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Ecuador Hacked After Julian Assange Arrest

Tyler Durdan

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Two days after the Thursday arrest of Julian Assange at Ecuador's London embassy, several government websites were hacked; including Ecuador's official website, the Central Bank of Ecuador, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ecuadorian Assembly in the UK, according to Gateway Pundit's Cassandra Fairbanks, who was in London last week and documented the run-up to Assange's arrest.

Just been informed the Central bank of Ecuador, Ministry of Interior, Ecuador Assembly in UK and the Government of Ecuador were hit offline last night in response to the arrest of Assange. Haven't seen this covered yet so I'll be monitoring uptime for developments.

Concurrent with the breach, a hacking group operating under the name "AL1NE3737" released a database containing the full names and passwords for what appear to be 728 Ecuadorian government employees. 

Looks like hacktivists have dropped an Ecuadorian Naval database too. 

I believe I've just found another database dropped with the full names and bcrypt hashed passwords for what appear to be 728 Ecuadorian gov employees alongside 5 admin credentials, one password of which is MD5 hashed (lol). Not sure exactly where these were sourced from yet.


Furthermore, Ecuador's sites were hit with Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. According to DefCon Lab.

Among those involved in these attacks stand out from the groups / hacker DeathLaw , 5UB5, Cyb3r C0nven Security and Al1ne ( Pryzraky ).

DoS actions has consistently been against the Ecuadorian government targets, the country that gave Julian Assange to the UK police." -DefCon Lab


The hacker Al1ne ( Pryzraky ) performed page defacements against and released a list of vulnerable targets related to the government of Ecuador