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May 18,  1991




Greetings Precious Druthea.  I AM Sananda.  I come in service to Holy God/Aton of Light and to you my brethren.  Thank you for finding your balance, Druthea, and petitioning for clarity on “negative” perceptions that we may share with our brethren.  For within each “human” conscious mind there exists many various perceptions and depending upon the ex­periences of emotional attachment, ones will attach to themselves various “degrees” of mis­perception and therefore respond accordingly.


Let us example the giving forth of The Word: The historical, economic, social, political and spiritual truths.  Every single one of you who first reads of the devastating manifested illu­sion which now exists upon your plane respond in a multitude of dif­ferent ways, depending upon the level of your spiritual aware­ness and maturity.  When you are told, for example, that you ones in the United States of America are rapidly losing the free­doms which were guaranteed under your Constitution and Bill of Rights, many of you become afraid, mostly because you have taken the freedoms you have had for granted and few of you have any histori­cal, political and/or social-economic knowledge and experience.  That which you do have is, as you are finding as you continue to read “The Phoenix Journals”, quite limited in truth of the circum­stances.


Mostly you ones have concerned yourselves with survival needs, suc­ceeding in your chosen profession, raising families and en­joying your lives through vari­ous forms of enter­tainment as you are able.  When your pursuit of the so-called “American Dream” or whatever “dream” you have which requires “freedom” to realize, is threatened, such as by the truth that the economic system is collapsing and you may lose your once-se­cure job, many of you feel extremely frightened especially be­cause you feel helpless.  The adversary would like you to feel helpless and fearful because often you will become para­lyzed by this and refuse to take any action whatsoever, even for your own security and pro­tection.  Many will simply try to glue those rose-colored glasses tightly around their eyes, that their world can return (they hope) to the innocence which they once en­joyed.  I will ven­ture to say, chelas, that once the stirring of your Spirit within has been accomplished, YOU will never re­turn to your original ignorant state.  Your conscience will not allow you to. 


Now, many ones of you consider yourselves to be most spiritu­ally attuned especially if you have expanded your awareness be­yond the limiting doctrines of your various religious institu­tions.  Many of you have accomplished much of your spiritual progress through what is often called the “New Age” movement and “Metaphysics”.


What I would like you ones to please understand carefully is that the adversary has worked just as diligently within the human lead­ers of the “New Age” philosophies and doctrines in order to deceive and mislead your spiritual understanding, as well as also working through your Fundamental Religious Institutions to ac­complish its deception.  Because all of you have various degrees of spiritual innocence and gullibility, the aspects of truth about “personal responsibility” and the nature of evil and good­ness, God and Adver­sary, is often twisted and turned about, so that you searchers of spiritual freedom and Truth continue to be bound by the adversary through a more subtle deception and purposeful misinterpretation of the Cosmic Spiritual Laws.


For example, what do the terms “negative” and “positive” mean to you?  Let us first define, negative:  “1. Characterized by or expressing negation, denial, or refusal.  2. Not positive or  af­firmative: a negative attitude.  3. The side that denies or contra­dicts what the other side af­firms, as in a debate.  Now we will define positive:  1. That is or may be directly affirmed; ac­tual.  2. Characterized by or expressing affirmation; a positive atti­tude.  3. Openly and plainly expressed: a positive denial.  4. Not admitting of doubt and denial.

So the defining of terms often helps assist the understanding of the meaning of your own often used expressions.  Most of you when you are given information about your world circum­stance, for example, as laid forth in “The Phoenix Journals”,  will re­spond in some way.  If the information is frightening to you or causes you to feel “badly” or threatens your “belief” system in some way then most often you ones will say that it is negative.  By calling it nega­tive you are thereby expressing denial and re­fusal to accept the informa­tion.  In this way do you also refuse responsibility to investigate fur­ther and DO some­thing to change the circum­stance.


I will say that the information SHARED within “The Phoenix Journals” is actually quite positive in that it is OPENLY AND PLAINLY EX­PRESSED:  POSITIVE TRUTH!  Now in order to find balance with EVERY circum­stance and EVERY bit of information you are given, you must ASK the Spirit WITHIN you what this circum­stance and/or information is showing you.  WHAT IS THE LES­SON HERE WHICH YOU HAVE ASKED FOR?  You will find that, finally having and knowing the Truth, when you recognize it as such, to actually be most liberating to you spiritually because you will have recognized the enemy, and it is YOU.  So then, with your newly discovered per­sonal power and responsibility you will de­mand the Spirit of God within you to show you YOUR opportunity to serve God and The Cre­ation, and therefore change what you find to be unaccept­able/unbalanced conse­quences/circumstances.  And then YOU will KNOW YOU CAN create a more bal­anced cir­cumstance.


