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Trump is a patsy, like ever other politician is in this country, even Ron Paul; their energy, their lives, their very existence, is based on doing what They're told to do by Their jew bosses, and if They don't?  "Well, we all know what happens when a politician truly does go rogue, which by the way, Ron Paul never did."

Everybody thinks that Ron Paul was and still is, some kind of exception to the rule, HE's NOT, and here's why; Ron Paul is a professional placater, who was allowed to occupy his political post for as long as he did because he served a very important purpose for the kikes, and that was, he talked the patriot talk, expressed similar views and opinions aligned with Theirs, and played Them like a Stradivarius, all for the expressed purpose of making Them think that There was at least one politician in this god-forsaken-country, that wasn't on the take, and that might be able to change things around for the better -- fat chance sports fans -- but  the reality was, Ron Paul was never going to be allowed to accomplish any of the things he espoused, and furthermore he knew it right from the start, because Ron Paul was, and still is, a professional placater.

As long as the general public continues to mindlessly comply, conform, participate in, and sheepishly acquiesce to psycho government, the jews will forever have the current level of granular control over Their pet live-stock that allows Them to run the entire show from the top down bottom up, thus there will never be any real departure from the way things have been on planet earth for the last 7,000 some odd years, until enough of us takes an active role in disbanding ALL Government.



Either Russia's liberal-leaning PM is on a calculated quest to boost his hard-line, patriotic credentials, or he is mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore. Either way he is on a tear, and the former reality TV star, Donald Trump, is his victim.

Writing to his Facebook (a quest to show his common touch?) he basically called Trump a worthless cuck, characterized the new sanctions as declaration of a trade war against Russia, and said any hope of improving the relations with the US (currently at their worst in at least 30 years) is now a thing of the past:

The signing of new sanctions against Russia into law by the US president leads to several consequences. First, any hope of improving our relations with the new US administration is over. Second, the US just declared a full-scale trade war on Russia. Third, the Trump administration demonstrated it is utterly powerless, and in the most humiliating manner transferred executive powers to Congress. This shifts the alignment of forces in US political circles.

What does this mean for the U.S.? The American establishment completely outplayed Trump. The president is not happy with the new sanctions, but he could not avoid signing the new law. The purpose of the new sanctions was to put Trump in his place. Their ultimate goal is to remove Trump from power. An incompetent player must be eliminated. At the same time, the interests of American businesses were almost ignored. Politics rose above the pragmatic approach. Anti-Russian hysteria has turned into a key part of not only foreign (as has been the case many times), but also domestic US policy (this is recent).

The sanctions codified into law will now last for decades, unless some miracle occurs. Moreover, it will be tougher than the Jackson-Vanik law, because it is comprehensive and can not be postponed by special orders of the president without the consent of the Congress. Therefore, the future relationship between the Russian Federation and the United States will be extremely tense, regardless of the composition of the Congress or the personality of the president. Relations between the two countries will now be clarified in international bodies and courts of justice leading to further intensification of international tensions, and a refusal to resolve major international problems.

What does this mean for Russia? We will continue to work on the development of the economy and social sphere, we will deal with import substitution, solve the most important state tasks, counting primarily on ourselves. We have learned to do this in recent years. Within almost closed financial markets, foreign creditors and investors will be afraid to invest in Russia due to worries of sanctions against third parties and countries. In some ways, it will benefit us, although sanctions - in general - are meaningless. We will manage.