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Trump Issues Ultimatum to Guatemala


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Trump Issues Ultimatum to Guatemala

President Trump is reportedly considering imposing a travel ban on Guatemala if they do not stem the flow of immigrants from their country to the southern border.

A travel ban is one of a few options indicated to be on the table.

According to The Daily Wire:

The Trump administration is reportedly considering imposing a travel ban on Guatemala unless the nation takes significant action to stop the seemingly endless flow of illegal migrants who head north from the troubled state and reach America's southern border.

"In a move reminiscent of the pressure campaign President Trump launched against Mexico over immigration, the travel ban is the most explosive option of three that the administration says its considering against the Central American nation, according to White House and other U.S. sources familiar with the plans," NPRreported. "Trump charged Guatemala with backing out on an immigration deal with the United States."

"If Guatemala doesn't take significant action to help protect our borders, than we will, of course, look at all manner of solutions to the serious crisis we face, whether it's a travel ban, significant actions on remittances and/or tariffs," a White House official told NPR.

The move comes after Obama-appointed U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar blocked the Trump administration on Wednesday from imposing its new asylum policy. The policy would have likely drastically reduced the number of migrants flooding the U.S. southern border.

President Trump seems to be upset because Guatemala appeared to give the United States its word before a high court in the country rules it could not enter the agreement with the United States.