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Sananda - Esu 'Jesus' Immaneul

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  March 17, 2017







WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1989   9:30 A.M.   YEAR 3, DAY 084


In an effort to allow you to understand a bit of history and key players in leadership roles, I shall give you some historical and chronological informa­tion.  It is more important that you of the United States know of that which is prevalent in the United States, therefore, I shall ad­here to activities within America for the cur­rent times.  It no longer matters what happened two thousand years ago for the acts are more heinous than ever be­fore in recorded his­tory and further, you cannot handle more.  The cleansing and cor­rections must begin at home and within self.  There are worse prac­tices taking place elsewhere in your world but relative “badness” is not that which we are about.  This will be disappointing to ones in countries other than the North Americas who seek answers but other geographical locations shall be handed by other scribes or at a later date.




I wish to say at this point that it will not be your big orga­nized groups which present the imme­diate hazard to you for they must maintain a very clean outer shell.  To participate in hor­rendous rituals the members will scatter to the little unknown groups here and there to pre­serve security.  You will not know of these groups, which makes them doubly dangerous to you as cit­izens.


The major, known groups are public because they incorporate to glean tax-shelter status under religious protection.  It is most unfortunate that evil in­vades all gifts.


Of the publicly noted organized groups are the Church of Satan, headed by Anton LaVey; the Temple of Set, headed by Colonel Michael Aquino, the Process Church of the Final Judge­ment, Our Lady of En­dor Coven, the Ophite Cultus Satanis, founded in 1948 by Herbert Sloane in Toledo, Ohio; Brotherhood of the Ram, a southern Califor­nia group; Church of Sa­tanic Brotherhood, which broke away from the Church of Satan in the 70’s over disagree­ments with Anton LaVey, and The Satanic Orthodox Church of Nethilum Rite, located in Chicago, which was formed in 1971.


There are other orthodox Satanic groups that exist whose names may come to your attention but I shall be discussing basically the first two.


I shall not give the honor to Anton LaVey nor to Michael Aquino of giving their personal backgrounds except as it applies di­rectly to the current topic.


LaVey’s intent for the Church of Satan is to praise indulgence and discredit God and Christ-proclaiming churches.  You will also see how insidious evil actually is in practice; it takes all the beau­teous things and taints them with ugliness. 


As a for instance, you will note that you are in year three, day 84 of a new calendar of se­quence—all the most ancient of calen­dars have expired on Au­gust 16/17, 1987.  The clever LaVey did the fol­lowing:  On April 30, 1966, the occult holiday of Walpur­gisnacht, he shaved his head, put on a clerical collar, neatly trimmed his Mephistophelian beard and proclaimed the age of Sa­tan.  He encour­aged and invited all news media to cover his an­tics.  He was re­ferred to as the Black Pope.  He engaged in Black Masses in which a member would dress like the Pope.  Dur­ing the ceremony a nude woman was used as an altar as the make-believe Pope en­gaged in apparent sexual inter­course for the sake of the cameras.  This is practiced openly when the press cameras are absent.


In May of 1967 (May is a most “unholy” month in satanic circles—May 13th being a most unsa­cred and unholy day) he baptized his daughter Zeena into the Church of Satan.  The baptism was recorded properly.  LaVey then be­came very active in consultant roles, espe­cially for the motion picture indus­try beginning with Rosemary’s Baby, the hit movie about a group of Sa­tanists who use the wife of an aspiring actor to breed the devil’s child.  LaVey is quite nicely listed as an advisor.


The Church of Satan continued to attract attention.  A U.S. Navy Seaman, who had been a member of the Church, died, and LaVey, ac­companied by film-maker and friend, Kenneth Anger, officiated at the funeral along with a Navy Honor Guard.  The Church had gained le­gitimacy, so much so that the U.S. Government (yes, the same gov­ernment as you honor) eventually pro­vided its chaplains with a handbook that, along with other non-traditional reli­gions, de­scribes the religious needs of service people who be­long to the Church of Satan—the information came from the Church itself.


Now, Dharma, please copy directly from the information provided for this purpose.  As you read through this document please note care­fully things which must become obvious to you in relation­ships one with another.  Note, for instance, the connection with the major rock musi­cians coming forth first from England and the relationship with the Nazi movement and sym­bolism with the Ger­man Satanic con­nection.  Please, read between the lines for the document had to be kept within “legal” boundaries.  Further, watch for that which is omitted such as May 13th celebration and the high importance of Easter as a major time of sacrificing babies and children.  Keep your eyes and minds open.  Further keep in mind that the handbook was writ­ten prior to 1970 or approxi­mately at that time—two decades past.








