25-78. Bill severely bit Juanita's lip to disable her during the rapes. Also, wild Bill, brother "Roger the Dodger" and best friend Dan Lasater were partying with high school girls and providing them cocaine when Bill was governor in the early 1980's.

             And, of course, there is Hillary's long and intense affair with Vince Foster who was her emotional husband while Bill was screwing everything in sight . Hillary has a long record of fomenting domestic violence with Bill. The Secret Service, fed up with this insanity, leaked to the press Hillary smashing a lamp during an argument with Bill. Hillary has often thrown objects at victim Bill.

            Hillary has used criminal tactics such as a secret police and illegal IRS audits to go after both political enemies and Bill's sex victims and girlfriends. It was probably Clintons ' FBI who put a rotating harassment team of 25 people on Patrick Knowlton, a witness in the Vince Foster investigation, on October 26, 1995 , and continuing for a week. What the Clintons did to Patrick Knowlton was Clinton street fascism as well as witness tampering.

            This was a prelude to the intimidation campaign waged on Kathleen Willey in 1997-98 before her deposition in the Paula Jones case. Paula Jones who Bill exposed himself to, rape victim Juanita Broaddrick, probable rape victim Liz Ward Gracen, and mistress Gennifer Flowers all got audited by Clintons' IRS in the late 1990's.

            Floyd Brown's offices were burglarized in 1992 and only his Clinton files were stolen. Brown's private phone conversations were illegally wiretapped by Hillary's goon Jack Palladino. Another one of Hillary's thugs, Anthony Pellicano is in jail in LA for the same kind goon tactics he did for the Clintons in 1992.

            Clinton biographer Emmett Tyrrell also had his offices twice broken into and his NY apartment invaded once. The manuscript of Tyrrell's book Boy Clinton was stolen when he couriered it to Robert Novak for a blurb. Clintons thugs tried to intimidate 2 of Tyrrell's researchers in Little Rock.

            Also, at least one independent counsel in the 1990's took to carrying a gun after being harassed by Clinton goons in yet another intimidation event.






            Many people close to the Clintons describe Hillary as rude, vulgar and abusive, not just with staff and co-workers, but especially with Bill who she made a sport of ridiculing, according to L.D. Brown, Bill's favorite state trooper. Hillary is well known for making mean, vicious and personally degrading comments often towards people who work for and with her. She probably got that from her dad Hugh Rodham, a deeply disturbed man.

            Hillary and Bill are sociopaths, not unlike serial killers such as Ted Bundy. Seemingly personable and normal while brown nosing wealthy contributors or opinion makers, Hillary and Bill have no regard for the integrity and well being of others. They disregard rules and lie with practiced ease, not feeling guilt or empathy for others.

             Bill is the kind of guy who can rape your sister upstairs and then come down to the living room and tell you what a great book he has read about women's rights. Hillary is the kind of person who can be in the kitchen calling up a secret police to terrify your rape victim sister into silence, and then come out to the living room and ask what do you think about her latest speech on women's and children's rights.

            Some of the goons that Hillary has used to cover up her and Bill's Jerry Springer lifestyle and criminal activity include Ivan Duda (1982), Jerry Parks (1980's), Jack Palladino (1992) and Anthony Pellicano (1990's). Pellicano is now in JAIL in Los Angeles for the same kind of thug intimidation tactics that Hillary hired him for. Also, Buddy Young, the head of Bill's trooper detail and who Bill made #2 at FEMA, is additionally a dangerous criminal that Hillary and Bill has employed in their black operations. Terry Lenzer is also someone Hillary has used extensively.

            Please forward this information to your Democratic friends and co-workers and ask that they (and you) vote for and support John Edwards, Barack OBAMA, Bill Richardson or any other Democratic candidate, and NOT Hillary. The difference is Hillary will break your kneecap to get to the White House; the others will not.

            Thank-you and have a great day!


Robert Morrow       Clinton expert     Austin, TX    512-306-1510



This is forwarded from Robert Morrow, who evidently has spent a lot of years building a dossier on the Clinton's!
It contains some graphic language that WILL offend some people (unless you've spent time with me) so delete it if you don't want it.
Bill Davis, Cochise County Militia
Benson, AZ
The Ugly Truth about Hillary and Bill:
Wild Bill was a cocaine-addicted Governor
Of Arkansas in 1980's as well as a Pervert.
1) Partying with high school girls with Dan Lasater and brother Roger the Dodger.
2) Sex orgies with crack whores (Bobbie Ann Williams and friends (also, does not use condoms!)
3) Smuggling huge amounts of cocaine with CIA, Bush #41, Oliver North and Hillary's deputy campaign manager Bob Nash [Bill's "yes man" for 2 decades]
4) Gov. Cokehead was also smoking pot, too - as governor. And, yes, he did inhale ... A lot.
    Once you understand the flaming conflagration of dysfunction that these 2 Yale-educated lawyers have lived for 36 years, then you will understand why Hillary uses a secret police, private detectives and criminal intimidation tactics to cover up all this chaos.
    If all those church-going, hard working blue collar women ever found this out Ugly Truth about Hillary and Bill, I don't think they would like it!
The word "fraud" does not even begin to describe Hillary and Bill.

