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Tucker Carlson NAILS the Google Memo with James Damore

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Ron: Here is the substance of Tucker Carlson's introduction to his interview with James Damore:

'Google explained the firing, Quote: Part of building an open, inclusive environment means fostering a culture in which those with alternative views, including different political views, feel safe sharing their opinions.

OK. so in order to foster a culture in which those with alternative political views could feel safe sharing their opinions Google fired James Damore for the crime of sharing his alternative political opinions. Ha! At no point did Google rebut any of the points Damore made. The fact he made them was enough. RAISING QUESTIONS WAS HIS CRIME.

Now why does any of this matter? It matters because Google is the most powerful company in the history of the world. Its the portal through which the bulk of our information flows. That means, if Google isn't on the level, neither is our understanding of the world. TO AN UNPRECEDENTED EXTENT, GOOGLE CONTROLS REALITY. Now Google has already shown a disturbing willingness to distort reality for ideological ends. Until they were sued for it in 2008, Google refused to allow anti-abortion advertisements on its platforms, even though they freely allowed pro-abortion ones... Recently, Google-owned YouTube has introduced proceedures to cut off revenue to - quote - OFFENSIVE CONTENT. What's offensive? Who decides? Well its an opaque process controlled by employees of the company. And the last two weeks have shown us conclusively what those employees are like. No surprise then if the "Offensive" label is routinely being applied to right of centre content creators they don't like. Google's also appointed itself the on-line sheriff of FAKE NEWS. Changing its search algorithems so that what it calls "misleading' or "offensive" news DOESN'T EVEN SHOW UP IN SEARCHES. You will neve know it existed.

It's now obvious that google cannot be trusted to do any of this. Why should a company that shuts down free speech for political reasons, have the power to dictate what the world knows AND THINKS?! Well it shouldn't have that power... We should have seen this coming...' Tucker Carlson