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The Masters

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This Journal is a manual for living the life blessed of God. Insightful to the heart, offering hope, direction, promise, guidance, love, discipline, clarifying long clouded issues and illuminating concepts of higher reason and stilling troubled waters with penetrating clarity. Cutting to the core of the nature of man, yet offering such gentle direction filled with compassion beyond measure. Words which resonate as musical chords within the very soul essence. Each energy uniquely powerful, yet in accordance, together they form a team of One. Offering insight into the planet, our purpose, God's involvement and will, our journey here, our process as a collective, the Greater vision. Unbending in strength, these words renew hope, instill love, and give 'trust in God' a deeper meaning.

Oh yes, man of Earth, heed well the gracious words of wisdom from these Teachers of the Seven Rays of Life for they have come to see this journey through. They shall be known to the faithful as wonderful; they shall be known to thine enemies as death. They come forth in this volume to make known their energies unto this scribe and unto you ones who will receive. Each has a realm of Truth that you might have instructions and Light of function for you will need rebuild and become in wholeness once again.

For each thing that you have brought to pass upon this wondrous orb you shall be given reminding for the vessels shall be emptied and the rewards appropriate unto each and every one; none shall escape--not through murder, suicide, hiding nor running away--all shall be meted forth his justice before the heavenly councils.

A few of the important topics covered are: Who is telling the Truth? The Laws of God - The SEVEN RAYS OF LIFE - Cults and churches - Truth and the Laws of Creation - Precious ancient knowledge preserved From the "Star in the East" - Each is a portion of God. Immanuel and the Essenes - Time for Earth to come home - Covenant of the BOW - Earth is special. Get prepared for first strike. Calling working troops - "Force" not of God - Trap of human ego - Astral plane cancellation.

Other topics are: Melchizedek blighted through evil input - Gender problems and responsibility - Healing comes through mind. Universal Law not miracles - Christ path deliberately hidden - Preparation for transmutation - No secular alliance - Children are of primary concern. (Index Included)