Bill was a 1980's cokehead governor

Roger says, "has nose like vacuum cleaner"


             Roger Clinton, Bill's brother who went to jail for dealing cocaine – was caught on a police videotape in April, 1984 – with undercover police detective Travis Bunn, saying he (Roger) needed to "get some [cocaine] for my brother [Bill]; He's got a nose like a vacuum cleaner." Dan Lasater, Bill's very close friend and contributor was also a major drug dealer. Both Roger and Lasater went to jail on drug charges. Governor Bill corruptly gave Lasater a full and complete pardon in November, 1990. Lasater only served 6 months of a 30 month sentence.

            Gennifer Flowers said Bill told her he was using so much cocaine that his head itched. Sally Perdue, another girlfriend, said "he had all of the [cocaine snorting] equipment laid out, like a real pro."

            Bill has very bad sinuses (a possible result of coke abuse), no doubt caused by his life as an out-of-control 1980's cokehead. Sharlene Wilson said that she once saw Bill so high on cocaine that he fell against the wall and SLID INTO A GARBAGE CAN!

            Sharlene says:

            "I watched Bill Clinton lean up against a brick wall. He must have had an adenoid problem because he casually stuck my tooter up his nose … He was so messed up that night , he slid down the wall into a garbage can and just sat there like a complete idiot."

                                                            [p.262, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton]

            Sharlene says:

            "I was, you know, the hostess with the mostess, the lady with the snow … I'd serve drinks and lines of cocaine on a glass mirror."  [p.262, The Secret Life]


            Sharlene, who was once sexually intimate with drug dealers Roger Clinton and Dan Harmon, says she and her friends would go back to the Arkansas Governor's mansion and party until the early morning hours. Sharlene says:


"I thought it was the coolest thing in the world THAT WE HAD A GOVERNOR WHO GOT HIGH."    [p.262, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton]


            Jane Parks claims that in 1984, when she was the resident manager at the Vantage Point Apartments, she could hear parties in the unit next door where Bill, his brother Roger and druggie friend Dan Lasater held parties, did drugs and chased women, some as young as a 16 year old high school girl. Parks says she could hear all this through the walls. They were giving cocaine to high school girls! Witnesses report the ashtrays were filled with cocaine, supplied by Lasater. Patricia Anne Smith says "I was introduced to cocaine by Dan Lasater when I was 16 or 17 years old and a student at North Little Rock Old Main High School … I was a virgin until two months after I met Dan Lasater. Lasater plied me with cocaine and gifts for sexual favors." [Insight on the News, 11-6-95]. Cokehead Gov. Bill was partying with other cokeheads and high school girls. Teenager Patty-Anne (back in the 80's) says that on several occasions she saw Gov. Bill use cocaine and Bill sure wasn't acting like a governor; she says "[Bill] was doing a line. It was just there on the table." [p.290, Secret Life of Bill Clinton].

            Bill, Hillary and Roger went with their party boy friend and contributor Dan Lasater (who got teenager Patricia on cocaine) on his private Lear jet to the 1983 Kentucky Derby. Biographer Roger Morris says "cocaine was available in ashtrays and literally every seat on the private jet – as well as in the box at Churchill Downs ." [Carl Limbacher, NewsMax, 6-17-01]

            According to Sam Houston, a respected Little Rock doctor, in the early 1980's Bill Clinton was admitted to the Univ. Of Arkansas Medical Center for emergency treatment for cocaine abuse and overdose and had to be cared for at the hospital on one, possibly two occasions.

            Christopher Ruddy says, " When Mrs. Clinton arrived, she told both of the resident physicians on duty that night that they would never again practice medicine in the United States if word leaked out about Clinton 's drug problem. Reportedly, [Hillary] pinned one of the doctors up against the wall, both hands pressed against his shoulders, as she gave her dire warning."

            Larry Nichols says that Betsy Wright, Gov. Bill's Chief of Staff, told Larry that Bill – totally a cokehead and just as addicted as Roger – had to enter drug treatment programs three times! As Governor! No wonder drug smuggling was running rampant in Arkansas in the 1980's: Governor Bill was a cokehead. Witt Stevens, brother of Jack Stevens, told Bill he would give him $100,000 for his 1982 campaign if he would "get off the white stuff." [Larry Nichols, very close aide to Bill, on the KIEV George Putnam radio show] Here is a good web link:

            Sally Perdue, Bill's lover from 1983, said Bill used cocaine in her presence and seemed very expert in its use, "He had all the equipment laid out, like a real pro." L.D. Brown, Bill's very close aide, suspected Bill of snorting in a bathroom stall while they were on vacation in Boca Raton. Bill was saying, "Yeah, yeah, L.D. these damn sinuses are killing me," as he apparently was snorting cocaine.

            Monica told Linda Tripp that Bill "sometimes seemed to 'zone out' on her." When Linda asked why, Monica said, "I think he's on drugs." [NY Post, 10-3-98]

            An editorial in the Investor's Business Daily ("What did he Snort and when did he Snort it?") on 10-30-96 gives a good summary of the proof of Bill's cocaine use.

             "I remember going into the governor's conference room once and it reeked of marijuana," said Democratic State Representative Jack McCoy, a Clinton supporter." [Clinton Chronicles, p.170]. Gennifer also said that Bill smoked marijuana in her presence and Gennifer says, "By the way, he most certainly did inhale."

