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Mexico's new president takes a $100,000 PAY CUT to earn half what his predecessor did as he says he would like to cut it even further and no public servant can now earn more than him

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Just like Trump: Obrador has put in place a presidential pay cut for even himself

The U.S. presidency is a position where pay is a requirement. If I remember right, Trump, who wanted no pay at all, set his pay at 1 cent per year to meet the requirement of being paid. Obrador throughout his campaign said he'd cut the Presidential pay, for himself and all subsequent presidents.

Obrador is going to need enough to get by on, so he can't cut his pay to one cent. But all through his campaign, he trashed the presidents of the United States and Mexico, and called out Obama BY NAME in his commercials, saying the pay to Obama and the Mexican presidents was outrageously high, and he would change that. Interesting it is, he did not rip Trump, because Obrador obviously knew Trump rejected the pay.

As I have said before, there are very strong parallels between Trump and Obrador, so much so that Trump likes Obrador very much and has, in private (public enough for it to be reported) called Obrador "Juan Trump". At any rate, in case you do not remember, Trump rejected his presidential pay, and Lopez Obrador will be cutting presidential pay by 60 percent once he is inaugurated. He has to make at least something, and 40 percent of the regular salary is still decent, but I would not call it excessive for that position.

Trump does not call Obrador "Juan Trump" for nothing. Obrador is EVERYTHING I have said he is. If Obrador gets a two term (12 year) presidency in Mexico, and Trump gets an 8 year term, kiss the NWO goodbye for the rest of your visible lifetime, and there will actually be free and FAIR trade between Mex and the U.S. The flood of migrants will also stop with Obrador as president.

CAUTIONS: The European portion of the New World Order and the American "elite" are going to fight back hard and try to destroy Mexico economically over an Obrador presidency. He's the last thing they ever wanted, and they will try to Chavez him. But he's not Chavez, and Mexico's economy is diverse. Mexico does not get by via the exploitation of a single resource the way Venezuela had to exploit oil, Mexico has industry that makes everything from shoes to jet engine parts, and because of that it is going to be difficult to hurt Mexico the way the elite hurt Cuba and Venezuela. Mexico really does have the ability to trade on equal terms with the U.S., and that's an enormously strong position for Mexico to be in if Trump likes the new president.

China is also itching like an alley dog to get manufacturing set up in Mexico, but all of China's efforts were blocked by previous administrations. Obrador is set to let them in, on the condition that they employ Mexicans and do not simply import 5,000,000 chinese laborers. China would try to do that. If Obrador can work a deal without allowing China to bring large numbers of people in, it again would boost Mexico enormously.

The bottom line: Obrador put Obama in a negative light and that is something an elitist would never do. If you could just hear his campaign commercial where he mentioned Obama's pay, and the tone of his voice when referencing Obama, Ha, you'd laugh. I sure got a chuckle. That commericial aired repeatedly. Obrador knows what is going on in the world, and is definitely on our side of the equation.

Jim Stone