The work involved in developing and producing this handbook was per­formed pursuant to con­tract number MDA903 76 C 0267 with the U.S. De­partment of Defense by:

     Kirchner Associates, Inc.

     with subcontract work by:

          The Institute for the Study of American Religion


CHURCH OF SATAN                        ANTON S. LAVEY

Post Office Box 7633

San Francisco, CA 94120

High Priest                            AKA: Satanists


HISTORICAL ROOTS:  The Church of Satan is an eclectic body that traces its origins to many sources—classical voodoo, the Hell Fire club of 18th cen­tury England, the ritual magic of Aleister Crowley and the Black Order of Germany in the 1920’s and 1930’s.


CURRENT WORLD LEADER:  Anton Szandor LaVey.  High Priest.

NUMBER OF ADHERENTS IN THE U.S.:  10,000 to 20,000.


ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE:  The Church of Satan is focused in the Central Grotto in San Francisco.  It accepts or rejects all poten­tial mem­bers and charters other grottos around the country.  Iso­lated individuals re­late directly to the Central Grotto.


LEADERSHIP AND ROLE OF PRIESTS:  The Priesthood is not com­prised of individuals who are necessarily adept in the performance of ritu­als, though pastoral and organizational abilities are not mini­mized.  The rank of Priest is conferred on those who have achieved a measurable degree of es­teem or success; one’s level of membership within the church is com­mensurate with his/her po­sition outside the church.  Hence, a respected ca­reer soldier or commissioned officer in the Army might qualify, though be to­tally uninvolved with group activ­ity.  Rituals are conducted by a de facto priest, i.e., a cel­ebrant member who has evidenced a working knowledge of and ability to conduct services and is au­thorized by the Central Grotto.


WHO MAY CONDUCT A RITUAL?  Anyone, but a priest is required for group worship.


IS GROUP WORSHIP REQUIRED?  No, but it is strongly encouraged, be­cause it is a strong reinforcement of the faith and instilla­tion of power.


WORSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  Worship in the Church of Satan is based upon the belief that man needs ritual, dogma, fantasy and en­chantment.  Worship consists of magical rituals and there are three basic kinds: sexual rituals to fulfill a desire; compas­sionate rituals, to help an­other; and destruc­tive rituals, used for anger, annoyance or hate.  Grottos often gather on Fri­day evenings for group ritu­als.


MINIMUM EQUIPMENT FOR WORSHIP:  Varies with the type of ritual per­formed but is likely to include a black robe, an altar, the symbol of Baphomet, candles, bell, a chalice, elixir (wine or some other drink most pleasing to the palate), sword, model phallus, gong, and parchment.


FACILITIES FOR WORSHIP:  A private place where an altar can be erected and rituals per­formed.


SPECIAL RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS:  The highest holiday is one’s own birthday.  Every man is a God if he chooses to recognize that fact.  After one’s birthday, Walpurgisnacht (April 30) and Hal­loween are most impor­tant.  April 30 is the grand climax of the spring equinox and Halloween was one of the times of the great fire festivals among the ancient Druids.  The sol­stices and equinoxes—which fall in March, June, September and December and mark the first day of the new seasons—are also celebrated.


FUNERAL AND BURIAL REQUIREMENTS:  The priests of the Church of Sa­tan perform funerals and the Central Grotto should be con­tacted in case of death.


AUTOPSY:  No restrictions.


CREMATIONS:  Only permitted in extreme circumstances such as an ex­pedient measure where it is necessary to safeguard the health of others.


MEDICAL TREATMENT:  No restrictions.







BASIC TEACHINGS OR BELIEFS:  The Church of Satan worships Satan, most clearly sym­bolized in the Roman God Lucifer, the bearer of light, the spirit of the air, and the personifica­tion of enlighten­ment.  Satan is not visu­alized as an anthropomorphic being, rather he repre­sents the forces of na­ture.  To the Sa­tanist, the self is the highest embodiment of human life and is sacred.  The Church of Satan is essentially a human potential movement and members are en­couraged to develop whatever capabil­ities they can by which they might excel.  They are, however, cautioned to recognize their limi­tations—an important factor in this philosophy of ra­tional self-interest.  Sa­tanists practice magic, the art of changing situations or events in accor­dance with one’s will, which would, using nor­mally accepted methods, be impossi­ble.


CREEDAL STATEMENTS AND AUTHORATATIVE LITERATURE:  The writings of Anton LaVey provide the direction for the Satanists—The Sa­tanic Bible, The Compleat Witch and The Satanic Rituals.  Mem­bers are en­couraged to study pertinent writings which serve as guidelines for the Satanic thought such as works of Mark Twain, Niccolo Machi­avelli, G.S. Shaw, Ayn Rand, Fredrich Neitzsche, etc.


