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Mat Staver

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You won't believe what "Big Tech" got caught doing and the lengths they will go to hide it. See explosive proof of attacks on your constitutionally guaranteed freedom of conscience and speech.




After working for eight years at Google, a senior software engineer faced a life-changing decision. He could continue to pull his 260,000-dollar salary and live under a crushing weight of guilt from what he had helped create. Or he could risk his career to come forward and to give Americans the truth about what Google is really up to.


Zachary Vorhies chose to take a stand.


It is shocking how much Google has lied to you, lied to the media and lied to Congress—even under oath!


But beyond that, the manner in which Google retaliated and tried to shut Zachary down before he could get this proof to the public is stunning.


When Zachary first decided to act, he shared with Project Veritas that Google was creating algorithms to affect and control the 2020 elections. He exposed the fact that Google is creating blacklists consisting of dozens of websites to which it denies search shortcuts. Almost immediately, Google’s team and their lawyers began threatening him.


“This is the first step in having your life ruined,” Zachary recognized, but still the whistleblower didn’t back down.


So Google escalated its attacks. It called the police to Zachary’s home for a “mental health” check. “They got inside the gate,” Zachary said, “and they started banging on my door... the police decided that they were going to call in additional forces. They called in the FBI, they called in the SWAT team. And they called in a bomb squad.”


A BOMB squad ... to silence a software employee?


Zachary explained this is how Google tries to “intimidate their employees that go rogue on the company.” They send in a SWAT team!


Facing four law enforcement agencies, Zachary could have crumbled. He could have called it a day. But he didn’t.


Instead, Zach provided 850 internal Google documents that expose just how far the company has already gone to censor and control political discourse in America. They were creating something “dark and nefarious,” he said. “They were intending to sculpt the informational landscape so that they could create their own version of what was objectively true.”


His documents prove that Google was denying shortcuts to “blacklisted” websites. And—in direct opposition to their congressional testimony—the company is, in fact, using “human raters” to produce search results that manipulate their readers.


Will you stand with Zach and help turn the sacrifices he has made into a groundswell of citizen outrage demanding a solution? Send our congressional leaders an urgent message to protect the freedom of conscience and speech that are at the heart of our constitutional liberties.


I’m asking you to take two actions: First, fax Congress with an urgent message demanding a solution to Big Tech censorship.

Second, if you haven’t already, add your name to our petition to hold Google and other Big Tech companies accountable. 

Then, please help us spread the word! Forward this email to your family and friends to let others know the truth of what is happening in Silicon Valley.


Liberty Counsel Action is on the cutting edge of this battle. We have been meeting with leaders on Capitol Hill who are helping push this fight forward. And we have drafted a bill to address the core issue of Big Tech manipulation and censorship. If you’d like to have a personal impact on this crucial issue, partner with us today through a donation to help hold the tech giants’ feet to the fire.


Each of us, like Zachary, is in a position of influence with our neighbors, friends and family members and we can help spread the truth. I hope you will join me with your financial support to make a difference in this all-important struggle against Big Tech censorship and manipulation.


In defense of liberty,

Mat Staver


P.S. Google has been caught red-handed manipulating people across America. We cannot allow Google, Twitter and other Silicon Censors to continue silencing freedom-loving voices. We must fully expose their overt subversion of our freedom of conscience and speech. Make your voice heard in Congress by sending a fax today. Then sign our petition and forward this important message to spread the word.