            Bill even asked trooper Larry Patterson if he should make his very, very close friend drug dealer Dan Lasater as his chief of staff! [More Than Sex: the Secrets of Bill and Hillary Revealed, audiotapes, NewsMax 1999] Pathological liar Bill later says he hardly knew Dan Lasater, with whom he used to go to coke parties with high school girls.


Gov. Cokehead/Pothead Bill partnered with major cocaine smugglers …. Bill: " This is good shit. We sure do grow lotsa good things besides watermelons here in Arkansas" [dope]


            Gov. Cokehead/Pothead Bill had thoroughly corrupted the government and law enforcement agencies in Arkansas. Mena, AR, was the HQ for illegal weapon shipments by the CIA to the contras with cocaine coming back on the roundtrip! Bill's buddy Dan Lasater was importing cocaine and money laundering through his bond business and getting a cut of the Mena CIA drug importation. Bill protected Lasater and Don Tyson, another major drug dealer.

            Bill protected his buddies who made huge cocaine drug profits; in return they gave Bill political support. Terry Reed, a former pilot for the contras, tells in his book about the time (4-19-86) outside Juanita's Restaurant that Gov. Bill, while smoking a joint, tries to talk pilot Terry Reed into going to Mexico to set up operations for the contras:


            "I wish I could go in your place. Terry, these guys are counting on you and they're leaning on me to get you to go. I'm not standing in your way. I just want to tell you that if you still wanna go to Mexico, you'd be leaving here with my blessing. There's no hard feeling about what happened here. I wanted you to hear that coming from me."

            " Clinton took another deep drag [on his joint], held it and exhaled. In a raspy voice, with smoke still coming out of his mouth, Clinton added, "Sure you don't want some of this? This is good shit. We sure do grow lotsa good things besides watermelons here in Arkansas."  [Terry Reed, Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA, p.264]


            Just a few moments before, Bill had "got up from his chair and went to the back of the van, returning with a half-smoked joint. He reseated himself. He took a long, deep drag. After holding it in until his cheeks bulged, he then exhaled slowly and deliberately.

            He   extended his arm and offered the joint to Reed. Terry shook his head and gestured.

            "Go on. I'm the commander in chief here; you won't get busted," the governor [Bill] said with a straight face while exhaling." [Compromised, p. 264]


            While this meeting is occurring, Buddy Young, Bill's #1 thug, stood guard outside the meeting. Let's do a recap on Bill: Rapist. Sexual Predator. Pothead. Cokehead. Drug Smuggler. Sociopath. Pathological Liar. Bill covers for his drug dealer buddies and Hillary covers for Bill.


Bill has never released his medical records

Cocaine abuse, not his herpes, may be the reason

Also, Bill's blood type may prove he is NOT Chelsea's dad

(Chelsea is probably the seed of Webb Hubbell … for real)


            Monica says that Bill used to reschedule his "appointments" with her whenever he had a bad outbreak of herpes. But I think the real reason Bill's medical records have not been release is because they would show conclusively that Bill Clinton was a cocaine drug abuser while he was governor of Arkansas. There is probably a lot of info on Bill's decayed sinuses, caused by too much cocaine use.

            Dr. Burton Lee, the White House doctor when Bill was elected, was immediately fired by Hillary when he demanded to see Bill's medical records before injecting Bill with some poorly marked serum that he had been ordered to put in Bill. God knows what it was. The New York Post, on 9/23/96 reported:

            "Lee believes, he was bounced because he demanded access to his patient's medical history before agreeing to treat him. The ouster came "not because necessarily I wouldn't give him the shot, but because I was asking for his medical records," Lee said. Within an hour after the matter was referred to the First Lady, Lee was told to clear out of the White House within two hours . "There isn't any question in my mind that the person who fired me was Hillary," Lee said.

Gov. Bill was screwing and doing cocaine with street hookers. Probably has a son

by one. Also – does not use condoms


            Bobbie Ann Williams, a Little Rock Arkansas street hooker, says she and Bill did cocaine together as well as having a foursome orgy with 2 other street hookers in the country cabin of Bill Clinton's mother back in the 1983-1984 – while he was governor. Clinton met her on the street while he was jogging.

            Also, street hooker Bobbie Ann Williams, says that Bill screwed her without a condom – telling her he did not like "scumbags." Until I read that, I never knew "scumbag" was a word with multiple definitions: a) condom b) Bill Clinton c) Hillary Clinton. Bobbie Ann says she and Bill had sex on 13 occasions.

            Recently, I saw Bill on TV touting his Clinton Global Initiatives, one of which is to end HIV/AIDS in the world. Bill remarked that abstinence was not enough, that young kids need access to and education about condoms. Juanita Broaddrick who Bill raped without a condom, Gennifer Flowers who Bill had a 12 year affair with, and street hooker Bobbie Ann Williams all say Bill hated condoms and absolutely refused to use them. Bill got Gennifer pregnant in late 1977 and he paid $200 for an abortion for her (performed in late January, 1978). He told Juanita after he raped her that he had had the mumps as a kid and was infertile so don't worry about getting pregnant. Bobbie Ann Williams says Bill sired her son Danny or "Danno," born in 1985 – which deadbeat dad Bill has never claimed or supported. Lucille Bolton, Danny's aunt, says the now young man, age 21, is definitely Bill's rejected son "There's no buts, there's no ifs, there's no supposes about it."

