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Supplies Are Starting To Get Really Tight Nationwide As Food Distribution Systems Break Down

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The big kill shot will be food and exposure. As more and more people are left homeless (exposure) and food rationing starts to take hold (which it will), the general population will become evermore weak from lack of food in the long run. However in the interim beginning as millions and millions of people are forced to start fasting, They will more than likely start to feel better than They have in years, or ever remembering feeling.

The Communist always use food and forced labor camps to murder millions of people, and it will be no different here in America once this things gets a full head of steam.

Don't be taken in by anyone in the government, the media, or main stream medicine, because They will all do what They're told in the end, even take part in murdering entire regions of people in this country. Think not? You're deluded if you think any of these people have your best interest at heart, or that They won't turn on you in a blink of an eye once the order goes out for mass culling.

One thing that all governments are really, really good at is betrayal, hence expect nothing less when the real crap show commences.   --RR