ETHICAL PRACTICES:  The ethical stance of the Church of Satan is sum­marized in the Nine Satanic Statements.




l.  Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence!


2.  Satan represents vital existence, instead of  spiritual pipe dreams!


3.  Satan represents undefiled wisdom, instead of hypo-

    critical self-deceit!


4.  Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it,

    instead of love wasted on ingrates!


5.  Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the

    other cheek!


6.  Satan represents responsibility to the responsible,

    instead of concern for psychic vampires!


7.  Satan represents man as just another animal sometimes better, sometimes worse than those that        walk on all-fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development”, has become the most vicious animal of all!


8.  Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they

  all lead to physical, mental or emotional           gratification.


9.  Satan has been the best friend the church has ever

    had, as he has kept it in business all these years!


Beyond the above principles, Satanists generally oppose the use of narcotics which dull the senses and suicide which cuts off the life (the great indul­gence) and stand firmly on law and or­der.  The Church of Satan is not to be confused with Satanists groups which have been found to engage in illegal acts. 

HOW DOES THE CHURCH OF SATAN RECRUIT NEW MEMBERS?  The Church does not proselytize but welcomes inquiries from those potential Sa­tanists who hear about the Church from the various books about it, the mass media or word of mouth.


RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHER RELIGIONS:  The Church of Satan stands as a gathering point for all those who believe in what the Christian Church opposes, the members are gener­ally hostile to its teachings and resul­tant behavior patterns.  To a lesser ex­tent, the same po­sition holds for East­ern religions.


* * *




In your mid-70’s, some members of the Church of Satan became dis­pleased with LaVey and what they perceived as the church’s new di­rection.  They thought the Church to be too high profile, too media conscious and too much like a circus side show.  They also believed that LaVey’s ego was becoming more important than the church’s mission.  Many senior members quit and began their own groups.  One of these people was Michael Aquino.


Aquino joined the Church of Satan after serving nine months in Vietnam as a lieutenant in the cavalry squadron for the 82nd Air­borne.  When he flew home to San Franciso in 1969 to be mar­ried, he was looking for a dose of counter-culture, something to even out the effects of Army regimentation.  He saw an adver­tisement for the Church of Satan in the Berkeley Barb, an under­ground newspaper.


Aquino met LaVey and the two became very close over the years.  LaVey raised Aquino to the full level of IVth degree—Magister Tem­pli—the first Sa­tanist other than LaVey to attain this level.  Here is a little tid-bit of gossip:  The recognition was conveyed on August 5, 1973, the anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death.


LaVey was fascinated with Monroe and members of the Church claimed that LaVey held a ritual of necromancy for her.  LaVey knew Mon­roe’s death was not suicide.  He knew her death was con­nected with her alleged relationships with John and Robert Kennedy.  Do you be­gin to see how the circles spiral around and around?  And now, let us look closely at how things begin to re­ally swing into heinous action.


Aquino believed that the Church was becoming corrupt.  He be­lieved it erred in allowing out­siders visit, study, and observe the Church without any inten­tion of personal commitment.  The Church elders believed that if people were exposed to the Church philosophy they would make such a commit­ment.  Aquino believed that was wrong.  He believed that people vampirized the Church, enjoyed the accessories of the philosophy (the indulgence with­out guilt) and con­tributed very little.  You see, to this point the Church of Sa­tan was very little different than many of your hippy and new age groups.  I’m sorry, dear readers, but that is a factual state­ment.


Aquino decided to start his own Satanic cult and vowed not to make the same mistakes as the Church of Satan.  The group was actually an offshoot of an order within the Church of Satan known as The Or­der of the Trapezoid.  As opposed to modern magic with a Mediter­ranean origin, the Order empha­sized magic from Northern Europe and Germany.  Germanic mysti­cism de­veloped mostly on its own and re­mained isolated during the Roman rule of Europe.  It resurfaced during the Second and Third Reichs in Germany, much of it the basis for the Nazi’s obsession with the Black Arts.  According to some members within the Church of Sa­tan, the Order attempted to recon­struct this German mysticism.  According to others, however, it had unpleas­ant overtones of Nazism.




While still a member of the Church of Satan, Aquino spelled out the tenets of the Temple of Set in The Book of Coming Forth by Night.  The title is the antithesis of The Book of Coming Forth by Day, (also known as the Egyptian Book of the Dead).  Are any of my dear ones be­ginning to feel a bit warm and squirming about in your chairs?


