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CASPER OPINION - August 6th, 2012

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Of all the many updates appearing on the web from various messengers the last few days the current Fulford Update, out today, most closely resembles our own Intel. He says “In any case, no real breakthrough is expected during the summer months, only negotiations punctuated by occasional bouts of shouting and threats”.


WE spend an enormous amount of time attempting to confirm the weekly flow of ‘good news’ from other messengers who are apparently too lazy to do their own proper ‘due diligence’ on their own Intel. We do this because we much prefer their ‘good news’ storylines to our own Intel but the results are always the same week after week, month after month, they buy without question the false ‘storylines’ put out once or twice each week by the dis-info team in D.C.. Our due diligence on their Intel almost always results in a rejection of their news, news they repeat like parakeets. If we are to progress as a group, if we are to better understand what is going on but hidden, then it is necessary that more messengers take more responsibility for what they are reporting. 


WE continue to be informed by domestic sources as well as sources in other countries and on other continents that Obama continues to tell the world “under no circumstances will our funding be allowed, under no circumstances will He, the Cabal, the Fed, the ECB, Bernanke, Geithner, the G-5, the Illuminati, etc. allow the ‘NEW’ to replace the ‘OLD’ (fiat). He also says (we are informed by highly placed contacts) that should the currently locked down asset backed funds be released they will belong to him and his Corporate Government, not to the people. Notice the ongoing never ending conflict between what ‘real world’ sources say and what the GFL (and similar) messages say. WE have been at this for more than 20 years friends, we do not get our Intel at McDonalds.


Saturday Draghi announced the ECB will start buying Italian and Spanish bonds again. Since Germany has said publically they will not allow the printing of ‘thin air’ currency for that purpose and since the ECB does not have the taxing authority necessary to collateralize their distribution and expenditures of funds, where do you suppose the ECB will get the funds to buy the Sovereign Bonds of bankrupt nations? From the Fed of course, in our opinion, as in ’08 when 16 trillion dollars was distributed by the Fed with many trillions going to Europe. And who will be liable for this on-going preservation of the Status Quo in Europe? You dear reader, and me.  On Sunday we read the Fed is preparing an ‘October Surprise’ for Obama, QE III just in time to guarantee his re-election as the flood of new thin air E-Currency hits the system causing more phony asset inflation, specifically a multi-thousand point bounce in the stock market. The Cabal’s good little pawn in the Whitehouse gets his re-election reward for services rendered while the ‘Status Quo Forever’ scenario plays out domestically as well as in Europe. This is the opposite of what we want and have been expecting. Romney would be no different as he too is owned by the Cabal but at least he is not a Communist.


You may think you understand to some extent the corruption. Believe me you haven’t the slightest idea how bad it is. The Banks own the Congress outright. The Banks/Cabal/Illuminati own the Whitehouse and the Courts including their very own incorporated Supreme Court. Seven of the twelve Fed Res Banks required secret bailouts for which we taxpayers are now liable. Each of the seven received between 580M and 2.7B with the 2.7B going to the Chicago Bank. Bank Presidents and even their wives received ‘loans’ from the Fed Res. I put that in quotation marks because the ‘loans’ were usually not repaid and were simply written off. Of course the debt was added to our tab, the taxpayers tab, a tab which has been increased by more than five trillion dollars since Obama took office, a tab on which ‘we the people’ are paying more than 400 Billion Dollars in interest payments –annually- right now- without regard to the trillions upon trillions more the Democrats and Obama have budgeted for spending after his re-election. And we claim to love our children and grandchildren? The Fed Bank Presidents Wives also received ‘loans’. Two of them got two million to open an antique store on 5th avenue in New York. It failed, the loans were written off, i.e. charged to taxpayers, while the wives go back to tennis in the Hamptons and generations of Americans must now work to re-pay the incredible sums they have sent to Europe, paid to Politicians and ‘loaned’ to themselves. Do you think the Senate will approve the Audit the Fed Bill already passed by the House? If yes I have some ocean front property in Arizona for you. By the way, the loans to the seven Fed Banks were ‘interest free’. You think Obama’s 500 million dollar taxpayer funded gift to his Campaign Fund raising buddies at Solyndra was something? You think Obama’s GSA sitting in the bathtub in Vegas with a glass of wine while spending millions of taxpayer dollars was something? Folks you have no idea. You just can’t imagine. The Fed and our Corporate Government are joined at the hip and their lips are locked. The world is owned by this Mafia, bought with toilet paper money and E-Currency which the BRICS and their alliance are unable to stop. They cannot stop, at least not so far, the creation of money from thin air which is then used to buy and blackmail the G-5 Governments Politicians, The Pentagon, The Congress, indeed anything they want anywhere they want including antique stores on 5th Avenue. It’s worse than presented here as foreign people and entities are demanding U.S. taxpayers be responsible for 40 billion in losses over there. They have come to view the U.S. as “The Golden Cow” as they can obtain anything they want with U.S. taxpayers to pick up the tab. The other countries collectively, including Russia and China, do not have the Financial or Military clout to overcome the Criminal Cabal based in Washington, Washington, London, Washington and The Vatican.