Now here is a little test for you.  Think of a profoundly “negative” circumstance in your per­ception.  What emotions do you feel, for example, if you lost your job, or your home burned to the ground.  Fear?  Loss?  Anger?  Helplessness?  Is the “loss” outside of you?  Do you ask yourself, WHY ME?  And do you feel VICTIMIZED by something OUTSIDE OF YOU?  Now think of a profoundly “positive” circumstance in your per­ception, such as, the birth of a new babe or getting married.  How does simply thinking about this circum­stance make you feel?  Love, Joy, fulfillment, Peace?  Do you know that YOU choose how you will respond in every circumstance and situa­tion put before you?  Inner Peace and Joy are yours and you will experience them more and more as you take personal responsi­bility and sincerely work to cre­ate BALANCED circumstances and correct UNBAL­ANCED circumstances with the INNER GUIDANCE OF YOUR SPIRIT.


Now when you receive information, such as that produced within “The Phoenix Journals” and you respond with FEAR in your heart, then what action does this response demand from you?  What do you want to do?  Denounce the information?  Denounce the speaker who presents it?  Turn off the flow of any further investigation of the informa­tion? 


I will suggest that whenever you respond with FEAR when pre­sented with information, that Spirit within you is showing you something which YOU need to deal with.  Truth is showing it­self to you and the Spirit within registers it and the “altered” ego chooses to be­come fearful, because its belief/security structure is feeling threatened.  If you will simply see the emotion of fear as a warning of real or imagined danger and/or an illusionary block to the opportunity of expanding your knowledge of Truth, discernment and inner under­standing, you will be able to rise above the fear and take the necessary action to KNOW THE TRUTH AND RESPOND TO THE CALL WITHIN TO TAKE RE­SPONSIBLE ACTION..


Now for you ones who call yourselvesskeptics, defined as:  1. One who doubts, disbe­lieves, or disagrees with generally ac­cepted ideas.  2. One who questions the doctrines of a reli­gion.  Skeptical:  Doubting, questioning; disbelieving.  Skepticism:  1. A doubting or dis­believing attitude.  2. Philos. The doctrine that absolute knowledge is unattainable.”


Now there is nothing wrong with questioning that information which you are given in or­der to find Truth.  But ones who call themselves skeptical or a skeptic most often hide be­hind this term so that they can remain on the fence of indecision about a particular matter and therefore not take action or responsibility.  By the very definition of skepti­cism, these ones hold a doc­trine/belief that absolute knowledge is unattainable FOR THEM (or anyone else for that mat­ter), and as long as they continue to sit upon the fence of skepticism, they certainly will con­tinue to find themselves unable to absolutely find the Truth.  One who holds tightly to his skepticism is often most fearful and so ap­pears most self-righteous and arrogant about his be­liefs, such as his erroneous belief that, if HE doesn’t know Truth then neither can anyone else


So for you chelas who are sincerely seeking life spiritual Truths, you will continue to learn about dis­cernment of all information presented to your attention.  Often you will feel skep­tical about and therefore, doubt and question a new idea, thought or bit of information which is given to you.  That is perfectly healthy, just don’t STOP there.  Ask The Father WITHIN to please show you the Truth and guide you to that which will allow Truth to un­fold for you.  Then wait upon Spirit to unfold the Truth in the BEST way for you to un­derstand it clearly.  This means TRUSTING your inner guidance to unfold all you need in the correct time-frame for you.  So then PATIENCE is necessary as well.  Simply be­cause you will feel less stressful if you can trust GOD within to GIVE YOU ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW TO CONTINUE TO GAIN SPIRITUAL WISDOM AND PER­FECTION.


Every circumstance you give your attention to is a lesson, per­haps of discernment of Truth or conquering paralyzing fear or even rising beyond skeptical indecision.  And more than it being a lesson, every circumstance you give your attention to is also AN OPPORTUNITY for im­proving on or “sharpening” your spiritual wisdom and perfec­tion.


