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Monsanto has been on a losing streak for years now. They have lost lawsuit after lawsuit in countries all around the world over the course of the last decade. In cases where they have emerged victorious, the public perception of the company has been severely damaged. In these cases, farmers have lost the legal right to keep seeds they have grown the year before since Monsanto owns the genetic code contained in the seeds.

Perhaps most embarrassingly, Monsanto products are banned in many major western countries. It’s primarily only in the United States where big business, big lobbying, and big politics are so intermingled as to give the biotech company a place to plant its feet.

But some experts are now saying that Monsanto may be about to collapse under the weight of all the legal and public relations embarrassments that it has suffered. What’s more, it could be that another major humiliation for the company is on the horizon.

Recently, peer previewed documents of an early test phase called the Global Glyphosate Study came to light. These reveal some damning data on Monsanto’s flagship weed killer, Roundup. In the study, glyphosate-based plant killers have been shown to cause harmful alterations in key biological properties in rats.

These changes have been shown to instantiate problems in the sexual development of mammals, hinder intestinal flora, and cause genotoxicity. The reports are scheduled to be published in the journal, Environmental Health in the next few weeks.

Daniele Mandrioli, the author of the reports, said the researchers found glyphosate in the guts of rats that were born by mother rats who showed no signs of exposure. Some of the most common problems these rats suffered were obesity, diabetes, and severe immune deficiencies.

Professor Philip J. Landrigan, another researcher who worked on the project, said that these findings warrant further investigation. He wants to perform long-term studies over several generations. This, he says, should satisfy suspicions that glyphosate causes intergenerational problems.

These problems are difficult to model as the dangers do not present themselves in early generations. This is a strong indicator that the damage to Monsanto that can be expected might be enough to bring the company crashing down.

Not surprisingly, Monsanto has seen the danger these studies present and is mounting a defense. Of course, any time someone is guilty- you can expect them to respond by attempting to smear the messenger. That is exactly what Monsanto is doing. According to Scott Partridge, Monsanto’s global strategy vice president, the Ramazzini Institute is “an activist organization with an agenda that they have not disclosed.”

If the Ramazzini Institute has a hidden agenda, it would be interesting if Scott Partridge had an idea as to what it could be. Sadly, this unsubstantiated claim is all he could muster in his interview with The Guardian.

The Ramazzini Institute was far from the only organization to contribute to the Global Glyphosate Study. George Washington University, the Italian National Institute of Health, the University of Bologna, the Icahn School of Medicine at New York’s Mount Sinai, and the Genoa Hospital San Martino are just a few of the major contributors. Naturally, Monsanto cannot afford to attack the reputations of all of these major research bodies- so they went after the weakest of the lot.

The effects of glyphosate have caused untold numbers of farmers to either reluctantly use Monsanto products or sustain enormous losses to their crops. This is because, on top of being the exclusive manufacturer of this type of herbicide, Monsanto also has the sole right to sell plant seeds that are immune to the plant killer. What this means is, if you are a farmer and your neighbor uses Roundup, you need to buy Monsanto GMO crops. This is because only Monsanto GMO crops are immune to Roundup.

This effectively gives Monsanto an unbeatable monopoly on the market. What’s more, they have used this incredible one-two GMO punch to put their competitors out of business. It has made it so that only Monsanto-partnered farmers can compete.

The inevitable result of this agro-chemical empire has been the global saturation of land and soil with the herbicide ingredient, glyphosate. When all the destructive effects of Roundup and its active ingredient are revealed, Monsanto is going to have a firestorm on its genetically modified hands.

Monsanto controls so much of the market that the economic effects might be quite dramatic. Whole communities will lose their jobs. It will be difficult. But these, unfortunately, are the withdrawal symptoms of GMO addiction.

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