Regarding the very promising news from ‘Drake’ currently making the rounds, we can not verify. We have tried. We are ‘oriented’ in such a way that we should be able to verify but we cannot. Neither can our sources. As reported in times gone by at least two different Provost Marshals were offered Court Marshals if they didn’t back off and since then we have found no

‘Good Military’ anywhere as they are so ‘chain of command’ oriented that permission is required to go to the bathroom. The Pentagon is a Political Entity now full of men who would not be there except for their subservience to the Cabal, except for their willingness to place politics before their oath to the Constitution. I hope we are wrong about this but we feel obligated to report our disagreeable findings.

Regarding the ongoing talk of Madamn Wu and Dinar activity in Reno we can report, after doing substantial due diligence on the Intel of others, that the true WU is no longer with us as reported many times in times gone by and also that WU is a fairly common name in China. Also that the W.F. activity reported week after week out there by others is not true and was never true. Observe please the many many weeks of false reporting because those repeating this D.C. originated dis-info were too lazy to do their own due diligence.

Regarding the reports last week about the meetings in ‘The North East’ to get our business done, our Intel says those meetings were all about preserving the Status Quo in Europe and had nothing to do with ‘Our Business’. Then the Saturday announcement by the ECB (buy bonds, preserve status quo). Then the October Surprise/QE III stuff on Sunday (preserve status quo).

Regarding the current posting on RMN of the Keenan ‘Liens and Cease and Desist’ documents this should be required reading for every Patriot in order that they might learn how the U.S., The Fed, The BIS and other Western Central Banks conspired to obtain other nations Gold, etc. providing T-Bonds and Gold Certificates in return which ‘we’ now refuse to honor, except with more worthless instruments to replace the previous worthless instruments. The U.S. and The Fed will not allow the other countries to have their own gold returned to them. Equally important, the Keenan Documents are ‘affidavits’ not lawsuits or findings of any court and are not ‘enforceable’ anywhere in the world to the best of our knowledge. Our Intel from abroad also says he and Scott have not been able to obtain the EVIDENCE he must have to re-file his lawsuit.

And so, you can see why we simply do not agree with the ‘peaches and cream’ reports still being put out weekly by other messengers including those from way far away. What’s more, our Intel saying that Obama is a head to toe Fraud, a pure Con Artist and the biggest impediment to our funding and ‘The New’,  continues to be repeated and reinforced as time goes by. This Intel does not come from a couple of sources which we quote over and over again but rather from an ever widening collection of sources who do not hesitate to quote Obama as saying again and again that “under no circumstances will he allow” and also that “he will allow nothing to interfere with his re-election”. 

Negative Reporting? Our news is negative. We do not view telling you the truth as we obtain it and understand it to be negative reporting. Nor do we view the above ‘status report’, even if completely accurate, to be the ‘final word’ on these matters. A WAR is underway and has been for a long time. It has not yet been won. The bad guys refuse to yield, will not release their vicious grip on the American people or ‘the world’.

From where will the assistance come necessary to defeat ‘The Status Quo’ and the Evil Cabal? From the Galactic’s who raise hope only to drop folks on their face’s from high places time and time again?  From Drakes sources who are promising a ‘Big Event’ real soon and never mind that they have ‘stiffed’ him several times already? Perhaps from the various meetings going on? Perhaps a victory by Keenan and his clients over the Central Banking Systems? Perhaps from a major news organization suddenly reporting the awful all-encompassing truth?  Perhaps from a ‘change of heart’ with the Rothschild’s and his Pals and their World Political Pawns saying  ‘aw shucks, we are tired of ruling the world, ya’ll take over for a while”?  Or perhaps a U.S. Senator finds the courage to address the Senate and the World, refusing to relinquish the floor until he has summarized the whole sorry situation? Or perhaps the phony, false, fraudulent, fiat, Ponzi mountain ranges of debt will all fall down, burn down, in a heartbeat, caused by a spark somewhere which only history will identify. As unstable as the world is financially and otherwise as well, anything can happen. At any moment. It could be Greece or rulings of the German Courts. It could be derivatives. It could be Iran. Or, it could be that the words coming from the ECB and the Fed are words only for the purpose of keeping ‘the markets’ afloat,  that no actual funds are flowing as was the case, we hear, with the previously approved 110 Billion Euros to bail the Spanish Banks. We here the money was never actually provided. The masses are starving in Northern China, it could be revolution there. It could be revolution here. It could be, as some report, that the ‘NEW’ Banking System backed by ASSETS is up and running secretly, is suddenly announced leaving the ‘Bonfire of the Vanities’ the only appropriate use for Fiat Currencies. Afterwards, looking back, we won’t much care what the ‘trigger’ was, only that it got pulled. 

I remain convinced that ‘we win, they lose’. We get the marbles. They go home with bags and boxes of nearly worthless butt wipes. It stands to reason that ultimate secrecy applies in these circumstances. We must not lose hope, we must not be discouraged, we must maintain our faith. This is a big deal. Delays and defeat are not the same thing. Frustration is justified, depression is not. Chins up. Rally round the flag boys. Pass the whiskey, girl. 

                                   Casper   8-6-12   opinion