Aquino says that The Book came to him after he called upon the Prince of Darkness and his coming forth.  In it, Set declares the Age of Satan to be over and the Age of Set beginning.  Set says that his pact with LaVey is over and according to Aquino, “Upon the ninth solstice, I destroyed my pact with Anton Szandor LaVey. . . Thus all may understand that he (LaVey) is dearly held by me, and that the Church of Satan is not a thing of shame to him.  But a new Aeon is now to begin, and the work of Anton Szandor LaVey is done.”  And so, on the night of the North Sol­stice 1975 a new age of horror began.


The Temple of Set as an organization was formally incorporated in 1975 C.E. (Satanists prefer to use C.E. meaning “Common Era”, in­stead of A.D. for Anno Domini, the Year of Your Lord.)  In addi­tion, time would be reckoned starting with 1966 as year one.




Before we project the writings from the tablet, let us quote from Aquino re­garding himself.  “I am a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army on active duty, working in resource management.  I am a graduate of the National Defense University in Washington, D.C.  Beyond that, I would rather not discuss the details of my mili­tary career as, in the American tradition of separation of a church and state, I en­deavor not to confuse the two or invoke one in a con­text pertinent to the other.


“I have a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Cali­fornia, Santa Barbara, and a Master of Public Administration from George Washington University in Washington, D.C.  I have also taught political science for sev­eral years as an adjunct professor at Golden Gate University in San Fran­cisco.


“The title of my doctoral dissertation was ‘The Neutron Bomb’.  As it was in the field of Politi­cal Science, it dealt with the U.S., European, and Soviet ne­gotiations concerning the develop­ment and possible deployment of neutron weapons in NATO during the Carter administration.  Its principal theme—other than be­ing a historical survey of the episode—was that the percep­tions upon which many of the actors based their decisions were not necessarily re­lated to the facts, nor were decisions made with a clear strategic foreign pol­icy necessarily in mind.


“Interestingly enough, my research led me to conclude that Jimmy Carter was a careful and methodical decision-maker where the neu­tron issue was con­cerned.  This is in refutation to his popu­lar im­age as an indecisive and weak leader.


“As a matter of policy, the Temple of Set does not give out member­ship numbers.  The bulk of our membership is spread fairly evenly throughout the United States with other members in Europe, Canada, and some Pacific Basin countries.  Most of those who contact us wash out before even applying to join.  They are discouraged by the rather dry membership informa­tional letter we issue.  Of those who apply for Ist degree admission, perhaps half don’t attain recogni­tion as Adept IInd degree within the two-year time limit.  There is virtually no attrition beyond the IInd degree level, though we have had a few senior initiates who have either re­signed for personal reasons or been expelled for abuse of their responsibilities, the last such occurrence being about five years ago.”


Rather than bore you further with dialogue from the tablets, it suffices to know that they lay down the general guidelines for the Temple of Set.  Ah, Satan was happy and then even Satan had to raise up and look around.  The secret cults springing forth from out of the bowels of his churches were even more degrading than he can stomach.


When you ones pull from the ranks to interrogate on your talk shows you can get honest an­swers from the participants for the rules of the church do not advocate any of the things you pick at.  Satan is the Prince of Lies, would he answer honestly even if it were true?  Please, don’t embarrass yourselves.




Of the Satanic cults as organized, it is mostly white, upper-middle class young people.  You won’t find many blacks or other minority groups.  If you find participating minority ethnic groups it will be in the so-called pagan groups or Santeria be­cause each group will have its counterpart of ritualism.  How­ever, your most heinous groups are right out of middle America.


People get involved for power and control—power over yourself, power over others and power over your surroundings.  Dharma, an­other quote, please.  This from a practicing member, Chicago bus driver: “If you know anything about Satanism, you know it’s about power.  It is power that we all have, but most of us are too scared to let loose, take control of the power that Satan has given us.


“I like the fact that you don’t grovel, you don’t kneel and ask God for things.  That, to me, is begging.  My being is too proud for begging.  You have to be real sure of yourself to be a Sa­tanist.  You have to have your act together.


“I ask Satan for what I want!  I don’t beg some God that you can’t see.  Can I see Satan?  You bet I can.  Look at all the sickness, hurt, and warfare in the world.  That’s Satan!  If there really was a God, and he’s supposed to be so good, WHY DOES HE LET THESE BAD THINGS HAPPEN?  I’ll tell you why.  Be­cause Satan takes charge here on earth, and God takes care of heaven.  All good little people will go to heaven when they die.  That’s nice.  I’m going to hell where I’m going to continue in­dulging myself.  So, while you’re be­ing good so you can go to heaven after you die, I’m going to keep on enjoying myself here on earth and again in hell.  Who’s having the better time, me or you?


