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This site was the bleeding edge of the blade that cut the head off U.S. aggression in Venezuela

Jim Stone

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This site was the bleeding edge of the blade that cut the head off U.S. aggression in Venezuela. It cannot be denied, and "they" HATE ME for it.


And they can just F*** OFF, I am not a socialist and I am not a fan of Venezuela but you don't wipe out the world's foremost hydroelectric facility in a nation that has totally green power, being virtually all hydroelectric and geothermal, JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE OIL and you want it.

Ok, so Venezuela was not too cool about kicking American companies out and nationalizing the oil when they went socialist, but that's still no excuse to front hoax infrastructure problems and claim there is no maintenance. If you are going to wreck venezuela and oust their leadership, why not just be honest and say THEY VIOLATED OUR OIL CONTRACTS, SO WE WANT TO OUST THE LEADERSHIP AND GET THOSE CONTRACTS BACK.

That I might be sympathetic toward, but if you want to go dirty and stux people and sabotage them, killing lots of people in hospitals and causing a legit "baby incubator" story line you can stick it.

GET THIS: Prior to this escapade against Venezuela's grid, there were only a couple significant power problems that were equal to power problems New York had during the same time frame. Venezuela had no significant outages of more than a few hours, and then only in isolated cities. But America is awesome and maintains everything perfect, and Venezuela is full of stupid goons who cant keep the lights on. YEP.

They are probably not too happy about how I slammed "educated" immigrant labor also, but when a top representative from IBM backs up my case TO THE LETTER, and even took it a step further, you can hardly blame me for seeing the obvious! Why not go drive a dagger through her? Does what she said not matter because India was the country that published it?

FACT: To this day, the #1 perfect explanation for the Boeing crash was that the plane simply fell apart in flight, and the "control system problems", including the horizontal stabilizer "jack screw" were nothing but automated systems trying to compensate for aerodynamic problems caused by an airframe that was not holding it's shape well enough for the control surfaces to work. That's how you get a plane dropping papers and clothing before it hits the way eyewitnesses said it was, that can't happen if the plane is intact and sealed off and if Boeing's planes are falling apart after take off, it is DEFINITELY a diversity problem.


Jim Stone

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