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2-21-1 8

The following are copies of two detailed comments I left on several YouTube videos this afternoon.

I think in overall perspective you may find my comments upsetting but please take the comments to heart and share with others.

The first is per recent "Russia Probe" News videos from the last 3-days where I left the comment on several of them..

The second comment I left was on the video: Battle of Athens: Restoring the Rule of Law

If you have not watched that short video, I sincerely suggest you do so at this time and then read my comment left on that video.

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Walter Burien -

Pertaining to the "Russia Probe",  the comment left by CAFR1 on  those videos today, 02/19/18 was as follows:

Russia???? So what! We, the USA government have spent TENS OF BILLIONS via CIA, DOD, etc. to destabilize Russia and its political structure in every way, between the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. Several attempts were made with varied results to create armed revolution in Russia or in their satellite states. This is common knowledge to all in the USA except for the brain dead TV surfers.

The last two decade based on closer ties between Russia and the USA have curtailed those covert ops substantially. We on the other hand elsewhere have pushed to the limit wars, covert wars, and conquests in the Middle East, South America, and a few other African countries.

Masterfully played distractions keeps the population in the USA entertained as the "real" issues of consequence are pushed off into a corner with barely a mention is the "intended" end result of those in power.

Russia so far, in the light of good spirit, has grinned and bears it, knowing as fact how extensively and masterfully the American population is being played through propagandized agendas, and why.

Well, 13-Russians playing election disruption in the USA compared to the actual and extensive ongoing ops around the world being conducted covertly by the USA makes those 13-Russians look like in comparison as being a bunch of girl scouts selling cookies door to door...

So you have to ask yourself: What is the propaganda play behind the Russia election interference "promotion" that has been rammed down our throats of the US Population perpetually now going on year two by the government organized in-bedded gang and their cooperative syndicated media players under their control?

The answer(s) to that question are as obvious as it can get: Maintaining the entertainment of the US Population; keep a disruption factor ongoing to the disadvantage of our president and his administration; utilizing the "divide and conquer routine" (wearing very thin at this point) for the benefit of the democratic party gang (backfiring on them though more and more each and every day), and last but not least, reassuring the PTB  that they can maintain the treatment of the US Population as usefully played idiots with the PTB having no concern about consequences for their acts as they continue "business as usual" with trillions of dollars annually being moved, laundered, stolen, and utilized for their own covert profit to the clearly treasonous disadvantage of the American population. (read through my website for extensive clarification)

TREASON: "Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason." Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

The scope and size of what our own government has developed into over the last few decades per the take-over of it all, investment wealth obtained, control and surveillance to an almost absolute factor over and of the population, makes the old Russia of the 30's and 40's that we use to know and communism look very antiquated.

Government in the USA has more control and access to the productivity value of the population than Russia ever dreamed about.. So, you now know why Russia in the 80's and China at the turn of the century went Democratic. 

They both after review of government's operations here in the USA, made the clear determination that as far as control and wealth obtained from the population, the better blueprint for covert communism with a fascist twist of perceived capitalism that generated massive wealth ongoing each and every day for government of no equal, was solidly in place in the USA and being played like a Stradivarius violin. So for both, the switch to the same organized structure was apparent and substantially more productive for them to do so.. 

Keep in mind, Government's motto is: "We are here to Serve and Protect." The one small omission though by government, in ALL REALITY was the  fact based on greed and opportunity over the decades, to "serve" and "protect" themselves,  government as they ever-increasingly took it all at the population's expense and disadvantage by the clear step by step loss of our most important legacies our founding fathers tried to secure and preserve for us.

** The way it was and is being done: Masterfully entertain us, good or bad entertainment, into absolute distraction of singularity,  where we are neutralized into objects of no consequence when it comes down to understanding what is taking place each and every day right before our own eyes. A very depressing fact is that about 2/3 rds of the population continues to be sound-bite conditioned to cheer, on cue, as they are entertained. Kinda like a group of cattle eagerly walking down the slaughter house ramp, gleefully asking each other: "I wonder if this vacation will be as good or even better than the last?"

Time to have clear and cognitive thinking as would pertain to the "basic" realities of government and their syndicated media parroting agenda machines. We can not afford to be masterfully entertained, spoon-fed propaganda, as we all walk down that ramp on our next PTB government of the last 70-year guided grand vacation we are being directed towards.

Walter Burien

The following video I have had up for several years on the recommended view list of the CAFR1 YouTube Chanel  if you have not seen it yet, I recommend you click on the link below and watch it now before reading my comment left on it..

The Battle of Athens: Restoring the Rule of Law:

The comment left by CAFR1 on this video today, 02/19/18 was as follows:

Well, the next battle of Athens in the USA?

 Local governments, most are operating as for-profit corporations. Those familiar with corporate lingo should know the expression of: "A hostile takeover" or "a majority vote from the shareholders is final".

