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Donít be Fooled: New Mexico Proposal Would Open Door for Toxic Frack Waste Dumping

Jeremy Nichols

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New Oil Conservation Commission Regulations Would Allow Use and Discharge of Oil and Gas Industry’s Toxic Waste, Threatening New Mexico’s Clean Water

We’ve highlighted before how New Mexico’s plan to let the oil and gas industry dump their toxic waste onto crops and into the state’s streams is a horrible idea that threatens to undermine climate progress.

Sadly, despite calls for Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to put the brakes on these plans, her administration has decided to kick things into high gear.

At the end of June, the state’s Oil Conservation Commission announced it intends to amend its regulations to make it easier for the oil and gas industry to transport and use its toxic waste while drilling and fracking.

Worse, the proposed regulations would even authorize the dumping and discharge of this waste outside of oil and gas producing regions. 

While billed as regulating “produced water,” the fluids that would.....