“No, my group isn’t affiliated with any established group.  We’re our own group.  In fact, some of the people in our group have par­ents who were Sa­tanists.  We have a name, but I’m not telling you what it is.  You wouldn’t know what it meant, any­way.  How many people?  About fifty, at any one time.  We break up into smaller groups for workings.


“I won’t tell you about our specific activities.  That’s secret, but I will tell you this:  We do what­ever we want, the people in our group.  We have connec­tions for anything.  I’ll leave it at that.  If you think I’m going to admit illegal action to you, you’re crazy.”  This statement was made to an investigating of­ficer.


You also have what you might call, self-styled Satanists.  This category fits ones such as your Richard Ramirez (the “Night Stalker”) of California.  He would like to have joined a special group but he is so evil that no-one wanted him.  Also one such as Clifford St. Joseph who was convicted in the Spring of 1988 of first degree murder.  During his trial, it was revealed that his victim had been drained of blood.

Then in June of 1985, a man was discovered killed.  The perpetra­tors were gay and kept the man in a cage and used him sexually.  They carved a penta­gram into his chest.  Candlewax drippings were in his right eye.  He has not been identified—how very sad, not even the dignity of identification—just #60 in a police morgue.  The perpetrators were into self-styled insanity.  There was no evi­dence of motive of the killing except for ritual purposes.  All manner of Sa­tanist materials were found at the scene of the slaugh­ter.


Then you have another category which you would have to suggest is a youth subculture.  The youngsters begin by playing with sa­tanic ideas and get hooked.  Most will dabble in it more than anything else, but a percentage will carry it beyond the games involved.  These children are most often influ­enced by heavy metal music or by fantasy role playing games like Dun­geons & Dragons.  The youngsters who go beyond the normal curiosity tend to be those who have other behavior problems going on—problems in school, with peers, at home, and of course they have that consuming desire for power and control.  I shall enlarge upon this grouping first by presenting some pathetic cases.  The first being one Sean Sellars.




In October 1986, an Oklahoma jury found Sean Sellars, seventeen, guilty of three counts of murder for killing his mother, stepfa­ther and a convenience store clerk in the fall of 1985.  Sellars was a self-styled Satanist who was ob­sessed with using human blood in his rituals.  He kept several vials hidden in his re­frigerator for black masses.  He often carried it to school and drank it in the cafeteria in front of classmates.


A friend of Sellars in Colorado, before Sellars moved to Okla­homa, testified at his trial that Sellars had formed a Satanic group called “The Elimination”.  The witness stayed in touch with Sellars through letters and phone calls from Colorado. Dur­ing a visit back to Colorado by Sell­ars, the friend testified that he and Sellars wore black robes, drank their own blood, and con­ducted the candle-lit initiation into Satanism of a third boy.  They cut the boy with an athame and used his blood to write a dedication to Satan.


During his trial, Sellars told of how he held a ceremony in his room, alone, in which he wrote in his own blood: “I renounce God, I renounce Christ, I will serve only Satan.  Hail Satan!”  He became addicted to Satanic rituals, often staying up late into the night practicing and reading about them.  On September 8, 1985, he and another friend, Richard Howard—both had en­gaged in Satanic rituals together—held one last ritual before setting out for a human sac­rifice.  Sellers stole his grandfather’s .357 Magnum and shot con­venience store clerk Robert Bower, who had once refused to sell beer to Sellers.


Sellars became even more obsessed with Satanism and wrote shortly after­ward in a school es­say read during his trial, “Satanism made me a better per­son . . . I can kill without re­morse, and I feel no regret or sorrow, only love, compassion, hate, anger, pain, and joy.  Only I may under­stand, but that is enough”.


Sellars began arguing with his parents over a fifteen-year-old girl whom they forbade him to see.  He ran away from home but returned.  One night, after going home from his part-time job at a pizza store, he performed his nightly Satanic ritual.  After drifting in and out of sleep that night he walked quietly into his parents’ room and shot them both in the head.  He went to his friend, Richard Howard’s house where he stashed the weapon.  The next morn­ing he made believe that he found his parents’ bod­ies and didn’t know what hap­pened.


Howard testified for the prosecution and received a five-year sen­tence as an accessory after the fact.  He claimed that he didn’t take part in the clerk’s murder but waited outside for his friend.  Sellars is now the youngest inmate on Oklahoma’s Death Row.  We will hear from this youngster, himself, in a future Chapter.