For the next battle, a battle to start the end all battles, if the residents of a local government know that their local government is operating contrary to the interests of the population where the local government is by greed and opportunity fleecing its residents at every opportunity to do so, then: The population must initiate an Emergency Special binding issue vote, with one issue to be voted on. That being:

 The suspension for a minimum of 90-days for reorganization; modification (complete review and audit); and then reinstatement of that local government under specific guidelines of employee changes; consolidation of revenue; operating procedures;  limited scope and responsibilities as would pertain to the agencies  departments of that local government, drafted, and openly disclosed to the residents with review and audit findings and enforced through specific terms as outlined by a publicly assigned (by the residents) panel of say 15 for a small local government or 50 for a medium sized local government, and the restructure plan upon review by the residents would be voted upon before reinstatement.

Emergency response or service departments of the local government would maintain their services under adequate and special operating guidelines  during the suspension (Fire; Police; schools). 

A key point of reinstatement would be the local government will be required to not exceed and must match the income growth of its residents. Within the audit, going back 30-years, it will be determined if that local government exceeded the income growth of the residents and will be brought back in-line  with the income growth of the residents upon reinstatement. Example: If the populations income growth and numbers increased by a factor of 3x over 30-years, then that local government will be brought in line for 3x and population increase or decrease over the same time period. Or in other words, balance..

A 70% yes vote or greater will be required for the suspension. Voting will be by hand ballots and be strictly supervised by public oversight in the casting, eligibility verification,  and counting of the votes.

The vote on the issue will not be invalidated by any means, and will be binding and superlative to any action to by any party to thwart the will of the people's collective vote.

Corruption does not play fair, and if it is prevalent in that local government, up front it is clearly stated that the will (the vote) of the people shall not be infringed or circumvented by any party from within or outside of that local government. No presentation of statute or law will or shall circumvent the vote of the residents, the vote is superlative to any other influencing contradiction.

Now in reality, if you tell foxes or wolves they can not kill and eat livestock in your town, they will say: "No, our own law of plunder is superlative. No change, or attempted change to eat and kill as much as we want will be allowed."  And those foxes and wolves have many brethren from across the land that would vigorously attempt to enforce those foxes and wolves view point.

** So, if the 70% mark is reached, exceeded, or if not stopped from even being presented for the vote, if exceeded, it all boils down to: Do the people own government, or does government own the people?

Well, keep it simple, assert  your efforts as if your lives depend on it (which they do), and draw that line in the sand. No and, if, or buts. If government puts forward: "We own you, you will do as we say." In response, it is clearly noted: "No you work for us, we as a majority by verified vote, are telling you what will be. The vote will take place and the outcome will be enforced at every turn of the page. If the vote is 70% +, the shutdown as specified and outlined with consequential penalties within that issue vote will commence within 72-hours."

If this is done, the population within close to you and from afar across the land will support and back enforcement of the vote, or the will of the People. 

If push comes to shove, then as time of 10,000-years establishes, ranchers, when their livestock are being decimated by wolves and foxes, the response to deal with those wolves and foxes has always been clear.

This needs to happen in a small local government where the majority of the residents know the corruption is blatant and unrestrained in all reality. 

A good, ethical, efficient, and prosperous (for the population) local government, a vote such as this would be lucky to get 20%.

 In a large local government, the confusion would be to overwhelming to make it happen. But in the alternative from a inherently corrupt small local government, a 70%+ vote may be just what will occur. There are many small local governments across the land that fit that bill.

So, in those cases, this action and special issue vote is righteously needed.

Do the research up-front to select a smart, capable, review panel of 15-individuals to handle the review, policy modifications, and audit for reinstatement. Make sure there are no conflicts of interest from or with the individuals that are selected to do the job.

Again, the will of the people, the residents of that local government will be, and shall be, superlative to any other issue or opposition to the suspension of that local government if and when the 70%+ vote is obtained.

The next battle of Athens? Well it is long over-due. Above, gives the comprehension and a start of cognitive thinking to make it happen.

** Think of it in this way: If the shareholders of a public company realize the company board of directors are looting the revenue of the company; are mismanaging the company; and are plundering the value of the stock of that company screwing its shareholders, the majority of shareholders of that company upon a special meeting having been called, can vote to: Suspend; Reorganize; and Reinstate that company, and replace the entire board of directors if needed for reinstatement.  In this example, only a 51% vote to do so would be required.

So, since our local governments want to operate as for-profit corporations, then lets treat them just  as shareholders (residents) would. If the local government, in the consensus view of the residents is good, ethical, and productive for We The People, then not an issue. But in the alternative, 70%+ of the vote, as the baseball referee has said when called for: "You are out of there!"

I say 70%, but you decide if needed for your local government. 65%, 55%, or as a match for any publicly owned company, 51%

Just think, one example set will make all of the others Local Governments from across the land (in reality) to start cleaning up their act. What director or directors, on the spot, want to be voted out in one sweep by their shareholders? None do. The arrogant and corrupted though just say to themselves "They can't touch me."

Walter Burien -

PS: Most government attorneys can talk the flees off a dog and local government Judges in simple arrogance will command the flees to jump off a dog or they and the dog will be held in contempt of court,  and then the flees with the dog are sentenced to be killed at the whim of that Judge, and are. So, good thought must be given for replacements in that arena upon reinstatement if needed.

And on a last note, as an English nobleman from long ago once said:

TREASON: "Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason." Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

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