            Street hooker Bobbie Ann also says that Bill screwed her when she was 4 months pregnant (!) with his alleged future son. Bobbie Ann said in 1992:


            "I was still working the street into the fourth month I was carrying Bill's baby. And Bill got a special kick out of having sex with pregnant women. He said that pregnancy makes gals hotter.

            When I told him that he was the father of my baby, he just laughed . He rubbed my big belly and said, 'Girl, that can't be my baby.'

            But I knew it was. I just had this kind of woman's feeling that this was his child." – Bobbie Ann Williams

[Clinton Confidential, p. 179, originally in the Globe ( 2/17/92)]

            Larry Patterson says that at on one Christmas – maybe two- Bill had the state troopers take Christmas presents to the home of Bobbie Ann and her child Danny (or Danno) Williams. Clinton has never submitted to a DNA paternity test to prove or disprove his alleged siring of Danno. Question, who do you think has more credibility: Hillary and Bill Clinton or a drug-addicted, street hooker?

            Clinton's refusal of condoms and refusal to raise his alleged son is just another example of the incredible selfishness and irresponsibility of the Clintons. Hillary was, of course, covering for Bill at all times and using criminal secret police tactics to do it.

            [Bobbie Ann Williams is not the only pregnant woman that Bill has screwed. On the night Martin Luther King was assassinated, April 4th, 1968, Bill's high school girlfriend – Dolly Kyle Browning was visiting Bill at college in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.. Dolly was already married to another man, a young mother of one child, and was at that moment 8 MONTHS PREGNANT with her 2nd child ! Sex freak Bill's reaction, according to Dolly? … he screwed her!! ( Bill and Hillary: the Marriage, p. 75) Repeat: Bill screwed his married, 8-month-pregnant former girlfriend, Dolly. Also, player Bill was dating two other girls at that time at Georgetown.]

            Link on Bobbie Ann Williams and wild Bill:

            When it comes to screwing women, Bill Clinton does not discriminate based on age, race, national origin, religion, marital status, condition of pregnancy, consent or availability of plastic protection. Bill is a narcissist who has no problem using or violating people. Hillary and Bill have no problem destroying people to keep the truth from coming out.


Gov. Bill makes a move on Chelsea's nanny

"I'm so bad … I'm so bad"


            When Bill wasn't raping campaign volunteers like Juanita, being screamed at by Hillary (known as "Sarge"), screwing street hookers (no condom), licking milk, ketchup and honey off Gennifer Flowers, partying with high school girls or getting coked up with Dan Lasater and his brother Roger … Gov. Bill took time out of his busy schedule to attempt to screw Becky Brown, who was Chelsea's nanny and the wife of his favorite state trooper, L.D. Brown. L.D. describes Bill's technique:


            "Becky had been baby-sitting Chelsea and had already put her to bed. Bill, after getting a beer, found Becky watching television in the upstairs part of the Mansion. He slouched down next to Becky and offered her a beer. Incredibly, he began his 'I'm so bad' routine with Becky! I had seen him use it time and time again to get a woman to comfort him – comforting which he then manipulated into eventual sex. Becky got out of there in a hurry." [ L.D. Brown, Crossfire, p.43]


            The above incident probably occurred in 1984-86 when Chelsea was 4-6 years old.

Clinton thugs beat and almost murdered Gary Johnson during 1992 campaign –

 and stole key videotapes of Bill [the beating, almost murder, of Gary Johnson on 6-26-92]


            Hillary and Bill use violence to cover up their wildly dysfunctional Jerry Springer lifestyle. Hillary, Bill, Buddy Young or someone in the Clinton organization sent 3 goons to beat up and almost murder Gary Johnson, who was Gennifer Flowers' neighbor. Gary Johnson had a security camera installed at his condominium and by chance he had many tapes of Bill entering Gennifer's condominium while governor (and obviously, "married" to Hillary). Bill felt free to live life as a sex maniac, but he was paranoid that anyone would get pictures or videos proving his lifestyle. Gary Hart, in 1988, had his presidential campaign sunk because of pictures of him and Donna Rice sitting in his lap, on the yacht Monkey Business, were printed by the National Enquirer.

            In my opinion, Hillary and/or Bill Clinton personally sent thugs who beat up Gary Johnson and left him for dead on June 26th, 1992 , right in the middle of the 1992 presidential campaign. Both of Johnsons' elbows were dislocated, his collar bones broken and his spleen and bladder were ruptured. Johnsons' nose and sinus cavities were crushed. Johnson says that these 3 big, beefy men with crew cuts "looked like [Arkansas] state troopers" and they savagely beat him, nearly killing him, after Gary handed over his videotapes of Clinton entering Flowers' apartment.

