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Poverty Forces Chileans to Cook in ‘the Common Pot’

Massoud Nayeri and Telesur

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The most immediate memory of the 'common pots' dates back to the dictatorship in 1982.

Capitalism is a system to accumulate capital. People are only a commodity in this system. The Coronavirus crisis has enabled the capitalists to pay less for the healthy laborers to make more profit. The rest are left to their own demise. 

-Massoud Nayeri, May 19, 2020


Chile’s economic crisis unleashed by President Sebastian Piñera’s neoliberal policies and exacerbated by the pandemic revived images that had not been seen in Chile since the time of the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990).

Thousands of people living in poor neighborhoods eat every day thanks to the “common pots”, a solidarity mechanism that allows.....