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I am not backing down on my statement about why the New York subway is failing

Jim Stone

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I will repeat: After more than 100 years of maintenance and management with a work force that was predominantly white male, and VERY QUALIFIED, New York has sold out to political correctness and affirmative action. There are minorities that are qualified, but the hiring process has no doubt been usurped by desk sitting snowflakes and therefore they did "feel good" hiring, while denying that that particular grunt job actually required people that were a hell of a lot smarter than the average bachelor or master. And not the modern politically correct feel good bachelor or master, I'm talking old school.

If you want to get a metro system running proper, you have to have people in maintenance that are a unique combination of doctor like brains that are willing to get out house dirty. You will never get that via an immigrant favored hiring system that craps all over old school white males. It is as simple as that, and if people can't handle hearing that plain and obvious truth,  too bad!


There are plenty of Mexicans that fit the bill and can do the job. The Mexico City subway proves it. The Mexico city subway is ENORMOUS and runs like a swiss watch. So it is not a racist issue. The issue is that for the sake of meeting quotas and pushing a political agenda, too many of the wrong people are being hired and the serious down grade of the quality of the New York subway proves it. The problem is that the snow flakes in the hiring process won't know what is what. It is all a bunch of feel good garbage to them, and THAT is going to have to stop NOW and not later, or we are going to hear a lot more stories about people stripping down to their underwear to avoid heat stroke.


The work force I spoke about at a facility I worked for that was predominantly incompetent was 100 percent white. Not all whites are up to the job, obviously. You can't just pick a race and say that's it. But you also can't take a modern snowflake and expect that snowflake to know jack AT ALL about anything technical, the universities and common core destroyed them all. And now we see the results. If some of the competent people from the past were still in the New York subway maintenance staff they'd be preventing the problems that are happening now, it is OBVIOUS many suddenly got their walking papers and need to be hired back. And until they are brought back, New Yorkers can enjoy getting stuck in a tunnel. New York might as well just shut off the pumps and let the system flood for all it will be worth very soon if someone in management does not grow a brain, AND QUICK.


I can just see it: Some idiot snowflake really believing the lies about mechanics being stupid grunts, and that sitting through 4 or more years of male bashing at a university actually makes someone smarter than grease bob. FAT CHANCE!!!

Political correctness and common core wreak havoc with New York subway


I am going to say it like it is: Cities like New York have started hiring only minorities and foreigners to maintain critical infrastructure and it is causing major problems. This is perfectly evident in Washington DC, which has practically no white males in subway maintenance and a completely new system that went from beautiful to dungeon in a decade and runs like absolute crap. Having maintenance with virtually no skills might work where systems are simple, but it is not going to work for a subway, which actually needs qualified people to maintain it.

It is possible to run reliable transit with Mexicans (the Mexico City subway proves it) and I have seen perfectly competent Mexicans in industry, but you are not going to do it with affirmative action hired minorities from the American ghetto. You also are not going to do it with third world people who were amazed when they saw a television 15 years ago. You are not going to do it with common core educated fools from American suburbia either. New York has 2 options to get their subway back to working, and they are 1. White American males over 40, and 2. Mexicans who worked for the transit authority in Mexico City.


The age of the subway in New York is being blamed for the problems. Folks, that is BULL. If age was a problem it would have shown up 75 years ago when the subway was first old. More than 50 years old by then. REALITY: If you have knowledgeable staff, and a system that was not garbage when installed - even if that was 100 or more years ago, it can be run with perfect reliability regardless of age. Boston has the green line that runs great and is well over 100 years old.


I have seen this in industry first hand. Unilaterally it is not the age of the system that matters, it is the quality of the electricians and mechanics that work on it. The magic ratio is if 30 percent of the people who have to maintain it actually know what they are doing, they can carry 70 percent completely incompetent idiots on their backs and all will be well. Someone in New York obviously got rid of the competent 30 percent. Probably a snowflake that believed what the professors said about white males in college.


Most likely the people they flushed were age 40+ white guys that knew the system and it's idiosyncracies like the backs of their hands. You know - the people liberals HATE. They probably got fired 20 years before retirement. They probably got ditched for their "hate". And whoever got rid of them is assured to be far far far too stupid and blind to realize that if the system was running absolutely perfect a few months ago, it can't possibly be the age of the system that is the problem.


Their solution will be to replace all the trains with new. Rather than the decades old tech, they'll get all new inverter based tech that will work absolutely perfect for 5-10 years with little to no maintenance, pat themselves on the back for how smart they were by getting rid of the old stuff, and then they'll be back to square one, when the simplest things start going wrong. Yes, the inverter based stuff is easier to keep running, but it won't keep running forever with a maintenance crew that has no skills AT ALL.


Oh, but they have skills, RIGHT? They have all the papers and diplomas that prove it, RIGHT? Only an IDIOT would believe that, when it comes to third worlders, paper means NOTHING. I have seen that countless times, papers simply mean nothing at all. It matters a LOT MORE where someone grew up!


My advice to New York: If you want your system back up and running perfect, like it has been for well over a century, BRING THE WHITE MALES YOU RECENTLY FIRED BACK, AT 2X THE PAY, WITH FULL BENEFITS AND PENSION REINSTATED. How do I know you fired them? Because your subway went from perfect to sh*t overnight. That did not happen because of "aging!"


I have seen this before - at one place I worked for there were 4 qualified people carrying the weight of 13. The 4 people split due to the fact the incompetents ran a qualified boss out the door, and when I checked back things ran for 3 days and then all hell broke loose. That same company now has 30+ people trying to do the same work, and even doubling the staff could not make up for the loss of 4 qualified people.


There were some power supplies that I built for less than $200 each and weighed five pounds that were endlessly capable of handling massive power surges and running sensitive electronics perfectly in an incredibly hostile DC power environment. Zero failures for years. The idiots that ran the good boss out threw them off the cranes when they could not figure out why the cranes quit running (they actually got in trouble for that) because that company could not get anything else that worked without getting blown out, so they ended up giving my schematics to a design firm that replicated the power supplies for $9, 000 each, and when they arrived they were 10X as large and weighed 200 pounds. If I did not draw up schematics for those power supplies when I made them, they'd have been SOL permanently. That's what happens when qualified people leave.


There is absolutely no doubt this is the type of thing that happended in New York if suddenly they went from no problems to tons of problems. And rather than $9, 000 their solution is going to cost BILLIONS. And then not work in 5-10 years. Welcome to the third world America, your common core high schools and colleges that now teach sensitivity and socialism rather than real progress have ensured that future. And according to them, it will all be the white male's fault when everything falls apart!