            Bill and Hillary had appeared earlier in '92 on the show 60 Minutes (right after the Super Bowl on 1-26-92), pretending to be a happy family and Bill said he had only talked to Gennifer twice and saying he had never been to her condominium and, of course, did not have an affair with her. Videotapes proving that he had been frequently to Flowers' condominium would have imperiled his '92 presidential campaign.  In fact Bill was screwing Gennifer from 1977, the year he got her pregnant, until 1989. Not only did Bill helped pay for Gennifer's abortion (in Jan. 1978) after she told him she was pregnant in December 1977, but Bill later told his close aide, Arkansas state trooper Roger Perry, that Gennifer "could suck a tennis ball through a garden hose." (Boy Clinton, p. 278)


Bill and Gennifer: sex freaks lathered

in honey, ketchup, milk and "whatever"

Hillary's secret police used to stop

ugly truth from getting out in '92 campaign:


            Gennifer says that Bill used to play sex games with food: "Bill would slowly squeeze the honey all over my body; then sensually rub it all over me … We also used to love to sit on the floor and play sex games using all sorts of food. He would blindfold me, then go to the kitchen … I loved it when he would slowly pour juice into my mouth until it overflowed, and little streams of liquid would trickle down my naked body. Before long we'd both be so turned on, he'd be rubbing this smooth, gooey mixture all over me. He'd take me to the bed, I'd pull him down on top of me, and we'd make love. What a sensation! … After those food fests we'd both be covered with ketchup and milk and whatever …" [Gennifer Flowers, Passion and Betrayal, p.74-75]

            Bill and Gennifer were also into bondage, dripping wax, ice cubes and spanking – all the standard sex freak stuff. Their nickname for Bill's penis was "Willard" and Gennifer in her book says Bill would refer to Hillary as "Sarge" or "Hilla the Hun." [When with Dolly Browning, Bill would call Hillary the "Warden."]


Gennifer takes on Bondage Bill with a dildo-shaped vibrator


            Bill, in his 60 Minutes interview with Hillary on 1-26-92 denied ever having an affair with Gennifer, calling the allegations "false." Hillary and Bill are genetically unable to tell the truth or say "no comment." They have to lie and deny, lie and deny, all the while siccing a secret police on the victims. Bill did tell CBS interviewer Steve Croft that Gennifer was "an acquaintance. I would say a friendly acquaintance." Yep è:

            Gennifer says she took silk scarves and tied up Bill to her bedposts. Gennifer says, "I teased him and played with him until he was almost out of his mind with excitement … Bill, as always, wanted to take it a step further, so the next time I tied him to the bed, he asked me to use a dildo-shaped vibrator on him. It was exciting to see him getting so aroused, and I couldn't wait to untie him so he could use it on me." [Passion and Betrayal, p. 75]

            Flowers later told Larry King on national TV that once in the Arkansas Governor's mansion she gave Bill a blow job, while Bill, standing in a window, waved at Hillary who was standing outside below!

            Bill, Hillary, and their secret police in the 1992 campaign were desperate to prevent the truth about the Bill's affair with Gennifer and a 100 other similar stories from their wildly dysfunctional Jerry Springer lifestyle from becoming public. The Clinton's secret police, hired by Hillary, used illegal and criminal intimidation tactics to shut people up, all the while the Bill and Hillary were lying through their teeth about these so-called "rumors." I believe that Bill/Hillary ordered Buddy Young to beat up and nearly kill Gary Johnson, Gennifer Flowers' neighbor, because he had security camera tapes of Bill entering her condominium. The 3 thugs, beefy and wearing short hair cuts like Arkansas state troopers, stole Gary's videotapes.


"You will never believe what the motherfucker did now, he tried to

rape some bitch!" - Hillary Clinton, spring 1978,

 referring to Bill's rape of Juanita Broaddrick




[From Robert Morrow   Clinton expert   512-306-1510    Austin , TX]


    Hillary knew about and helped to cover up Bill's rape of  Juanita Broaddrick ( 4-25-78). Hillary found out about it through the grapevine and came running into a room with a handful of Bill's inner circle and says "You will never believe what the motherfucker [Bill] did now, he tried to rape some bitch!" according to Larry Nichols who was in the room.

    Hillary and Bill hate Larry Nichols. They hate Larry Nichols because he, as a member of the Clinton inner circle for 10 years from the late 70's to the late 80's, knows the Ugly Truth about Hillary and Bill and he has revealed some extremely ugly and embarrassing things about them.




    Larry Nichols SWEARS that Hillary and Webb Hubbell were having an affair and that Chelsea is probably the seed of Webb Hubbell, NOT Bill Clinton. Larry Nichols tells about the time in early 1978 when Bill was having a meeting with his inner circle of supporters. Hillary barges in - "Hillary yelled "Bill, what are you doing?" Bill replied "Hill, I'm gonna run for governor!" Without missing a beat Hillary said "Well I gotta get in Rose ... I'm gonna fuck Hubbell!" [Melrose Larry Green, Why the Clintons Belong in Prison, p. 270]

     After screwing Webb Hubbell (probably), Hillary then began having an affair with Vince Foster who became her best friend, lover, confidant, teacher and most importantly, emotional husband. James Carville, Hillary's close friend, say this about Paula Jones who pervert Bill had exposed himself to in May, 1991  "Drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you you'll find." Hillary and Bill are 2 Yale-educated lawyers who have chosen to live a wildly dysfunctional Jerry Springer lifestyle for 36 years. Hillary and Bill are the ultimate in white trash.




            Check out post #207 on this FreeRepublic web link to see a photo of the strikingly similar Webb Hubbell and Chelsea:

Webb and Hillary sure have left a lot of clues over the years that Chelsea is the seed of Webb and not Bill. Webb and Chelsea have BIG lips; Bill has thin lips. I am one of the top experts on the Clintons in the USA (world) and in my opinion Chelsea is probably the seed of Webb Hubbell.