You see, precious chelas, as you sharpen and perfect your spir­itual knowledge, your foun­dation becomes more solid than any man-made structure or material, because your founda­tion is aligned with the wisdom of knowledge of TRUTH of your IM­MORTAL DIVIN­ITY, COSMIC LAWS AND ONENESS WITH GOD AND THE CREATION.  NOTH­ING of physical illusion will be able to tear down your foundation which is built on Truth and spiritual wisdom.  This, alas was my final “initiation” upon your plane less than some 2000 years past.  I, Sananda, had to pass the final test of spiritual fortitude as a hu­man upon your place.  I knew I had to experience the denial of MINESELF AND MINE FA­THER WITHIN by you of my brethren and still rise above the human “altered ego” limi­tations of fear, frustration and pain.  Mine crucifixion was mine final TEST of Spiritual commitment to MINE FATHER WITHIN ME, I THEN ATTAINED a higher level of spiritual master­ship of which I continued to de­velop and perfect after my actual physical departure from Shan, which did NOT occur at cru­cifixion, but many years later as you have read in “And They Called His Name Immanuel:  I Am Sananda.  And, of course, the crucifixion of mi­neself offered MANY lessons to you of my brethren who either witnessed physically, or otherwise, not the least lesson which was totally purposely misinterpreted, and that is THE IMMORTALITY OF THE SPIRIT OR SOUL WITHIN.  I then continued my spiritual mastership training in the higher realms of GOD/ATON and have reached mine inher­ited perfected spiritual state of SANANDA, ONE WITH GOD.  I am assisting and monitoring you of mine brothers and sisters who receive and give forth MINE FA­THERS WORD.  I am available and accessible,though not yet in physical form, so that I may bring the spiritual foundation and balance along with the other Heavenly Hosts of God, so that you of my brethren, who so choose, can awaken and remem­ber TRUTH, and receive earned graduation to “higher” realms in God’s Kingdoms.  I am come as MINE FA­THER GOD/ATON’S representative, to claim you of His Faithful and True children of Light...and bring you HOME.


Now let us clarify more on “negative” perceptions.  When George and Desiree’ Green speak before you and they describe the historical, politi­cal, socioeconomic and spiritual circum­stances in Truth, see this as POSITIVE in that you are now given the opportunity through your Spirit within TO KNOW TRUTH AND TO TAKE ACTION TO BRING ABOUT NECES­SARY CHANGE TO BRING BACK BALANCE.  Chelas, informa­tion is information.  The merit of it is its Truth as it relates to your global and spiritual growth and discernment.  Your Spirit within is seeking BAL­ANCE and it will continually show the UNBALANCE that you may choose to HEAL it WITHIN and WITH­OUT.  This is your measure of responsible spiri­tual matu­rity...your ability to absorb Truth and knowledge and become empowered and responsi­ble for creating BAL­ANCED alignment with GOD and The Creation.


Remember chelas, YOU all share the pool of mass conscious­ness upon this plane, you con­tribute to the DIS-ease as well as to the is your choice.  You can remain IGNO­RANT and IRRESPONSIBLE, but you will still suffer the conse­quences of your ill-thinking and acting behavior.  You see, you contribute to the un­balance either di­rectly and knowingly if you align yourself with the destructive adver­sary, or you con­tribute to the unbalance indi­rectly through your ignorance of spiritual and global Truth.  It is most especially your igno­rance of the consequences of your unbalanced “thinking” and doing, and of the Cosmic Laws which has nearly devas­tated your planet and your species.


So the terms “negative” and “positive” are “New Age” terms and the adversary has encour­aged you ones to align all circum­stances in either category.  Remember the definitions above, these terms do not fit and they cause you to turn from responsi­bility of a given circum­stance because it is identified by you as “negative”.  YOU CREATE ALL CIRCUM­STANCES, YOUR SPIRIT IS ALWAYS SHOWING YOU SOMETHING you need to know.  YOU DECIDE HOW YOU WILL RESPOND IN EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE PUT BEFORE YOU.  First you will need to recognize unbalance when it is presented to you.  Then you will need to fur­ther investigate for yourself, with the assistance of your Spirit Within, until you are satisfied with the Truth.  Then you will ask God Within to show you how to bring back balance to your portion of the mass consciousness “pie”.  Then you will do what God within guides you to do.


Here is something for you to think about.  That which is “positive” to the adversary...i e: causing confusion and decep­tion is considered quite “negative” to a child of Light.  That which is “negative” to the adversary, e :  being exposed as a liar and deceiver, is considered quite “positive” to a child of Light.  So you see, those terms are quite relative to the situation en­countered and the perceptions retained by opposing personali­ties. 


The absolute surest way, chelas, to compound the problems you face, and therefore create ever more devastating consequences to yourself and your planet, is to be led to (by your Spirit within) and exposed to THE TRUTH about the circumstances already created, and THEN still doing absolutely NOTHING to change them to bring back balance.  So it is the better part of wisdom to HEAR the call of SPIRIT and learn to LISTEN to and accurately decipher your guidance given.  All it takes is YOUR COMMITMENT TO SERVE GOD’S WILL and you will be given all you need on your wondrous journey.  So be it.


Thank you for your attention.  May clarity and understanding be yours that your spiritual foundation may become solid in TRUTH AND WISDOM.  I AM Sananda.  Thank you little sister, Druthea.  Go forth and find your confirmations that they bring you peace and balance in your service to GOD/ATON.  Know that I LOVE YOU ALL SO GREATLY for you each are a part of ME as I AM a part of YOU.  Walk in God’s Light of Truth and KNOW therein you always find Peace.  Salu.