      Bill was literally making out with another woman - kissing her on the mouth and fondling her breasts - in the bathroom at the "wedding" reception of Hillary and Bill on 10/11/75. A longtime friend of the  Clintons saw 

"Bill passionately kissing a young woman. He was fondling her breasts. I was so shocked I just closed the door quickly and quietly. They never knew I saw them." [Bill and Hillary, p. 150] The reality is Bill was having tons of affairs with women before, during and after they got "married" and Hillary was completely aware of this. Only a psychological cripple, someone with a very low self esteem, would marry Bill. Bill married a campaign manager and chief of staff, not a wife.




    Not just 5, 6 or 7 affairs. Or even 50, 60 or 70. But hundreds of women from crack whores to affairs with 5 Miss Arkansas and a possible date rape of Miss America Elizabeth Ward Gracen in 1983. Judy Stokes, who was a good friend of Liz Gracen, thinks Bill raped Liz Gracen. Bill has been screwing hundreds of women before, during and after his "marriage" with Hillary. Bill was even fucking the night manager at the McDonald's in Little Rock. She said his penis was "iddy biddy" but that Bill was a wild man for oral sex ...[I can only imagine the yeast flying ...]






    Bill raped Juanita Broaddrick in 1978. He probably raped Eileen Wellstone in 1969 while he was a Rhodes Scholar. Bill probably raped or date raped [same thing] Liz Ward Gracen while she was Miss America in 1983. There have been serveral other vicious sexual assaults with Bill biting the lips and bruising women. Bill exposed himself to Paula Jones in May, 1991 and told her to "Kiss it" when he dropped his britches and displayed his penis - "crooked, hard and gross" according to Paula Jones. Bill also exposed himself to Carolyn Moffett in 1978 and told her to "Suck it." She ran out of the room. Here are 2 good links on Bill's LONG history of sexual violence:






    Vince had a wife, Lisa, and three kids. Too bad for them, because Vince was obsessed with Hillary. Vince was the one who recruited Hillary to the Rose Law Firm in about 1976. Then Hillary probably screwed Webb Hubbell and had Chelsea with him. Then Hillary reverted back to Vince as her main squeeze, best friend, lover, confidant, teacher and most importantly, emotional husband. State troopers Larry Patterson and L.D. Brown report that Hillary was definitely screwing Vince Foster. Ditto Paul Fray and Mike Galster, who says it was an open secret in Little Rock.




    Hillary was definitely screwing Vince. And I think it is very likely that Chelsea is the seed of Webb Hubbell, NOT Bill Clinton. This puts the Monica Lewinsky affair in a bit different light, doesn't it? Hillary is not a victim of Bill; Hillary is a partner in crime, accomplice and victimizer with Bill.




      Gennifer Flowers describes when Gennifer asked Bill if Hillary were a lesbian:


            "There's something you need to know. I've been hearing tales around town that Hillary is having another thing with a woman." I watched his face to see his reaction, and couldn't believe it when he burst out laughing. I was stunned! I asked him what was so funny. "Honey," he said, "she's probably eaten more pussy than I have."

    Bill said he had known for a long time that Hillary was attracted to women, and it didn't really bother him anymore. His first clue came from her lack of enjoyment of sex with him. She didn't like to experiment and insisted on the missionary position and nothing else. Because she wasn't enjoying herself; neither was he. Sex with her became a duty; nothing more."


                                                                        [Gennifer Flowers, Passion and Betrayal, p.42]





    Back in Arkansas in the 1970's many were convinced that Hillary was a lesbian. If it looked like a duck, walked like a duck, quacked like a duck ... it's a duck! Hillary looked like a dyke, walked like a dyke, had a sewer mouth like a dyke, acted like a dyke ... so people reasonably thought she was a dyke. Hillary would dress down, cuss like a sailor, was rude and belligerent, was aggressive like a man and seemed to tolerate Bill's gargantuan womanizing. Bill confirmed these lesbian rumors with Gennifer Flowers by clearly stating that Hillary "probably has eaten more pussy than I have." Nancy "Peach" Pietrefesa was one rumored to be a lesbian lover of Hillary. I would not doubt this.

    Also, Hillary was "outed" at a feminist rally sometime in 1992 or 1993 when a lesbian speaker got up and effectively and approvingly told the crowd that Hillary was a lesbian. And then there was the Clinton aide who said that a well-known Washington veterinarian, "visiting the White House to treat Socks the cat, had opened the wrong door and discovered Hillary locked in a passionate embrace with another woman." [Oppenheimer, State of the Union, p.218]

    Based on this track record I think that Hillary is probably having a lesbian affair with her very, very close traveling aide Huma Abedin. Here is confirmation of this from the gossip blog BigHeadDC:


From BigHeadDC:


We're still a bit incredulous on this one, but a top level U.S. Department of  Justice official is telling Big Head DC that Michael  Musto's rumor  about Hillary Clinton fooling around with one of her top female  aides Huma Abedin is based in reality!

"I am close enough to Hillary and Huma to tell you that this 'rumor' is true," the official says. "It is well known inside her campaign that Hillary and Huma are an item.

"If you call Hillary's residence in DC first thing in the morning, Huma answers the phone," the official continues. "Same thing late at night and on the road. It's a closely guarded secret that Hillary's inner circle guards at all costs."   [November, 2007, Big Head DC]

    Huma is a 32 year old exotic looking (half Pakistani, half Indian) very, very, very close aide to Hillary. Huma makes a clerical worker's salary of $31,000/year perhaps with a $15,000 bonus from Hillary. How in the WORLD was Huma able to buy a fancy apartment in a tony area of Wash, DC for $649,000 on 9/18/06? How can she afford to get qualified for a jumbo mortgage based on the fact that she has been working for peanuts for 10 years in Wash, DC, just barely able to pay her living expenses? If Huma paid cash, WHO in the world gave her the money for the purchase or put up a collateral guarantee for her mortgage? I do not think Huma comes from family wealth; both of her parents were university professors and her father died when she was age 17.

    Huma runs around as an aide to Hillary, seemingly with not care in the world, contrast this to the other driven, workaholic aides who are constantly on pins and needles, afraid of offending the dragon. Huma is unnaturally relaxed and secure in her "relationship" with Hillary. Huma on her clerical worker's salary, wears a different designer suit every day from the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Oscar de la Rente, Catherine Malandrino, Charles Nolan and Prada. Obviously, this is coming out of Hillary's fat wallet.

    Additionally, Bill has continued to screw girls left and right since he got out of the White House in 2001. His buddy Ron Burkle provides Bill with women and Bill has mostly likely had affairs with Canadian Belinda Stronach and Lisa Belzberg among many others. Of course Lisa Belzburg was married to Matthew Bronfman and has 6 kids with him, but that has never stopped wild Bill before.


 So under the dysfunctional standards of the Clintons, it would be prefectly "normal" for bull dyke Hillary to have a lesbian love interest.




    What this really shows, besides being another example of the wildly dysfunctional lifestyle of the Hillary and Bill, is that arrogant Hillary feels that she is entitled to a lesbian affair with Huma Abedin and she is stupid enough to not think she is going to get called on this in a general election. Arrogance, an attitude of entitlement, stupidity ... and dysfunction. Hillary's selfishness and arrogance endanger the prospects of the Democratic party and it's agenda. Typical narcissistic Clinton behavior.




    "You will never believe what the motherfucker did now, he tried to rape some bitch!" - Hillary Clinton in 1978 just after she had found out about Bill's rape of Juanita. A few weeks later at a political function, Hillary tried to intimidate Juanita into being silent about candidate Bill raping her.




Juanita Broaddrick wipes a tear from her eye during her January 1999 interview on "Dateline NBC," in which she discusses her claim of a 1978 sexual assault by Bill Clinton. -- AP






      SUNDAY OCT 15, 2000

As I watched Rick Lazio's interview on Fox News this morning, I felt compelled to

write this open letter to you, Mrs. Clinton. Brit Hume asked Mr. Lazio's views

regarding you as a person and how he perceived you as a candidate. Rick Lazio did

not answer the question, but I know that I can. You know it, too.

I have no doubt that you are the same conniving, self-serving person you were

twenty-two years ago when I had the misfortune to meet you. When I see you on

television, campaigning for the New York senate race, I can see the same hypocrisy

in your face that you displayed to me one evening in 1978. You have not changed.

I remember it as though it was yesterday. I only wish that it were yesterday and

maybe there would still be time to do something about what your husband, Bill

Clinton, did to me. There was a political rally for Mr. Clinton's bid for governor of Arkansas. I had obligated myself to be at this rally prior to my being assaulted by

your husband in April, 1978. I had made up my mind to make an appearance and then

leave as soon as the two of you arrived. This was a big mistake, but I was still in a

state of shock and denial. You had questioned the gentleman who drove you and Mr.

Clinton from the airport. You asked him about me and if I would be at the gathering.

Do you remember? You told the driver, "Bill has talked so much about Juanita", and

that you were so anxious to meet me. Well, you wasted no time. As soon as you

entered the room, you came directly to me and grabbed my hand. Do you remember

how you thanked me, saying "we want to thank you for everything that you do for

Bill". At that point, I was pretty shaken and started to walk off. Remember how you

kept a tight grip on my hand and drew closer to me? You repeated your statement,

but this time with a coldness and look that I have seen many times on television in the

last eight years. You said, "Everything you do for Bill". You then released your grip

and I said nothing and left the gathering.

What did you mean, Hillary? Were you referring to my keeping quiet about the assault

I had suffered at the hands of your husband only two weeks before? Were you

warning me to continue to keep quiet? We both know the answer to that question.

Yes, I can answer Brit Hume's question. You are the same Hillary that you were

twenty years ago. You are cold, calculating and self-serving. You cannot tolerate the

thought that you will soon be without the power you have wielded for the last eight

years. Your effort to stay in power will be at the expense of the state of New York. I

only hope the voters of New York will wake up in time and realize that Hillary Clinton

is not an honorable or an honest person.

I will end by asking if you believe the statements I made on NBC Dateline when Lisa

Myers asked if I had been assaulted and raped by your husband? Or perhaps, you

are like Vice-President Gore and did not see the interview.

     Juanita Broaddrick


Bill's 1978 rape of Juanita Broaddrick

Bill bites lips when he is in rape mode


            On April 25, 1978 , Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton, the state's highest law enforcement official, raped Juanita Broaddrick (without a condom ), and while doing so he savagely bit her top lip to subdue her. Juanita was a county coordinator for Bill and a volunteer in his '78 gubernatorial campaign. Juanita says she will never forget Bill putting his sunglasses on afterwards then telling her to put some ice on her mangled lips. Bill: "You might want to put some ice on that."  Bill, the Rhodes Scholar Rapist, then told Juanita don't worry about getting pregnant because I had the mumps as a kid and I am sterile. [What makes all this even more sicko is that Bill had recently impregnated Gennifer Flowers and gave her $200 to get an abortion in January, 1978 ; then 3 months later Bill rapes Juanita and tells her is sterile. Full-blown sociopath.]

            Juanita's friend Norma Rogers-Kelsay found here in her hotel room after the rape. Juanita says "I was sitting there crying and so upset at the time … I felt like the next person coming through the door [was coming] to get rid of [my] body. I absolutely could not believe what had happened to me." Reporter Jon Doughtery says Kelsay "found Broaddrick in a state of shock, her lip swollen, mouth bruised, and her pantyhose torn at the crotch." Kelsay told Fox news on 2/2/99 that Juanita "was hysterical – her lip was blue and bleeding and her hose was severely torn in the crotch area." Kelsay says Juanita " told me they had intercourse against her will." Kelsay told NBC News that Juanita was in "quite bad shape" and her "lips were swollen, at least double in size."

            Bill raped Juanita twice within a span of 15 minutes. Bill bit her lip so hard he almost severed it in half. Then Bill raped Juanita again – for a second time - as he found he could get a new erection. Juanita says:


"Then he said, "My God, I can do it again" and he did."


            Then Bill raped a stunned and in-shock Juanita for a second time, after Bill said "My God, I can do it again." . After Bill raped her, Juanita says "I felt paralyzed and started to cry."

            13 years later in March, 1991, just before Bill announced for President, he pulled Juanita out of a health care conference and Bill's first words were, "Can you ever forgive me? … That was the old me. I'm not the same now. I'm a new man." [Sellout, p. 131]

            Juanita replied "You can just go to hell" and she walked away from the Rapist. [Sellout, p. 131] In 1998, when rape victim Juanita came public in 1998 she was 1) followed by a man in a car and 2) someone broke into her house and stole the tape to her answering machine and let all 3 of her cats out. [ Limbacher, Hillary's Scheme, p. 184]

It was the well used Clinton intimidation team.


Hillary knew about and help cover up

 the rape of Juanita Broaddrick

and she brags about setting up Arkansas' 1st rape crisis hotline


            Doug from Upland, a poster on FreeRepublic, personally knows someone (probably Larry Nichols) who was in the room in 1978 with Buddy Young when Hillary came running in and said , "You will never believe what the motherfucker [Bill] did now, he tried to rape some bitch!"

            Later at a political rally for Bill being held at someone's house, Juanita attended it, still terrified to tell anyone publicly that Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton had raped her (twice, within 15 minutes). Juanita wrote in a public letter (10-15-00) to Hillary:


            "Do you remember how you [Hillary] thanked me, saying "we want to thank you for everything that you do for Bill." At that point, I was pretty shaken and started to walk off. Remember how you kept a tight grip on my hand and drew closer to me?  

            You repeated your statement, but this time with a coldness and look that I have seen many times on television in the last eight years. You said, "Everything you do for Bill". You then released your grip and I said nothing and left the gathering.

            What did you mean, Hillary? Were you referring to my keeping quiet about the assault I had suffered at the hands of your husband only two weeks before? Were you warning me to continue to keep quiet?"   - Juanita Broaddrick


            Juanita said that she became physically ill within seconds of Hillary's grasping behavior and had to leave the party/rally within minutes. Juanita says, "I could have passed out at that moment and I got my hand from hers [Hillary's] and I left. She was just holding onto my hand. Because I had started to turn away from her and she held onto my hand and [Hillary] said 'Do you understand? EVERYTHING that you do,' cold chills went up my spine." That's the first time I became afraid of that woman."

            In other words, Hillary was telling Juanita to shut up about Bill's savage rape of her. In 1998 when Juanita finally publicly said that Clinton had raped her – she had privately out cried to her husband and friends at the time in 1978 – she was audited for the first time EVER by the IRS, run by Hillary's close friend from Yale Law School Margaret Milner Richardson. Additionally, Juanita's home was broken into (and her three cats were let loose) just like Gennifer Flowers' condo was illegally entered in 1992 and Juanita was under surveillance, too.   So Juanita gets physically raped by Bill and then she gets financially raped by Hillary when she comes public. That's Hillary: co-President, co-Governor, co-Rapist.

            Juanita is not the only woman Bill has sexually terrorized. Have you ever had a boy dog jump up on your shin and start madly humping it like it thought your shin was a girl dog? That is how Hillary's fake husband Bill courts women – like that dog madly humping your shin. He also likes to painfully bite girls' lips. If a girl says "NO" 6 times in a row and finally can't speak anymore because Bill is savagely biting and chewing her bottom lip, Bill thinks this means "yes." Actually, he does not care.

            Hillary as she campaigns in 2007 tells citizen Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien, "Who is that?" when asked about Juanita. Hillary in typical character lies, "I don't know what you are talking about" when asked about Juanita on 7-13-07 in Nashua, NH .

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